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The Following Articles Serve As Further Evidence That The U.S. Intelligence Community Doesn't Want Any Politician In Office Whom They Can't Control

  • "The Torricelli Principle" -- Does The Following Information Regarding Former N.J. Senator Robert Torricelli's Intent To Prevent The Intelligence Community From Employing Terrorists To Gain Information, Give The CIA Motive In The FBI's Covert Sabotage Of Torricelli's Re-Election Campaign? Of Course It Does. This Information Also Explains Why The FBI Set Torricelli Up On Trumped Up Charges Which They Never Actually Prosecuted Him For, In Which To Prevent Torricelli From Gaining Reelection To The U.S. Senate - Why Didn't The CIA Go After Torricelli Directly? Because The CIA's Charter Doesn't Allow It To Operate Domestically (Even Though It Does), So The FBI Was Chosen To Do The CIA's Dirty Work For Them

  • Former Texas Madame Implicates The FBI & CIA In Running A Black Operation In Which To Entrap U.S. Politicians In Crimes Which The Intel Community Can Then Use To Control How These Politicians Vote In Regard To Legislation Which Concerns The Intel Community - In Other Words, Intel Is Power Hungry And Wants To Completely Dominate Our Three Branches Of Government For Their Own Criminal Means, And Is Intent On Getting Rid Of Any Politicians Who Will Not Cooperate, Such As Former Representative, Cynthia Mckinney
  • Barbara Politis Hartwell -- CIA/FBI Lying Fraud Accuses This Author Of Being A Government Stooge - Politis Hartwell Is A Pathological Liar

  • Prefabricated Fascists - The FBI's Assembly-Line Of Provocateurs

  • The FBI Uses Barbara Politis-Hartwell
    In An Attempt To Get This Author's Blog Deleted

    "Today I posted this report, which once again exposed James F. Marino, a malicious liar and government stooge who has been attacking Barbara Hartwell since 2007."

    -- CIA Disinfo Agent/ Incarnated Evil
    Barbara Politis Hartwell

    Rather than waste any further time on this piece of CIA disinfo garbage, the following articles speak volumes in regard to Barbara Politis Hartwell and the Intel cesspool that she hails from, yet falsely claims to despise.

    This lowlife miscreant has been using her blog in which to provoke this author into the type of swill bashing that characterizes the entire existence of someone like Politis-Hartwell. Politis-Hartwell is a miscreant's miscreant - a lowlife thug who is still doing the Intel community's dirty work for them and collecting a paycheck for it, which is why after more than five consecutive years of claiming poverty, Politis-Hartwell still has enough disposable income to afford Internet access - a luxury; when she claims that she can't even afford food.

    Who even takes this liar seriously anymore? I've lost count of Politis-Hartwell's lies, and so have her detractors, who include virtually every person foolish enough to have ever taken Politis-Hartwell seriously in the first place.

    She lies about everything, including having a graduate degree when she never even finished college, and still lacks an undergraduate degree. She also lies about owning a home which she doesn't, and still expects to be taken seriously?

    Who the hell is Politis-Hartwell trying to kidd?

    And these are just some of the harmless lies that Politis-Hartwell has told, which don't include the myriad of absolutely vicious lies which she has promulgated in an attempt to destroy people's lives.

    Moreover, Politis-Hartwell operates in the typical Intel fashion of avoiding any exculpatory information which serves to prove that she is lying. What a surprise! Especially when she is being used as a provocateur in which to provoke someone into acting out in a way which can give an organization like the FBI a plausible reason for arresting them.

    That is the sole purpose of a provocateur - to provoke. And here, Politis-Hartwell has found her niche as both a provocateur and propagator of red herrings - anything but the truth.

    "Disinfo Barbara - Queen Of The Smokescreen"

    Such deception is the same reason why the FBI would conduct a smear campaign against someone whom they have targeted for COINTELPRO, because they have committed crimes against that person, and told lies which would be exposed in a trial under cross examination. FBI agents lie like this all the time, which is a definite no-no for the FBI, since these agents risk being cited for perjury - not that FBI agents go to jail for committing this crime; yet another example of how the judiciary treats FBI agents as though they are above the rule of law, when they clearly are not.

    The FBI's commission of perjury in court so infuriated the late eco-activist, Judi Bari, that she was once quoted as saying "These guys are professional liars who have raised selective memory loss to an art form," in regard to the myriad of lies which the agents whom she deposed as defendants in her trial against the FBI, told when being questioned.

    So is it any wonder why these agents have become so comfortable with breaking our laws, when they know that they will not be punished for having done so?

    Moreover, Politis-Hartwell talks about the importance of facts, yet conveniently ignores those "facts" which don't serve her role as a promulgator of disinformation, which she most certainly is.

    What her detractors long ago realized about her, is that Barbara Politis-Hartwell is a puppet whose "strings" are clearly being pulled by her Intel handlers. Which is why no one in the alternative media trusts a word that she says any longer, and shunned her long ago. A smart move, since they also understand that Politis-Hartwell is dangerous, and still maintains ties to some very unsavory characters within the Intel community.

    Moreover, Politis-Hartwell is probably reading this post as I write it (she appears to spend more time combing through this blog than she will ever admit to), ready to respond with more of her swill, which is why so many of her detractors don't even bother to respond to this government sanctioned fool any longer.

    And neither will this author, since there are a myriad of more interesting topics of interest to readers than Politis-Hartwell's blog of swill; for instance, how to remove crabgrass from your front lawn. Yes, even that is more interesting than a trip through Politis-Hartwell's mindless drivel, which should be entitled: "who's Babbles the 'motor mouth' going to provoke this week?"

    Does she ever shut up? I doubt it.

    So long babbles... It "really" hasn't been fun. And I pity anyone whose path you cross in the future, since it's bound to be a miserable experience for them, too.

  • Escape From Hartwell - Have You Played It Yet?

  • Barbara Politis Hartwell - An Agent Of Satan & Incarnated Evil
  • This Author Now Concerned Over The Recent Health Problems Of Another Member Of His Family - Are They Directed Energy Related?

    Editor's Note: This author is subjected to gaslighting tactics on a regular basis, as part of the Intel community's attempts in which to drive me to a state of mental instability. As such, any information that I am given must always be treated as suspect. However, when this information concerns the health of a Family member, it must be taken seriously; even if the information turns out to be fraudulent. In this particular instance, this author has every reason to believe that the following information is accurate, and thus, must be published on this Website in an effort to protect the Family member who is mentioned in this post from serious injury, or even death.

    Recent Health Problems Of A Family Member

    As this author has stated in the past, one of the primary purposes in creating this Website has been in efforts to protect other Family members, whom the Intel community has used in its efforts to cover up what the FBI and NSA have subjected this author to for many years, by documenting all of the crimes which are perpetrated against us as a Family. Such documentation also offers proof that there is a conspiracy perpetrated by the aforementioned agencies, in which to deny this author and his Family our inherent rights under the United States Constitution, and that this conspiracy has been taking place for several decades; having been initiated by the Federal Bureau Of Investigation.

    As such, in this author's opinion, my Family members are also under constant illegal NSA satellite surveillance, as well as being unwittingly subjected to the wireless computer to brain interface of their persons via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network. For more information on this Network and the NSA's illegal domestic spying of American citizens, read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA.

  • John St. Clair Akwei Files A Lawsuit Against The NSA, However No Court In This Country Wants To Hear This Lawsuit Because It Implicates The NSA In The Most Outrageous Domestic Spying Ever Documented

  • The Intel community's covert threats to destroy this author's Family as a result of my exposing these government miscreants for the crimes which they have and continue to commit against my person and myriad others (targeted for non consensual human experimentation), has been a constant theme since their COINTELPRO harassment of this author went from covert to overt in 2003.

    Most recently, a teenage member of this author's Family has suddenly become afflicted with very strange neurological problems which have resulted in their contacting a neurologist. This child has always been healthy and well adjusted; an excellent student with many friends, with most of their life still in front of them.

    As such, and given the Intel's community's use of weaponized satellites in which to perpetrate a myriad of crimes (including torture and murder) against those targeted for such government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation, the Intel community's use of such electromagnetic warfare technology must not be ruled out in this child's recent symptoms, and may in all likelihood be directly responsible for them.

    This past year, this child's parent suffered the loss of a long-term business acquaintance, to a rare and fast spreading form of cancer which took this person's life within a matter of months. And it has been this author's contention, that this person may very well have been murdered by way of a satellite deployed directed energy weapon, because this person was a good friend of this author's Family member, and stood by this Family member.

    The FBI orchestrated the firing of this Family member from a high paying job in the broadcast industry in which to force them to go through much of their savings; making this person that much easier for the FBI to coerce.

    Moreover, myriad members of the TI community (a grass roots community of men, women and children who are all being subjected to the use of some form of non consensual human experimentation) have documented that such electronic warfare attacks have been perpetrated against their own Family members; attacks which in some instances have included the murders of these people by way of electronic warfare technology.

    And this is why the TI community has dubbed this government's use of our persons for such diabolical and Nazi-minded attacks, as the silent holocaust, because that is exactly what this is. Few if any of our elected representatives will admit to this out of fear for their own safety, since they don't want to become targeted for the same types of satellite predation that many of us are subjected to daily.

    However, most of our elected representatives are certainly aware that the crimes of organized stalking have become a nationwide problem within the United States, as has the military-intelligence complexes use of millions of unwitting American citizens, for non consensual human experimentation. These politicians simply choose to do nothing about these crimes.

