Sunday, February 03, 2008

FBI Gets An F In Security -- However Security Has Never Been A Legitimate Part Of The Bureau's Job Description -- Its Forte Is Bathroom Peeping

A quick mention in regard to the FBI since they have alluded to the fact that there is now a video they are circulating in regard to myself and possibly other Family members -- a video which they have illegally created and are illegally distributing. I certainly hope that this is just a rumour, for if I ever find evidence that such a video exists and that the FBI or NSA are responsible for circulating it, I will make certain to set a precedent in trashing these government rat bastards just as they have trashed me. However, with one major exception -- I will continue to do so while operating within the law, while these Nazi reprobates continue to violate the US Bill Of Rights in the most egregious ways ever documented.

I'll have to give the FEDS this much. In their unlawful attacks on my person they've now become the criminals and completely destroyed any credibilty as legitmate law enforcement that they have ever had. I especially find it ironical that they would label me (the FEDS are big on labels) a sociopath, given their abject cruelty, ability to torture and murder others through covert means, and their pathological deception of the public - not to mention the physical and psychological torture that they have subjected me to for many years (as well as the psychological harm which they have subjected my Family to).

And the fact that they are completely denying that I have been subjected to satellite spying as well as directed energy weapons (as well as mind control research) is further proof of their having deceived the public -- a public I might add which is also vulnerable to the same technology which I discuss on this Website.

And their circulation of a video in which to attack me (if such a video actually does exist) is even further proof of the extent of the FEDS' crimes against me, and that when they don't get their own way they are unprofessional, unethical, immoral, petulant and downright spiteful. If this is how they act with their families then everyone of their spouses and children deserves a purple heart plus free psychological counseling just for putting up with these abusive and psychopathic lunatics.

The following 2002 article on the FBI's failure to keep the American people safe from the attacks on 9-11 is well written, yet fails to take into account what the FBI's real function in this country is -- maintenance of the status quo through the use of propaganda and covert terrorism. As such, the FBI's function is clearly not to keep the American people safe. It is instead, far more in the line of domestic terrorist, looking to keep Americans ignorant of the facts and in a state of constant terror, so that the FBI can maintain its authoritarian approach to ruling through the use of fear tactics. Something which has worsened exponentionally under the criminal Bush Administration. The FBI's goal is not to have a respectful citizen, but instead a terrorized one. Something this agency will be reviled for long after its abolition.

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