Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Chronic Lyme Disease Patient Files Racketeering Charges In Regard To The LymeRIX Lyme Disease Vaccine & Gets Arrested

"Since Lyme Disease is a biological weapon created by the US Military in the 1940's, and deliberately disseminated into the US population by way of myriad natural vectors, including certain types of arachnids (more popular name ticks), it is only logical to conclude that those chronically ill Lyme Disease patients who've died as a result of complications caused by this bioweapon, have been covertly murdered by the US Federal Government."

James F. Marino
US Government Mind Control Target
Infected With Lyme Disease In 1993

Lyme Patient Kathleen Dixon Files RICO Case

This is a situation in which a chronically ill Lyme Disease patient attempted to file a RICO lawsuit against certain members of the medical community, claiming that fraud had been perpetrated in regard to the clinical trials behind the Lymerix Lyme Disease vaccine.

The filing was part of a larger concern within the Lyme Disease community that the vaccine was unsafe and should have been removed from the market. This later happened when Smithkline Beecham and Connaught -- the two companies who developed Lyme Disease vaccines, were forced to take them off the market due to poor sales.

The lack of sales was directly related to the Lyme Disease community's proactive stance against these vaccines, and a concerted effort to alert the public to their dangers. In many respects, a woman by the name of Kathleen Dixon, a former analytical chemist for The Pfizer Corporation (and also a chronically ill Lyme Disease patient) helped to spearhead the expose on these vaccines.

However, the situation did not go entirely as she had planned.

Instead of her racketeering case being heard (which would have devastated the criminal physicians who espouse a short treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease), Kathleen was instead arrested and sent to a woman's correctional facility, where she was incarcerated as a mental patient, while her children were taken away from her. She spent over a year being kicked around in the US psychiatric system -- a nightmarish hell which she survived and upon release wrote to tell about.

While Kathleen is not someone whom I would refer to as being charming or diplomatic (since she's never attempted to be), she's extremely knowledgeable in regard to the LymeRIX vaccine and myriad other aspects of Lyme Disease, which the mainstream medical community would prefer you not know about. In short, when it comes to these unpopular truths, Kathleen tells it like it is. She is also tuned in on the inside job that 9-11 was, and why the premeditated murder of the late FBI agent John O'Neill had to take place if 9-11 was to come off as schedualed.

The following comments are made by Kathleen, former moderator of the ActionLyme newslist -- another Lyme patient who's had their health and life destroyed by this miserable bioweapon, and those criminals within the US Federal Government who created and disseminated it throughout the United States; while causing millions of Americans to become chronically ill -- many of whom have now died (been murdered) as a result of this illness.
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