    Moreover, this author will continue to document the condition of this Family member, in the hope that their symptoms are being caused artificially as the result of DEW technology, and not a serious illness which may have resulted from the use of such electronic weaponry on their person for an extended period of time.

    Another *Family member is scheduled for minor surgery next week, and this author will document every aspect of this situation as well, given the Intel community's attempts in which to murder those associated with targets of non consensual human experimentation, with plausible deniability. The threat of this Family member being murdered (even during a simple surgical procedure) can no longer be ruled out.

    *Update: The Family member who was scheduled to have surgery has now had the surgery, and fortunately, is recovering well. It is unfortunate that this author must document such things, however, given the Intel community's use of satellite based weaponry in which to commit murders through such covert means, this Intel community must now be subjected to the same types of scrutiny that they have subjugated the citizenry of this planet to.

    Wednesday, April 28, 2010

    The Vatican's Smear Campaign Against Alternative Journalist, Greg Szymanski - Has The Devil Made Them Do It?

  • Tea Party Groups Being Discriminated Against By The Zionist Controlled U.S. Media

  • The Rothschilds Secretly Control The Vatican
    The Roman Catholic Church

    Zionist Jews At The Head Of Roman Catholicism

    More than two centuries ago, the Vatican was taken over by the House of Rothschild, in understanding that at the time, the Vatican was the most powerful organization in the world. The House of Rothschild's international Jewish banking cartel - the founders of modern day Zionism - accomplished this furtive takeover after making a sizable contribution to the Vatican.


  • For More Than Two Centuries Zionism Has Controlled The Vatican

  • However, the House of Rothschild never gives anything without expecting a lot more in return. Alternative journalist, Greg Szymanski, was demonized for writing about the Jesuit's perversion of the Vatican. However, the Jesuits have become but one tentacle of the Rothschild's global empire. Szymanski was also demonized for conducting an interview with a nun who once worked with Mother Theresa, after this nun exposed the Vatican's use of Mother Theresa as a front for the organization, in which she was used to fleece the public out of money which she then kicked back to the Vatican.

    A situation in which the Vatican took Mother Theresa's good intentions and the public's love and trust for her, and perverted them for the Vatican's own criminal agenda, under its new Zionist leadership. Thus leaving Mother Theresa as yet another of the myriad of people who've been victimized by the House of Rothschild's global crime syndicate.

    Read More Here:

  • The Smear Campaign Being Waged Against Alternative Journalist Greg Szymanski For Writing About Corruption Deep Within The Bowels Of The Vatican

  • "Before The Income Tax" By G. Edward Griffin -- This Is Another Article On The Federal Reserve System/IRS Fraud That Is Constantly Being Removed From The Internet - So Read It While You Can

  • Cross Examination In A Courtroom - The Part Of A Trial Which No FBI Agent Who's Taken Part In A COINTELPRO Operation Wants Any Part Of, Given Their Attempts To Exculpate Themselves From The Crimes Which They Commit During Such Stings - This Is Why FBI Agents Resort To Psychological Warfare Operations & The Utilization Of Organized Stalking Groups In Which To Drive Targets Of COINTELPRO To The Commission Of Suicide - They Don't Want The Exculpatory Information Which They Have Kept From The Public Being Made Known To A Judge & Jury
  • Becoming Just Another Pawn Of The Zionist's New World Order Open Dictatorship

  • The Zionist Attack On The American People's Constitutional Rights

  • " Removes 1984 Digital Book: "In an irony-filled moment that underlines the flaws of our increasingly digital society, Amazon has removed George Orwell's 1984 from America's Kindle ebook readers."

  • George Orwell's 1984 Nightmare
    Becomes An American Reality

    This is yet another sign that the Zionist controlled intelligence community in the United States is nothing but a cabal which is being used in which to destroy the United States Constitution, under the guise of protecting Americans from a war on terror which was in fact propagated by world Zionism.

    In George Orwell's novel, 1984, which describes an anti-Utopian society governed by a technocracy, the government employs a staff of subjects who are paid to rewrite history books so that they conform with the teachings of this tyrannical government; while completely removing any truths which do not support this Communist government's own ideology.

    Perhaps has removed "1984" from its Kindle library because the book parallels a very similar situation which is occurring in the United States and the rest of the world in the new millennium, under the Zionist's New World Order agenda for a one world government.

    Such a manipulation of the historical record occurred in the United States after the Federal Reserve Communist central bank was illegally put into power in 1913 by the House of Rothschild, while their Rockefeller minions were used in which to infiltrate the U.S. educational system with their own disinformation; propaganda which is still being taught in American schools in the present day. As such, the American educational system is being used as a source of disinformation in which to brainwash American youth, rather than to educate them in regard to how their own government was subverted by the House of Rothschild through the Federal Reserve System, which now furtively controls the three branches of the U.S. Federal Government.

    Author Eustace Mullins' "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve" researches the House Of Rothschild from its earliest days as the Bauer Family, right up until the modern day, including the Rothschild's use of central banks which they then establish in countries which the Rothschilds are seeking to take over.

    The Rothschild's then secretly foment wars between countries in which they have established such central banks, in which to indebt the governments of these countries to the Rothschilds. Once this occurs, the House Of Rothschild then gradually infiltrates these governments (as well as the countries' own media systems) by getting their own people elected to government office. Once this takes place, these governments are used in which to destroy their own Constitutions and forced to adopt the Rothschild's own dictatorial policies.

    Why The Russian Revolution Really Took Place

    In the 1800's, Russia's Czar Alexander III understood how the Rothschilds were using their central banks in which to take over countries whose resources they sought to steal for themselves, so he refused to allow the House of Rothschild to establish one of their central banks in Russia. As such, Alexander III came to the aid of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, in an attempt to drive the House of Rothschild out of the United States. As punishment for this, in the early 1900's, the House of Rothschild financed the Bolshevik Revolution, and took control of Russia, while establishing their own Communist Government.

    *Czar Nicholas II, who was Alexander's successor, and the head of Russia at the time that the Russian Revolution took place, was along with his entire family, executed by the Bolsheviks as punishment for preventing the Rothschilds from establishing a central bank in Russia.

    The Rothschilds know how to hate, and have a long sordid history of atrocities so great, that Guttle Schnapper, the wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, and mother of the Rothschild clan which established their communist central banks all over the world, stated on her deathbed "if my sons did not want war, there would be no wars," implicating her sons in all of the major wars which took place during their lifetimes.

    Why didn't Americans learn about this aspect of the Rothschild's when they were studying history in the U.S. educational system? Because, history is written by the winners of wars, which is why most of the historical record regarding humanity is completely distorted, since the Zionist international Jewish bankers are the ones who've financed most of the wars which have taken place over the past few hundred years, and through the House of Rothschild's central banks; and have thus, overseen how the history regarding such wars has been written. A total deception of the human race.

  • Eustace Mullins' "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve" - This book is several hundred pages long, and one of the most worthwhile that you will ever read, in gaining an understanding of how the House Of Rothschild subverted the U.S. Federal Government, when it orchestrated the bribing of several U.S. Senators during the Christmas Holidays in 1913. This was done in which to pass the treasonous Federal Reserve Act, which allowed for the creation of the privately owned and Zionist controlled corporation known as the Federal Reserve System - A Congress authorized counterfeiter and money launderer that has destroyed the U.S. economy through its creation of fiat money, and inflationary and deflationary cycles, which resulted in the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression, as well as every recession the American people have experienced over the past century

  • Also See: "Who Owns The Federal Reserve System?" - A Comprehensive List Of The Organizations Which Collectively Control The Federal Reserve - Many Of These Organizations Are Not Even Located In The United States
  • Why FBI Agents Conducting COINTELPRO Sting Operations Attempt To Drive Those Citizens Targeted For Such Color Of Law Crimes To Commit Suicide

    FBI Agents Taking Part In COINTELPRO Sting Operations

    Fear Being Cross Examined In Court

    Because They Know That They've Broken The Law

    "Throughout its entire existence, first as the Bureau of Investigation, and later as the FBI, the Bureau has always sought to avoid the due process of law, while instead making it a point to violate the United Bill of Rights whenever possible.

    And while it's difficult to pinpoint exactly when the FBI became the notorious crime syndicate that it is today, one may be assured that it happened not long after this organization was created.

    Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the FBI is that it trains its agents to be deceptive, instead of honest and forthright, as the Bureau would like the public to believe its agents are. The FBI also trains its agents to avoid situations in which they will have to answer for crimes that they have committed against those whom they are illegally surveilling.

    For example, the FBI is by law restricted to investigating federal crimes. However, if one studies the FBI's long history of operating outside of its purview (I won't say charter, because the FBI has never had one), they will find that the Bureau's agents invite themselves into what should be state or local investigations, when the FBI has no legal authority in which to do so. Something which has caused a great amount of tension between the FBI and state law enforcement agencies in the past, given the political nature of the Bureau.

    Of course, when the FBI has been violating the civil rights of an American citizen, the last thing that the Bureau wants is for its agents to be defendants in a court of law, where under cross examination, many of the lies which the Bureau promulgates through the mainstream media would be exposed, and the agents themselves would risk being indicted for perjury if they were caught lying under oath.

    This is just one example of why the courts can be so dangerous to FBI agents.

    As such, it's much easier for the FBI to run the show through its smear campaigns, use of coercion, and outright duplicity, then it is to enter a courtroom and risk being systematically dismantled by a judge who understands that the FBI has a long history of using entrapment and coercion in which to distort the facts in a case."

