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18TH Century Painting Entitled The Baptism Of Christ -- What Motivation Did Aert De Gelder Have To Paint Something So Blasphemous?

A three hundred year old painting depicting a UFO over the Baptism site of Jesus Christ. When this painting was created in 1710, how could artist Aert De Gelder, a protege of Rembrandt, have known about UFO's? Unless he had seen one, or heard others describe them to him. Or was he merely a human vehicle which ET's used to circulate their message that Jesus was their creation? Regardless, the painting must have created quite an uproar at the time.

~ "The Baptism of Christ" ~
"Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, England
Painted in 1710 by Flemish artist Aert De Gelder
depicts a classic, hovering, silvery, saucer shaped UFO
shining beams of light down on John the Baptist and Jesus.
What could have inspired the artist to combine these two subjects?"

A very plausible question. It would appear that artist De Gelder had himself considered the fact that there must have been very advanced technology behind Jesus Christ's ability to perform his miracles. Hence his painting of the UFO hovering over the place in which he was Baptisized. Did De Gelder consider the UFO to be operated by the God of whom Jesus would later speak?

The US Government's UFO Coverup

Again, if as many Americans believe, there's been a long-term conspiracy by the US Federal Government to cover up the fact that Extraterrestrial Biological Entities and UFO's do exist, then it is also plausible that information regarding NASA's space missions has also been kept from the public. I again include statements made by a number of former government employees who've stated that there is a mass conspiracy within the US Intelligence community as well as the DOD, to conceal any information regarding UFO's and EBE's, for their own personal agenda.

Of course everything within these communities is conspiratorial since a primary focus of theirs is to keep Americans in a state of complete ignorance while they tend to the business of routinely screwing them to the wall. This has never been more true than since George W. Bush used his connections to steal back to back Presidential elections in 2000 and 2004, then using the Intelligence community to scare off his critics.

Bush has more goon muscle than La Cosa Nostra.

Even the General Accounting Office found evidence of voter fraud in the 2004 election, but was powerless to pursue the case. One of the main benefits of being President (especially since the Patriot Act) is that you can stop any legitimate investigations into your own corruption dead in their tracks -- as Bush jr. has done more times than he can count.

As for cover ups, an example of what probably happened when Bush contacted FBI director Robert Mueller in efforts to get John O'Neill off his trail:

"Rob, George Bush here. How's the family? Oh crackin' good. Listen Rob, we got a situation down here in DC and need to get one your pit bulls off our backs. John O'Neill. Yeah, he's a problem. So whatever you gotta do, get rid of this troublemaker. He's pokin' his nose in where it don't belong and causin' me and my boys a shi* load a trouble. Just to make sure that you follow through on this I'll be issuin' a directive that anyone who continues to investigate the Saudi Royal Family is going to be tagged as a domestic terrorist and neutralized with extreme prejudice. They're goin' up in smoke, Rob. So as long as we understand eachother, this situation should be cleaned up ASAP.

In fact, let me run this by ya. How about we give O'Neill my brother's job at Kroll Security? This way he's in the WTC on D-day? Silverstein's with us all the way, so there'll be no questions asked -- and dead men tell no tales. Yeah, I thought you'd find that helpful. This way we get rid of a real thorny issue.

So listen Rob, I'll give Kroll a call in the morning and get O'Neill's paper work rolling, while you give him the axe. I feel a lot better about this Rob. Yeah, I knew you would too. Anyway, my best to the better half."

As for the UFO coverup, I also find of interest testimony made by former astronauts such as Gordon Cooper, who stated before members of the United Nations that these alien beings have technical capabilities far beyond those of humans, and asked that this information be released to the public. Astronaut Cooper must certainly be given more credibilty than the average person who places a call to the local TV or radio station, claiming to have witnessed such craft. And in the present day, where the US Airforce has maintained a strict policy of absolute denial in regard to these craft, there is little question that they do exist, and in much greater numbers than the Airforce or any other branch of the US Federal Government would be willing to admit to.

If in fact they would ever publicly admit that EBE's and UFO's exist at all. However they won't because such an admission doesn't appear to serve their own criminal agenda.

After having on several occasions viewed the following film, which was alleged to have been taken by Astronaut Neil Armstrong during the Apollo 11 space mission, and his never having refuted taking it, I think it's likely that this film may indeed be real and indicative of this government's having pulled yet another fast one on the American people. We could call the FBI in to investigate, but the bureau also publicly denies the existence of such craft because they have been told to.

Instead, as usual the FBI obfuscates the facts, and is far better equipped for the fine art of satellite bathroom peeping -- degenerates that they are -- quietly feeding the porn industry which they claim to be battling. And is it any wonder since some of its male and female agents were recently fired for videotaping themselves having group sex in an FBI office? Just what we pay them for.

At least these agents were indulging themselves, rather than videotaping private citizens within their own bedrooms -- like the FBI/NSA degenerate scum that many of us have been saddled with; those who should be served up on a platter to the same degenerate filth whom they have so much in common with -- those predators who occupy maxium security prisons around this country.

Footage of an ancient building on the moon?

The following Website offers further confirmation of ancient structures on the dark side of the moon. A government technician by the name of Karl Wolfe claims that in 1965 (four years before Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon for the first time) he saw a classified photo that actually showed these structures, which have been determined to be at least a half mile or more in length.

See his account here:

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