  • Cross Examination In A Courtroom - The Part Of A Trial Which No FBI Agent Who's Taken Part In A COINTELPRO Operation Wants Any Part Of, Given Their Attempts To Exculpate Themselves From The Crimes Which They Commit During Such Stings - This Is Why FBI Agents Resort To Psychological Warfare Operations & The Utilization Of Organized Stalking Groups In Which To Drive Targets Of COINTELPRO To The Commission Of Suicide - They Don't Want The Exculpatory Information Which They Have Kept From The Public Being Made Known To A Judge & Jury
  • Tuesday, April 27, 2010

    CIA Disinfo Agent Barbara Politis Hartwell Also Exposed As A Lying FBI Snitch Who Aids & Abets The FBI COINTELPRO Against This Author

  • Barbara Politis Hartwell Laid Bare - The Truth About This Lying Con Artist Who Conveniently Leaves Out Any Information Which Proves That She Has Lied About Her Background, While Conning The Public Out Of Money - Politis Hartwell Is Incarnated Evil

  • Editor's Note: The FBI recently disables the link to the following post regarding CIA disinformation lowlife Barbara Politis Hartwell; who also aids and abets the FBI in its COINTELPRO attack against this author. Politis Hartwell is a religious fanatical freak, who claims to have conversations with God, and who brandishes religion as a weapon; a pathological liar who continues to con the public out of money, while using her blog of swill in which to demonize those who expose her for the miscreant she is.

    Politis Hartwell also states that this author supports Barack Obama, which is another of the myriad lies which this CIA mind controlled puppet promulgates. One must also wonder how much the FBI pays this lying snitch to take part in its attacks on this author.

    Barbara Politis Hartwell is incarnated evil.

    A quick trip through Politis Hartwell's blog, and you realize that she's for sale. The only question is how low will she stoop when it comes to soliciting the public for money? What's also obvious is that Politis Hartwell does not offer her blather to the public out of altruism, but instead, in an attempt in which to hustle them out of their hard earned wages; a particularly despicable act, given the terrible financial condition that the American public is in.

    Moreover, this author must note that Politis Hartwell is merely the latest minion of the FBI's, which this Gestapo has used in regard to its COINTELPRO attack of my person. And if it wasn't Politis Hartwell, it would be someone else. The FBI has far too much lose if this author remains alive, given that the FBI's crimes against my person are amongst the worst violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights ever documented, and a further indictment of the dictatorship which furtively controls the United States of America. The FBI's agents of Satan are torturers and murderers who excuse their own outrageous criminality, while attempting to covertly torture and murder those whom they target for some form of COINTELPRO sting. Such incarnated evil brings to mind the most despicable tyrants in human history. And the FBI has now comfortably secured its place amongst such evil.

    FBI Broke Law For Years In Phone Record Searches

    Nothing About The FBI's Anthrax Story Adds Up - Now That The FBI Has Closed Its Case Stating That The Late Dr. Bruce Ivins Was The Anthrax Mailer - Another Blatant Lie By The FBI - One Must Wonder If Dr. Phillip Zack Is The Real Anthrax Mailer & Why The FBI Would Be Covering Up For Dr. Zack?

    It Took 120 FBI Scum To Arrest 1 Student - Further Evidence Of How Poorly Utilized FBI Agents Are & How They Employ Even More Outrageous Gestapo Tactics In The Modern Day Than They Did In The 1950's When The FBI's Despicable COINTELPRO Operations Were Initiated Under The Head Of This Americanized Gestapo - John Edgar Hoover

    Barbara Politis Hartwell

    EVIL CIA Disinfo Agent

    Editor's Note: For the past few years Barbara Politis-Hartwell has routinely attacked this author with her libel, while I simply took note of what she was doing. Today, I finally had enough of this vicious liar, and offer the following on this CIA disinformation agent/FBI provocateur.

    As a result of the following post on Politis-Hartwell, the FBI also tampers with this author's account, completely deleting the e-mail portion of the account, so that I can no longer receive E-mail from merchants with whom I do business on the Internet. This is another example of how the FBI electronically hacks into this author's online accounts, whether it be Blogger, Angelfire,,, or any other electronic medium which this author utilizes. Intel simply interferes with any part of a COINTELPRO target's life, while in complete violation of the Constitutional rule of law. The real issue regarding Intel's attack on this author is the NSA's electronic brain fingerprinting of the American people. Something the Intel community, nor our elected representatives are ever going to admit to, knowing that if they do so, they will admit to the military intelligence dictatorship which secretly governs the United States.

    One can only imagine what would happen if these elected officials actually admitted to such a treasonous deception. However, John St. Clair Akwei has offered the most important information on this deception in his lawsuit against the NSA, and will ultimately be responsible for helping to change the course of American History, as Americans realize that their government was long ago subverted, and that they must now reinstate their Constitutional Republic, and restore the United States of America to her former glory. It is men like Akwei, and author Eustace Mullins who are the true American patriots; those whom the American people will eventually recognize as being responsible for the turn around in this country.

    *Immediately after posting that the FBI orchestrates the deletion of this author's Email account, the account is restored. This is typical of the daily gaslighting tactics which this author (as well as myriad others) is subjected to under the Intel community's psychological warfare operations. Covert tactics used in which to take someone who is sane, and intentionally abuse them until they display psychotic behavior. Such miscreants, whether they are government agents, or the communities of organized stalkers which can now be found throughout the United States, are incarnated evil.

    "It would also appear that *'babbles' - real name Barbara Politis-Hartwell - CIA disinfo agent and FBI provocateur (who obviously visits "9-11 The Mother Of All Black Operations" frequently), has now also acknowledged that John St. Clair Akwei is a 'legitimate government whistle blower' (Politis-Hartwell's own words), that the information contained within his 1991 lawsuit against the NSA is accurate (which includes the NSA's remote neural monitoring of the body's electromagnetic field via spy satellite), and that the population in the United States has been electronically brain fingerprinted by the NSA.

    Something which I have been stating on the Internet since 2005 based on my own experience as a target of illegal NSA surveillance."

    - James F. Marino

    FBI COINTELPRO Target/NSA Satellite Prisoner

    Barbara Politis-Hartwell

    Slick CIA Disinfo Agent/FBI Provocateur

    *If you have ever read any of Politis-Hartwell's libelous and gossipy posts, you will realize just how appropriate her nickname, babbles, really is. She babbles on and on until the reader is practically dozing off at their computer. Most of her posts are either outright lies, or outrageous exaggerations. For example, she recently states that I work on my expensive sailboat, leading the reader to believe that this author owns a boat which costs a lot of money. However, my expensive sailboat is a 1981 Cape Dory Typhoon that is worth all of $4000! A boat which I have not sailed since 2001, and will no longer launch, out of concern that the organized stalking groups which the FBI has intentionally deployed against this author, will damage while on her mooring. This type of deception, is typical of what agencies like the FBI and CIA use in taking a piece of information, and then completely distorting it for their own criminal intent.

    My "Yacht" Windsong

    Yeah, that's a real expensive boat babbles. Get back on your medication!

    Politis-Hartwell also accuses this author of being a Barack Obama supporter, by citing the only post which I ever wrote which encouraged Americans to give Obama a fair chance to undue the years of damage that George W. Bush and his criminal administration had done to this country.

    However, when it became clear that Obama was nothing but another Zionist puppet, I wrote a number of other posts which were not in support of President Obama; posts which Politis-Hartwell (given her constant visits to this site is more than aware of), deliberately excluded for her own disinformation agenda. This is further evidence of Politis-Hartwell's duplicity and that she is a pathologial liar.

    The following posts written by this author are clearly not in support of Barack Obama.

    President Obama's Praise Of The FBI Is Innappropriate Given The Bureau's Criminal History

    The Revanchist & The Socialist - The Real Barack Obama - Zbigniew Brzezinski Protege

    Politis-Hartwell is even caught in a white lie which makes you wonder about her own sanity; she states that she owns the house she lives in, however, a simple *Title search reveals that the house which Politis-Hartwell lives in is owned by someone else. Why would Politis-Hartwell make up a lie which could be easily exposed in which to destroy her credibility? Because she is a mental case.

    *This Title search was conducted by someone else whom Politis-Hartwell has been slandering, and further proof that Politis-Hartwell does lie.

    *FBI provocateur and evil CIA disinfo agent Barbara Politis Hartwell recently threatens this author with the following post, showing just how deranged this foul mouthed evil miscreant, Barbara Politis Hartwell, really is:

    "Marino: You are pond scum. And mark my words, you will suffer the consequences of your unwarranted and ill-advised attacks on Barbara Hartwell."

    Obviously, Politis-Hartwell doesn't like the fact that the "truth" about this CIA disinfo agent/FBI provocateur con artist has now been circulated on my Website (as well as those of many of her other victims), and that millions of my readers now know that Barbara Politis Hartwell is a total criminal fraud, and that this low life "CIA mind controlled miscreant" has now threatened to harm my person!As for calling this author pond scum, the fact is that Politis-Hartwell is nothing but a piece of CIA disinfo garbage.

    *Editor's Note: Intel recently uses the following *provocateur, Barbara Politis-Hartwell, in an attempt to get this Blog taken down by using her Blog in which to demonize this author in one of the FBI's duplicitous provocation schemes. There is no doubt that the FBI is behind this latest scheme, and using this miserable shill to perpetrate it. This is the 3RD attempt in which Intel has used this provocateur alone to incite a situation in which the FBI could attempt to have this site removed with plausible deniability. There have been a myriad of such attempts since this author began this Blog in June of 2006. After putting up with all of the insults that any one person can stand from this lowlife guttersnipe, this Intel shill is finally exposed by another target of her malicious lies.

    *New Age Greek Liar's Past Exposed - Another Of Barbara Politis Hartwell's Victims Finally Gets Tired Of This Nasty CIA Shill - Note That This Information Is In The Public Domain & Hartwell Intentionally Refrains From Publishing It On Her Website

    Also See:

    Who Is Barbara Hartwell? An Expose On This CIA Disinfo Fraud Which Hartwell (maiden name Politis) Also Intentionally Refrains From Publishing On Her Website - And When You Read This Information On This Intel Con Artist You'll Know Why

    "What also becomes obvious to anyone who takes the time to read enough of Barbara Hartwell's writing is to realize that this woman is living in a dream world in her mind. She sees herself as a Don Quixote-like warrior with a persecution complex that diffuses and bleeds through her rhetoric like fine oil on blotter paper. It's easy to miss this because Hartwell is a skilled writer and presents her expositions in a logical (although thoroughly untruthful) layout, yet the psychosis is there, once you begin to focus on it. Her insulting language is loud, harsh, and emotionally charged, so you are mostly overwhelmed by the coarseness of her invective, but if you can divest yourself of an emotional reaction to her jarring words and regain your sensitivity, you can then more plainly see the pathetic individual behind the Dragon Fire front."

    -- Ken Adachi

    Ken Adachi Exposes Barbara Politis Hartwell As A CIA Disinfo Agent & Is Then Demonized By Hartwell For Having Done So

    Aaron James also recently exposed Politis-Hartwell as a CIA disinfo agent when she called into a radio program James was being interviewed on. James has now also exposed Politis-Hartwell as a threat to his Mother and person, and identified her as a CIA disinfo agent. Barbara Politis-Hartwell is a cunning liar who aids and abets the FBI in taking part in its COINTELPRO attacks on legitimate targets.

    Politis-Hartwell is not a legitimate whistleblower and never has been. She also has a history of posting on a regular basis for about six months out of the year, and then disappearing for the other six months. God only knows where she goes during that time - perhaps another con which requires her to take time away from the Internet?

    Moreover, before Politis-Hartwell takes these hiatuses in her posts, she usually leaves very long winded posts on her Blog which describe her near poverty level, and that she can't survive for much longer without as she terms them "Christian Charity or Love Contributions."

    At first Politis-Hartwell's pleas for money are very compelling, and there was a time when even this author bought into Politis-Hartwell's creative panhandling scheme. Many people did, several of whom once donated to Politis-Hartwell's financial scheme in which to defraud the public of their money. That is until they wised up to what this scam artist was doing, and the donations dried up.

    Politis-Hartwell has been leaving the same type of misleading post each time she takes such a hiatus, going back to at least 2005, yet Politis-Hartwell still manages to show up back on the Internet in time for the Christmas Holidays each year, in which to solicit (in other words scam) Internet surfers out of their money. Why the Christmas Holidays? Because this is the time of year that most people donate to legitimate charities, and Politis-Hartwell understands this and seeks to cash in on it by fleecing the public based on her lies.

    Moreover, anyone who is in the financial trouble that Politis-Hartwell claims to be in, would have been homeless years ago. However, she still manages to live in a comfortable New England home, owned by another person - even though Politis-Hartwell has claimed that she herself owns this home - a blatant lie. And only one of many which this Intel provocateur continues to dupe the public with. This author has caught Politis-Hartwell telling myriad lies to the public.

    Futhermore, in taking part in such duplicity, Politis-Hartwell also makes herself complicit in the FBI's attempted murder of such targets via the psychological operations which she herself deploys on her own Website; psychological operations used to drive these Intel victims to the commission of suicide.

    Barbara Politis-Hartwell is a liar and fraud, who takes part in the very types of despicable and unconstitutional COINTELPRO operations which she claims to expose on her Website. She has been targeting this author for several years now, and is used by the FBI in its illegal COINTELPRO operation against this author.

    It would be wise to avoid this lying Intel con artist, Barbara Politis-Hartwell, at all costs. And if you enjoy works of fiction, your time would be much better spent reading some of the great literary works of the 19Th and 20Th Centuries, than wasting your time on Politis-Hartwell's COINTELPRO derived Website. Or as another of her detractors has described it: "through her (Politis-Hartwell's) swamp land rhetoric."

    Also See:

    COINTELPRO Target Aaron James Exposes Barbara Hartwell As A CIA Disinfo Agent & A Malicious Liar

    Barbara Hartwell, Founder & CEO of MC Liars, Inc.


    "Xena said,
    February 17, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    "Barbara Politis Hartwell is a vicious Greek lying bitch who has nothing better to do than to sit on her lazy whore ass all day, harassing patriots on the net. She has now resorted to plagiarism, as she not only has slandered me on her POS [piece of s**t] blog today, she also had lifted paragraphs from some of my content on my website without properly citing the source of text. I have already filed a DMCA notice against Google, and I will resort to other actions should Barbara Politis continue with her harassing, cyberstalking garbage."

    The source of this comment can be found at:

    Another of Hartwell's Victims Exposes This CIA Disinfo Artist FBI Provocateur

    Also see a post which this author wrote in regard to Politis-Hartwell (the disinfo agent/FBI provocateur in 2007), after Politis-Hartwell is used by FBI agents in which to provoke this author, through a vicious psychological operation the FBI conducts against my person. Politis-Hartwell is nothing but a vicious parasite whose weapons of choice are slander and libel, depending on whether she is running her big foul mouth or libeling her victims through her sadistic and fraudulent writings. Politis-Hartwell's loyalty is to the very Intel community whom she claims to despise.

    Jim said,
    March 12, 2010 at 6:34 am

    "Barbara Politis Hartwell is an excellent source of disinformation, who routinely slanders and libels anyone who exposes her for the criminal fraud she is.

    Xena Carpenter exposes the fact that Politis Hartwell has no undergraduate degree, and questions how Politis Hartwell can claim to have a divinity degree without an undergraduate degree, and gets lambasted for it.

    Carpenter then does a title search which proves that Politis Hartwell has also lied when claiming that she owns her own home, when the home is owned by someone else.

    Politis Hartwell’s blog reads like a who’s who of those whom she claims are out to get her each week, however it offers absolutely nothing in the way of legitimate whistle blowing. Politis Hartwell lives in a glass house and throws stones – then complains when those whom she wrongs expose her as the fraud she is..

    The only thing Politis Hartwell is blowing is smoke!"

    Good Riddance -- I Retract My Former Support For Barbara Hartwell Learning First Hand Why One Person Refers To Her As The Merchant Of Venom

    And the following:

    FBI/NSA Provocateurs Intentionally Demonize This Author For My First Hand Corroboration Of The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

    How The FBI Uses The Patriot Act In Which To Covertly Interfere With Your Business Transactions, While Committing The Crime Of Restraint Of Trade

  • Wiring The Brain Through Nanotechnology - An Adjunct To The NSA's Signals Intelligence Wireless Computer To Brain Interface Covert Spying Of American Citizens

  • Editor's Note: The FBI's Agents Of Satan Strike Again

    The FBI always interferes with any purchases this author makes. The interference can involve physically damaging an item which this author purchases, delaying shipment, or electronically interfering with the purchase information. For example, yesterday, this author makes an online purchase. Earlier today, this author visits the retailer's Website where the purchase information is located, and finds the invoice for the purchase. A short time ago, this author again visits the retailer's Website expecting to find the invoice deleted, and the invoice information is in fact deleted. The FBI simply calls the retailer and tells them to delete this information so that this author cannot obtain the status of this purchase.

    This gaslighting tactic is a prime illustration of the types of psychological warfare operations that this author (and millions of other citizens) is subjected to each day, including the NSA's use of my person for non consensual human experimentation, as well as the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking.

    These attacks are being perpetrated in efforts to drive our persons to a state of complete insanity. Moreover, those within the federal government who orchestrate these crimes are incarnated evil, while those who take part in them are brainwashed into doing so.

    As for the FBI's interference in this author's transactions, what usually follows is that the item is shipped and received sometime later, without the invoice appearing on the retailer's Website, or being e-mailed to my person.

    Of course proving that the FBI is doing this is impossible, since under the Patriot Act, no retailer can admit that the FBI has contacted them in regard to this author, which allows the FBI to commit these crimes without being held accountable for doing so. Such violations of privacy have become a common problem for myriad Americans under the Draconian Patriot Act.

    However, once the Patriot Act is repealed (and there will come a time when it will be), those whom the FBI has forced to take part in these crimes will be free to describe how the FBI intimidated them into doing so, while using the Patriot Act in which to threaten these people into complying with the FBI's criminal operations.

    Moreover, even if the item in question is eventually received, the FBI will have still interfered with this transaction, thus again acting in a criminal capacity. Furthermore, for much of the past decade, the FBI has interfered with dozens of this author's business transactions, while being able to do so with complete impunity under the Patriot Act.

    This Congress authorized Gestapo is being used to gradually destroy the United States of America and her people, which is why the FBI must be abolished, and its agents of Satan held accountable for their treasonous crimes; including their attempt to destroy the United States Constitution.

    The FBI and its agents of Satan are a cancer on humanity; a pathological deception who torture and murder with complete anonymity and impunity; an another sign of the dictatorship which lurks under the facade of a democracy which the United States Federal Government attempts to pass itself off as.

    If the U.S. Federal Government is being used in which to violate the U.S. Constitution, then Americans must conclude that this Government has been subverted, and that those who now operate within its infrastructure are no longer serving the interests of the American people; specifically, America's middle class.

    As for the status of this transaction, it will be updated in the future to see if the merchant actually sends the item in question or refuses to do so, thus costing themselves a sale which they can then blame the FBI for. This author will not contact this merchant again, since doing so will be a waste of valuable time. If the item arrives, it will just be another situation in which the FBI delayed the delivery of a purchase this author has made.

    However, if the item does not arrive at all, then, the FBI will have prevented this author and merchant from conducting business, which is restraint of trade. And especially meaningful in this time of a weak national economy where every sale a retailer makes is more important to their remaining in business than ever before.

    *After this author posts about the FBI's interference in this transaction, the retailer re lists the invoice in question on their Website. This is further proof of the FBI's interference with this author's business transactions, as part of the FBI/NSA COINTELPRO waged against my person, and the psychological warfare operations which these agents of Satan continue to perpetrate in efforts to drive my person into a complete mental breakdown.

    However, this author has no intention of committing suicide, or a criminal act for which the FBI can arrest my person. Moreover, the FBI's evil machinations and abject duplicity only furthers my resolve in which to expose the crimes which the Intel community continues to perpetrate against my person, as well as my Family; whom the FBI has been victimizing for years, and who are now too frightened and brainwashed to defend their own inherent rights under the United States Constitution, given the outrageous cruelty that they have and continue to suffer from at the hands of the FBI's agents of Satan.

    Sunday, April 25, 2010

    Dr. Steven Hatfill's Lawsuit Against The Federal Bureau Of Investigation - Hatfill Would Beat The FBI & Win A Nearly Six Million Dollar Judgement

  • The Late Movie Producer Aaron Russo's Interviews Regarding Zionism's Fomenting Of & Use Of The Terrorist Attacks On 9-11-2001 In Which To Implement Their Agenda For An Open Global Dictatorship, Have Turned Out To Be Accurate - The United States Of America Is Now A Country In Name Only, And It Is Up To The American Middle Class To Restore Our Constitutional Republic & To Drive These Zionist Criminals Out Of America For Good

  • The Dead Marconi Scientists - Another Conspiracy & Proof That When The Genius Of These People Is No Longer Needed The Military Industrial Intelligence Complex Covertly Orchestrates Their Murders, As They Did With Cray Computer's CEO, Seymour Cray

  • Gestapo USA - Government Funded Vigilante Network Terrorizes America - Organized Stalking Has Become A Cancer On American Society In Post 9-11 America

  • FBI Stung - Terrorist Targeted Dallas Office Tower Where CIA Agent, County Republican Party Chairman Works - CIA, Cocaine & 9-11 Ties

  • Some Important Excerpts From John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit Against The NSA - A Must Read For Every Adult Living In The United States

  • Dr. Steven Hatfill Proves The FBI Is A Gestapo

    After years of being abused by the FBI and its cadre of Gestapo agents, instead of taking the easy way out and ending his life, Hatfill chose to fight back and to expose the FBI for its deceptive tactics and anti-American counterintelligence operations. Hatfill learned first hand of how easily the FBI can use the U.S. media to serve as a tool in which to circulate its own propaganda, and as such just how dangerous the media becomes when it's used by the FBI in which to smear someone.

    After being vilified by the media as a target of an FBI COINTELPRO sting operation, Steven Hatfill decided that he'd had taken enough abuse from the FBI and its swill merchants, and used the legal system in the United States for what it was designed for, instead of the pawn which the FBI has always used our courts for, in its own egregious acts of deception.

  • Dr. Steven Hatfill's Lawsuit Against The FBI

  • Moreover, Dr. Hatfill beat the FBI in court, and to the tune of nearly six million dollars. And if Dr. Bruce Ivins had been as mentally tough as Steven Hatfill, he'd still be alive and suing the FBI in court as Hatfill did, while the FBI would have been forced to find a new scape goat to demonize in the media, once a jury exonerated Dr. Ivins of any wrong doing.

  • The Media That Slandered Dr. Hatfill Now Singing A Different Tune - Hatfield Interviewed By The Atlantic Monthly Appropriately Refers To The United States Of America As A Police State

  • The same vicious cycle over and over again from the gang who's never been able to shoot straight, and oftentimes ends up shooting themselves in the foot.

    And from the millions that the Justice Department has been ordered to pay out to the FBI's victims over the past few decades, one might conclude that even if the FBI actually functioned as a credible law enforcement agency, the fact that it generates no income for the public, but instead costs billions of dollars each year to operate, will become more of an issue in the coming years, than it ever has been before; given the financial devastation that the American middle class is now suffering.

    The FBI Has Always Suffered From A Lack Of Candor

    Throughout its entire existence, first as the Bureau of Investigation, and later as the FBI, the Bureau has always sought to avoid the due process of law, while instead making it a point to violate the United Bill of Rights whenever possible.

    And while it's difficult to pinpoint exactly when the FBI became the notorious crime syndicate that it is today, one may be assured that it happened not long after this organization was created.

    Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the FBI is that it trains its agents to be deceptive, instead of honest and forthright, as the Bureau would like the public to believe its agents are. The FBI also trains its agents to avoid situations in which they will have to answer for crimes that they have committed against those whom they are illegally surveilling.

    For example, the FBI is by law restricted to investigating federal crimes. However, if one studies the FBI's long history of operating outside of its purview (I won't say charter, because the FBI has never had one), they will find that the Bureau's agents invite themselves into what should be state or local investigations, when the FBI has no legal authority in which to do so. Something which has caused a great amount of tension between the FBI and state law enforcement agencies in the past, given the political nature of the Bureau.

    Of course, when the FBI has been violating the civil rights of an American citizen, the last thing that the Bureau wants is for its agents to be defendants in a court of law, where under cross examination, many of the lies which the Bureau promulgates through the mainstream media would be exposed, and the agents themselves would risk being indicted for perjury if they were caught lying under oath.

    This is just one example of why the courts can be so dangerous to FBI agents.

    As such, it's much easier for the FBI to run the show through its smear campaigns, use of coercion, and outright duplicity, then it is to enter a courtroom and risk being systematically dismantled by a judge who understands that the FBI has a long history of using entrapment and coercion in which to distort the facts in a case.

    The truth is that if the FBI has a good case against someone, there is no need for the Bureau to utilize its psychological warfare operations against the person, anymore than it is to use its entrapment schemes or coercive tactics.

    The FBI resorts to the aforementioned when it has a poor case, or none at all. And the more time and money the Bureau spends on such cases, the more desperate its agents become, and the more deceptive their actions. It is such duplicity that has always characterized the FBI. And why the Bureau is an affront to both the judicial system in the United States, as well as those legitimate police officers who enforce the Constitutional rule of law, instead of violating it.

    Such police officers have become a rarity in post 9-11 America, given the Patriot Act's emasculation of the U.S. Constitution, and the complete disregard by law enforcement of the inherent rights of the American people under the United States Constitution.

    Moreover, the secrecy which characterizes the *organized stalking crimes which have taken hold of the United States over the past decade, is a further example of the criminal element which has now taken control of the U.S. Federal Government. And at the expense of our judicial system, which is presently experiencing an identity crisis like never before.

  • Gestapo USA - Government Funded Vigilante Network Terrorizes America - Organized Stalking Has Become A Cancer On American Society In Post 9-11 America

  • What is also of interest here, is why the Department Of Justice and the Federal Bureau Of Investigation are not part of the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Federal Government, instead of the Executive Branch; since like our judicial system, these organizations are supposed to enforce the United States Criminal Code.

    However, the DOJ and FBI have always been political organizations, serving whichever presidential administration happens to be in the White House at a given time.

    And it is this conflict of interest which has always seriously impeded the DOJ and FBIs' ability to operate judiciously, since both organizations can be used by the White House, in which to block investigations that should be taking place. The Bush 43 Administration, likely the most criminal in this country's history (and one which should have been indicted on a myriad of charges related to their high crimes of treason), is without a doubt the best example of the perversion of the DOJ and FBIs' role in law enforcement, and why both organizations should have been part of the judicial branch of government from their inception.

    If in fact you believe that the government should have its own police force at all; many Americans do not.

    In other words, when taking into consideration the fact that the DOJ and FBI are under the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government's purview, if a presidential administration that is basically honest is in the White House, then we may conclude that the DOJ and FBI can operate within the Constitutional rule of law. However, if the opposite is true, then one must conclude that given its control over the DOJ and FBI, a corrupted White House will automatically result in a corrupted justice department, which will attempt to then circumvent the United States Constitution should the need ever arise.

    So where does that leave us with the present administration?

    You can draw your own conclusions on this one.

  • The Obama Department Of Justice Making Warrantless Demands For Emails - Is Barack Obama Gradually Adopting The Role Of Zionist Dictator That George W. Bush Had Attempted To Assume Over His Eight Years As America's First Ersatz President?
  • John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit Against The NSA - The Most Important Lawsuit In American History, Yet One Which The U.S. Courts Refuse To Hear -- Why?

    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    Political Ponerology - The Scientific Study Of Evil As It's Applied To Politics -- Is The Political Ideology Evil By Its Very Nature?

  • AIM Activist John Trudell Describes How The FBI Engineered The Murders Of His Wife, Mother In Law, and Three Young Daughters As Revenge For Trudell's Burning Of An American Flag On The Steps Of The J. Edgar Hoover Building - Later That Day, Trudell's Family Were Incinerated When The House In Which They Slept Was Burned To The Ground By FBI Operatives

  • How Zionist Jews Control America Through Their Communist Central Bank & Its Creation Of Fiat Currency As Well As Their Control Over Our Politicians & Media System -- Then They Foment A Propaganda Campaign In Which To Exploit Judaism For Their Own Evil Agenda, By Stating That Anyone Who Is Critical Of Zionism Is An Anti-Semite, Knowing That Most Jews Despise Zionism

  • Suits Likely Over Arizona Immigration Law - U.S. Immigration Laws Have Never Been Strictly Enforced Because Illegal Aliens Have Been The Major Source Of Cheap Labor In This Country - All The Arizona Immigration Law Will Accomplish Is To Further Burden A Judiciary System Than Cannot Even Handle Its Present Case Load - Moreover, Given The Intelligence Community's Nazi Spy Tactics On American Citizens, In Efforts To Completely Nullify The Constitutional Right To Due Process Of Law, Arizona's Passage Of The Immigration Law Is A Complete Joke

  • Barack Obama Defies A Judge's Ruling - With Each Passing Day This Zionist Pawn's Disregard For The Constitutional Rule Of Law "Reflects" That Of His Predecessor - A Frightening Thought

  • Politics
    In This Case There's More Than Enough Evil To Go Around

    "POLITICS IS EVIL. Ten years ago I thought politics was misguided. But the events of the past decade--indeed, of the past 10 or a dozen decades--have proven me wrong. The sum and substance of politics was expressed in the 1860s by Nicholas Chernyshevskii, a prescient Russian radical: 'Man is god to man.' And politics violates the other nine commandments as well. Politics could hardly function without bearing false witness. Likewise, without taking the Lord's name in vain.

    This is especially true given that, in politics, the Lord who is so loosely sworn by is Mankind. In the modern era politics has taken the place of mere tyranny. The result has been more killing in one century than in all the preceding centuries combined. Covetousness and stealing define redistributive politics. Without redistribution politics would have no political support. Graven image is as good a name as any for the fiat money by which politics operates. Politics' insistence upon involvement in every human activity, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is more anti-Sabbatarian than golf. The Social Security system is no way to honor thy father and thy mother. And as for adultery, there was, and there may be still, Bill Clinton."

    -- P.J. O'Rourke

    Read the rest of this article here:

  • POLITICS IS EVIL - P.J. O'Rourke - The Weekly Website

  • Another Of The Hundreds Of Thousands Of Witting Organized Stalking Targets Describes Their Experiences With This Hate Crime - I Say Witting Because There Are Likely Millions Of Organized Stalking Victims Within The United States Who Have Not Recognized The Tell-Tale Signs Of Being Subjected To This Vigilante Hate Crime - The Nationwide Problem With Organized Stalking Reveals The Dictatorship Which Furtively Controls The United States Federal Government - Where Is Our Constitution? Organized Stalking Has Also Become A Global Problem, Resulting In Activism In Many NATO Countries In Order To Combat This Outrageous Attack On Basic Human Rights - Organized Stalkers Are Criminals & A Major Component Of The Zionist's Intent To Create An Open Global Dictatorship

  • Was Electrical Engineering Genius John Iverson Secretly Murdered By The FBI, After Threatening To Sue The Bureau For Stealing An Invention Iverson Was Working On? The Flaky Account Of Iverson's Last Days Before He Was Alleged To Have Been Kidnapped By A Business Associate Sounds Like The Type Of Confabulation The FBI Is Notorious For Concocting When Covering Up One Of Its Own Black Operations - Moreover, Months Before His Disappearance, John Iverson Told Friends That He Was On The Intelligence Community's Radar & That He Was Afraid That They Were Going To Murder Him

  • In Reference To The FBI: "These Guys Are Professional LIARS Who Have Raised Selected Memory Loss To An Art Form." -- Ecological Activist Judi Bari In Reference To FBI Agents Who Regularly Commit Perjury In U.S. Courts

  • The Obama Department Of Justice Making Warrantless Demands For Emails - Is Barack Obama Gradually Adopting The Role Of Zionist Dictator That George W. Bush Had Attempted To Assume Over His Eight Years As America's First Erzatz President?
  • Dr. Steven Hatfill Is Finally Interviewed By The Atlantic Monthly Regarding The FBI's Smear Campaign Against Him -- Is It Too Little, Too Late?

    The Zionist's Use Of The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex In Which To Turn This Planet Into A Global Dictatorship

    Dr. Steven Hatfill Finally Sticks It To The FBI Gestapo

    The FBI's COINTELPRO Entrapment Scheme Against Former U.S. Government Scientist, Dr. Steven Hatfill Has The Good Doctor Referring To America As A Police State

    Written by James F. Marino

    In the May 2010 issue of The Atlantic Monthly, Dr. Steven Hatfill describes America as a police state.

    After having read this article in The Atlantic Monthly, this author can certainly understand his sentiments, especially in regard to the torturous campaign that the soulless scoundrels at this Americanized Gestapo subjected him to, in an attempt to drive Steven Hatfill to commit suicide.

    Especially when taking into consideration how his life was destroyed by an organization that has become such anathema to basic human rights, and an obscenity to the American way of life, that it should be abolished by the U.S. Congress as a good will gesture, and formal apology to every person whose life the FBI Gestapo has destroyed through some form of its COINTELPRO operations.

    This would not take much either, since the FBI was never created through the legislative process by the United States Congress, but instead as a secret police force like the KGB or Stasi, by the U.S. Executive Branch.

    And this means that the FBI has never had a legislative charter which can be used to set the guidelines for exactly what the FBI can and cannot do.

    This has allowed for the creation of yet another rogue government agency in America, whose covert COINTELPRO operations had become so abhorrent prior to the 9/11 false flag operation, that the FBI was in the process of either being abolished or completely restructured, when as the direct result of the 9/11 false flag terrorist attack, the FBI was given precedent setting new powers which enabled a rogue organization to set entirely new precedents in its already outrageous violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    And while the Atlantic Monthly article glosses over what it's truly like to be denied your Constitutional rights to due process of law under the 5Th and 6Th Amendments to the U.S. Bill of Rights, as well as the abject alienation that you are subjugated to as your inherent rights are completely abrogated (and by an organization whose idea of fairness is *destroying you in the mainstream media without ever allowing you to present your own information in a court of law), it does indicate that the United States of America has become nothing more than a cleverly disguised police state, whose dictatorial government clearly avoids the Constitutional rule of law whenever it becomes an inconvenience for them.

    *Something which Dr. Hatfill knows only too well, and a major problem that has become extremely common, yet virtually ignored by the American media.

    This has also been the case in a myriad of other instances in which the FBI's psychopaths ran roughshod over the civil rights of many American citizens, including but not limited to the Weaver Family in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, and the late ecoactivist, Judi Bari, and the Branch Davidians.

    As was the case with Judi Bari, the Department Of Justice was once again forced to cough up millions of dollars in damages, in its attack on Dr. Steven Hatfill, because the FBI violated his civil rights, by perpetrating crimes against Hatfill under the color of law.

    However, in spite of his misery, one would have to conclude that Dr. Hatfill got off quite a bit cheaper than Vicky and Sammy *Weaver (both of whom were shot to death by federal agents who entered the Weaver's property looking to provoke Randy Weaver into a gunfight), as well as the 80 odd men, women and children whom the FBI and BATF incinerated at WACO in 1993.

    *The Department Of Justice was also forced to compensate the remaining members of the Weaver Family for the FBI/BATF murder of their loved ones; the Weavers received over three million dollars in compensatory damages.

    However, as was the case in Ruby Ridge as well as the FBI's attempted murder of Judi Bari (and the horrific murders of more than 80 Branch Davidians), no FBI agent was ever indicted regarding the slanderous smear campaign the FBI conveniently leaked to the media in which to demonize Steven Hatfill.

    In regard to the FBI massacre at Ruby Ridge, not even FBI sniper, Lon Horiuchi, who shot an unarmed Vicki Weaver through the head as she held her baby daughter in her arms, was tried for murder; even though a judge ruled that Horiuchi could have been tried for his cold blooded murder of Vicky Weaver.

    As for the FBI's propaganda campaign against Steven Hatfill, once this smear campaign took place the FBI was quick to place the blame elsewhere, in efforts to exculpate themselves from consideration in the post 9/11 anthrax mailings.

    In order to do so, FBI chief, Robert Swan Mueller, leaked information to the press implying that the FBI had no idea where the adverse rumors regarding Steven Hatfill had originated from. However, anyone who's familiar with the FBI's history of COINTELPRO knows exactly who's responsible for demonizing Steve Hatfill with the media - the FBI itself.

    The FBI is notorious for such chicanery.

    In fact, one of the best examples of such deception was the FBI's inventing of a terrorist bomber in their attack on the late ecoactivst Judi Bari, after the FBI (in an attempt to entrap *Judi in an act of terrorism) secretly placed the bomb which exploded under the driver's seat of her station wagon, only to later find that a grand jury would not indict Bari in the bombing.

    *The bomb blast nearly killed Judi Bari.

    Throughout the Bureau's long and sordid history, the American people have been routinely subjected to the FBI's creative machinations, such as the Bureau's intentional deception regarding the U.S. Navy's accidental bombing of TWA Flight 800 in 1996.

    1996 was an election year, and rather than admit that such a disaster occurred under his Administration, Bill Clinton used the Reno Justice Department in which to usurp the FAA's authority, in order to investigate the crash of TWA Flight 800. From that moment on, the FBI was used to create a deception in which it fabricated a multimillion dollar red herring (the faulty fuel tank theory) in which to cover up the fact that TWA Flight 800 had been shot out of the sky during a Navy training exercise, and by a heat seeking missile which accidentally locked on to Flight 800 instead of the drone which it was supposed to shoot down.

    All 230 of Flight 800's occupants, including its entire flight crew, were killed in this catastrophe. However, the mainstream media to this day reports the FBI's official and fabricated version of the Flight 800 crash. This is the same media that still claims the lone assassin theory in the murder of President John F. Kennedy, even though there is now a mountain of circumstantial evidence to suggest that Kennedy was murdered in a criminal conspiracy that was orchestrated by the International Zionist banksters; those who operate under the House Of Rothschild. And as revenge for J.F.K.'s passage of Executive Order 11110, which amended an earlier from the 1950s, in order to again authorize the United States Treasury to coin and regulate the value of U.S. currency; a direct challenge to Rothschild Zionisms' privately held Federal Reserve System Communist central bank.

    Less than six months after passing EO 11110, Kennedy was shot to death in what would turn out to be a massive conspiracy in which to furtively remove one of America's most popular Presidents from office. These Zionists didn't want Kennedy interfering with their lucrative counterfeiting and money laundering operation, so they murdered him in a plausibly deniable way - a trademark of the military intelligence complex.

    In the modern day, any person who still considers Lee Harvey Oswald to be the legitimate and lone shooter of JFK must be brainwashed.

    As for Judi Bari, anyone who's researched the FBI's COINTELPRO against Judi and Earthfirst! must consider the fact that the FBI had been attempting to entrap Judi for several years prior to the bombing of her car, and must also take note of how suspicious the FBI's expeditious appearance at the bomb site was. These agents were simply waiting in the background in order to arrest Judi, in what would turn out to be an entrapment scheme that would end up costing the FBI 4.4 million dollars in compensatory damages to Judi's estate.

    In this case, the FBI never saw it coming.

    Moreover, when the grand jury refused to indict Judi Bari in the bombing, the FBI realized that they had to quickly come up with a new perpetrator for her attempted murder, since the Bureau's official explanation was unraveling, and the public was beginning to wonder if the FBI itself, might have engineered the bombing of Bari's station wagon.

    Once again, the FBI found itself headed for another scandal; one which nearly two decades later continues to haunt the Bureau.

    As such, a short time after the bombing the FBI created a "new suspect" of interest which the Bureau then used as a convenient scape goat in which to placate the public, while taking the FBI off the hook for the murder attempt on Judi's life.

    The FBI has always served as a revolving door for criminals, who conveniently hide their color of law crimes under the cover of national security, while using the American media system of disinformation in which to demonize those whom the FBI has attempted to disenfranchise of their rights as American citizens.

    The FBI's system of so called law enforcement is not just a complete farce; it truly is an organized crime syndicate!

    Moreover, the FBI's crimes are so much worse than most Americans can imagine. They are truly sickening. So much so, that when the Bureau has created such a media monster, like they did with Dr. Steven Hatfill, their need to perpetuate this figment of their imagination grows with each failed attempt in which to indict the person whom they are demonizing.

    In the instance of Hatfill, the FBI's attack on him stinks so badly that one must wonder if the Bureau knew from the outset that Hatfill was innocent of the anthrax mailings, yet tried to drive him to a state in which he would commit an act for which they could incarcerate and then murder him; this while claiming that the FBI was getting ready to prosecute Hatfill for the anthrax mailings at the time that he committed suicide.

    The FBI did the same thing with Dr. Bruce Ivins, who without a trial of his peers, has been posthumously declared to be the anthrax mailer, after being subjected to the FBI's vicious psychological warfare operations.

    Dr. Ivins was never arrested, charged, tried or convicted of being the anthrax mailer, yet this is the legacy that the FBI has now left him with. Dr. Ivins, like so many other victims of the FBI's counterintelligence operations, was denied his Constitutional rights by the FBI, right up until the day he died.

    And the FBI, an unchartered disgrace of an organization which employs miscreants who lie as easily as they breathe, and whom through such abject deceptions, have developed a nefarious history of allowing innocent people to be convicted of crimes committed by the FBI's own informants.

    Peter Limone, a man who sat on death row for decades, after being setup by the FBI as an accomplice in the murder of a man by the name of Edward Deegan, is one of the best examples of such injustice, and yet another illustration how FBI agents routinely commit perjury in U.S. Courts without being made accountable for having done so. And further proof that the FBI has been a grotesque mistake from its very inception.

    *"The FBI's Legacy Of Shame" -- The FBI's Wrongful Prosecution Of Peter Limone, Done In Efforts To Protect An FBI Informant Who Committed The Murders That Limone Was Wrongfully Found Guilty Of - The FBI Is About Gross Deception & Negligence; Not Justice Of Any Kind

    The FBI is now, always has been, and until the day it is finally abolished, will be nothing more than a well disguised crime syndicate, which is protected by our elected representatives, because they don't want to antagonize the FBI by challenging its criminal and oftentimes treasonous operations, which could lead to the Bureau waging a COINTELPRO attack on these politicians.

    As for the Bureau's smear campaign against Steven Hatfill and Bruce Ivins, one must ask why would the FBI have attempted to implicate these men in horrible crimes which the Bureau knew they did not commit? How about to protect an FBI informant who may have also been the anthrax mailer?

    Which begs the question, is Lt. Colonel Dr. Phillip Zack (retired), the most likely suspect in the anthrax mailings, an FBI snitch whom the FBI protected at the expense of Drs. Hatfill and Ivins?

    If Zack is an FBI informant, the FBI is never going to admit it, and neither will those within the mainstream media who know it.

    Moreover, in such instances of deception it's the FBI and its own agents who become the monstrous criminals whom they attempt to create through their vicious smear campaigns. And it is at such times that these agents become a vigilante group of the most despicable and cowardly excuses for humankind, ever to inhabit this planet.

    Simply stated, the FBI's torturous and murderous sociopaths have no conscience, which makes them eminently suited for their employment within an organization that was built into the modern day Gestapo that it has become. And by one of the most notorious sociopaths in human history - the late John Edgar Hoover.

    And sooner or later, the FBI will have to pay a much higher price than the scant number of cases which have actually made it into a United States Courtroom, and the millions of dollars which the DOJ has thus far been forced to turn over to the FBI's victims.

    Such cases are just scratching the surface of the Bureau's criminality, and complete lack of accountability for the crimes committed by its own agents, since most of the FBI's *victims have never been able to prosecute the agents involved in the crimes against them. A sign of just how corrupted the judicial system in the United States has become.

    *Many of the FBI's victims don't live long enough to prosecute the agents involved in the crimes against them; they are driven to suicide, or murdered in a plausibly deniable way.

    At some point in the future, the FBI will have to answer for its abject recklessness and total disregard for basic human life, in addition to the Constitutional rule of law which it has, since its inception, sought to disregard in every way possible.

    For it is only through such accountability, that our Constitutional rule of law can be reestablished, and our Republic restored. It's time for the FBI's squad of degenerate evil to pay for their crimes for a change.

    "The Wrong Man" By David Freed - The FBI's Smear Campaign Against Dr. Steven Hatfill - An Atlantic Monthly article which comes years too late, and at times appears to paint the FBI as merely a pack of fumbling morons, while obscuring the truly despicable and criminal tactics which the FBI deploys against those whom it demonizes - Don't be surprised if this link to the Hatfill article freezes up on you, since the FBI has a nasty habit of electronically interfering with Websites that document the Bureau's history of rampant criminality. As for the FBI's dirty tactics, a Family member once stated that "they (the FBI) don't care if they have to win dirty," regarding the Bureau's COINTELPRO of this author. To which this author replied "The FBI has never won any other way."

    Read "The Wrong Man" By David Freed, Here

    *Editor's Note: The FBI has electronically interfered with the following post, so rather than attempting to link to it, I have re-posted this article in its entirety. Perhaps this author's supposition that Lt. Colonel Phillip Zack is being protected by the FBI (as a result of Zack's being an informant) has more than a bit of truth to it?

    When Dr. Steven Hatfill Refused To Submit To The FBI's Character Assassination Of His Person & Beat Them In Court The FBI Began Attacking Yet Another Of Its Scapegoats - Dr. Bruce Ivins

    Dr. Bruce Ivins never did get the chance to defend himself in court, instead being driven to the point of total madness by a long-term FBI COINTELPRO sting, used by the FBI in which to force him into the commission of suicide. Ivins was eventually hospitalized for erratic behavior and a short time later, reported to have committed suicide.

    However, there are many who now believe that Bruce Ivins was in fact, like Steven Hatfill, just another FBI scapegoat who may have been murdered by FBI operatives in a made to appear as suicide, when the FBI could no longer keep Dr. Hatfill under a veil of suspicion in regard to the Bureau's claims that Hatfill was the anthrax mailer - and the FBI sought to tie up loose ends in an effort to close their nvestigation.

    A more obscure scientist by the name of Dr. Don Wiley may have also been targeted for a similar attack shortly after the anthrax mailings made the evening news. Wiley was also reported to have committed suicide after being subjected to an FBI smear campaign. However, serious questions have arisen in regard to the possibility that Wiley was murdered in a made to appear suicide. Especially when one takes into account the FBI's claims that Wiley's death was "not the result of foul play," while deliberately ignoring the claims of seasoned investigators who've stated that Wiley was more likely the victim of a homicide.

    If the FBI was not directly involved in the covert murder of Dr. Wiley, the bureau was likely covering up for another Intel agency which may have targeted Wiley for execution.

    Moreover, the FBI all but ignored the possibility that Lt. Colonel Phillip Zack, a far more likely suspect in the anthrax attacks than either Hatfill or Ivins, was the likely perpetrator of the anthrax mailings. And that his part in this terrorist attack was likely an adjunct the Intel black operation which took place on 9-11.

    Colonel Zack was one of only a handful of government scientists who had access to the Ames' strain of anthrax found at the U.S. Military's Fort Detrick, Maryland biological weapons' laboratory. Moreover, to this day the U.S. media has virtually ignored the fact that the Bush Administration was placed on the antibiotic Cipro (a drug which can actually prevent an intended anthrax target from becoming ill when exposed to the deadly bacteria), at least six weeks before the anthrax attacks took place.

    The Bush Administration had to have been warned that these attacks were going to take place and took the precautionary measures necessary to protect themselves, while failing to warn the rest of the American people that there was a likely threat of an anthrax attack.

    And of course, while the FBI destroyed the reputations of Dr. Steven Hatfill, Dr. Bruce Ivins and Dr. Don Wiley, the last two of whom were reported to have committed suicide (but were likely murdered), Colonel Zack was never subjected to the same scrutiny by the FBI. Why not? Did the FBI know that Zack was the anthrax mailer? Or were they just told by the Bush Administration or others within the hierarchy of the U.S. Federal Government to avoid an investigation regarding Dr. Zack?

    Brown Stone Operations & Other Intel Entrapment's

    Moreover, the slander campaign which further mired Dr. Wiley's death, is typical of the types of unconscionable smear tactics which the FBI uses in order to vilify those targeted for illegal Intel sting operations like COINTELPRO, yet whom in spite of such outrageous entrapment schemes remain unindicted.

    Brown Stone operations (also known as sex-blackmail stings used for the purpose of extortion) run by agencies like the CIA and FBI, as well as one which the media never spent time covering in the 1980's regarding the Reagan/Bush White House (Known as the Franklin Cover up) are also typical of such Intel orchestrated black mail schemes.

    The motivation is always the same -- Intel's abject control over our elected officials. How they think and act, as well as vote on specific issues which allow the military industrial intelligence complex in the United States to maintain their furtive and Orwellian control over the American people.

    U.S. war policy has always been a key focus here. As such, any U.S. politician of moral character who votes against additional military spending becomes a prime target for a * brown stone operation, or other entrapment scheme in which to defame them.

    Those who can't be effectively defamed are more often than not, covertly murdered through the use of classified weapons that are used as part of the U.S. Military Industrial complexes' electronic warfare, "Active Denial Weapon's System."

    - James F. Marino

    Also See:

    More On Brownstone Operations - The FBI is notorious for aiding and abetting the Intel community's crimes, rather than exposing them. Where the FBI truly excels is in violating the constitutionally protected rights of American citizens - something this Zionist financed and Nazi idealized Orwellian nightmare of an organization has spent its entire existence doing.

    Who Killed Dr. Don Wiley?


    "Knowledgeable U.S. and foreign intelligence sources have revealed that Wiley may have been silenced as a result of his discovery of U.S. government work on biological warfare agents long after the U.S., along with the Soviet Union and Britain, signed the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. Wiley's was not the only suspicious death of a scientist with knowledge of biological defenses. Just three day before Wiley's death, Dr. Benito Que, a Miami Medical School cellular biologist specializing in infectious diseases, died in a violent attack. The Miami Herald reported Que died after 'four men armed with a baseball bat attacked him at his car.' A week after Wiley died, Dr. Vladimir Pasechnik, a former scientist for Biopreparat, the Soviet Union's biological weapons production factory, was found dead from an alleged stroke in Wiltshire, not far from Britain's Porton Down biological warfare center. Pasechnik had defected from the Soviet Union in 1989 and was an expert on the Soviet Union's anthrax, smallpox, plague, and tularemia programs. "
    -Wayne Madsen

    The Death Of Dr. Wiley -
    'Murder, They Wrote'
    By Wayne Madsen

    The one person who was in a position to know about the origin of the anthrax sent through the U.S. Postal Service met with a very suspicious demise just a month after the attacks first began.

    The reported "suicide" and then "accidental death" of noted Harvard biophysics scientist and anthrax, Ebola, AIDS, herpes, and influenza expert, Dr. Don C. Wiley, on the Interstate 55 Hernando De Soto Bridge that links Memphis to West Memphis, Arkansas, was probably a well-planned murder, according to local law enforcement officials in Tennessee and Arkansas.

    After Wiley's friends and family discounted claims of suicide, the Memphis coroner concluded on January 14, 2002 that Wiley had "accidentally" fallen over the side of the bridge after a minor car accident.

    Not so, say seasoned local law enforcement officials who originally assigned homicide detectives to the case. Memphis police claim there was only 15 minutes between the last time police had checked the bridge and the time they discovered Wiley's abandoned vehicle. They suspected Wiley was murdered. However, the local FBI office in Memphis stuck by its story that Wiley's death was not the result of "foul play." A Memphis police detective said, "the newspaper account of Wiley's accident did not clear anything up for me," adding, "everything attributed to the 'accident' could also be attributed to something else."

    However, according to U.S. intelligence sources, Wiley may have been the victim of an intelligence agency hit. That jibes with local police comments that the FBI and "other" U.S. agencies stepped in to prevent the local Memphis police from taking a closer look into the case. Employees of St. Jude's Children's' Hospital in Memphis, on whose board Wiley served, were suddenly deluged with unsubstantiated rumors that Wiley was a heavy drinker and despondent.

    It is a classic intelligence agency ploy to spread disinformation about "suicide" victims after their murders. The favorite rumors spread include those about purported alcoholism, depression, homosexuality, auto-erotic asphyxia, drug addiction, and an obsession with pornography, especially child pornography.

    According to the local police, it would have been easy to determine if Wiley was a heavy drinker and that would have shown up in his autopsy. The police also reckon that if Wiley left the Peabody under the influence, four hours later he should have been sober enough not to have fallen over the side of the bridge. Also, the bridge railing is high enough that event the 6' 3" Wiley could not have accidentally fallen over it without assistance. Add that to the fact that no one in the history of the bridge had fallen over the side.

    Police also feel that even at 4:00 AM, there should have been someone else on the bridge who would have called the police about a person who was driving down the interstate the wrong way. Due to the fact that access is restricted to the bridge, one would have to have driven a long way on the wrong lane. Some police are of the opinion Wiley was stuck with a needle and that one reason he was dumped into the fast-moving Mississippi is that with the length of his time in the water (one month), the needle mark evidence would have largely disappeared.

    And in yet another strange twist, on March 14, a bomb and two smaller explosive devices were found at the Shelby County Regional Forensic Center, which houses the morgue and Medical Examiner's Office that conducted Wiley's autopsy. Dr. O.C, Smith, the medical examiner, told Memphis' Commercial Appeal, "We have done several high-profile cases from Dr. Wiley to Katherine Smith (a Department of Motor Vehicles employee mysteriously found burned to death in her car after being charged in a federal probe with conspiracy to obtain fraudulent drivers' licenses for men of Middle East origin) but there has been no indication that we offended anyone . . . we just don't know if we were the attended target or not."

    Knowledgeable U.S. and foreign intelligence sources have revealed that Wiley may have been silenced as a result of his discovery of U.S. government work on biological warfare agents long after the U.S., along with the Soviet Union and Britain, signed the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention.

    A South African Connection
    PB Æ
    06/03/2002, 10:30:22

    The death of Wiley may be also linked to revelations recently uncovered in South Africa. His expertise on genetic fingerprints for various strains may have led him to particular countries and their bio-warfare projects.

    The South African media has been abuzz with details of that nation's former biological warfare program and its links to the CIA. The South African bio-chemical war program was code-named Project Coast and was centered at the Roodeplat Research Laboratories north of Pretoria. The lab maintained links to the US biowarfare facility at Fort Detrick and Britain's Porton Down Laboratory. The head of the South African program, Dr. Wouter Basson, was reportedly offered a job with the CIA in the United States after the fall of the apartheid regime. According to former South African National Intelligence Agency deputy director Michael Kennedy, when Basson refused the offer, the CIA allegedly threatened to kill him. Nevertheless, the U.S. pressured the new President Nelson Mandela to turn over the records and fruits of Basson's work. Much of this work was reportedly transported to Fort Detrick.

    One of the South African's secret projects involved sending anthrax through the mail. Among the techniques that fell into the hands of the Americans was a method by which anthrax spores were, with deadly effect, incorporated on to the gummed flaps of envelopes.

    Other South African bio-chemical weapons allegedly transferred to the CIA included, in addition to anthrax, cholera, smallpox, salmonella, botulinum, tularemia, thallium, E.coli, racin, organophosphates, necrotising fasciitis, hepatitis A, HIV, paratyphoid, Sarin VX nerve gas, Ebola, Marburg, Rift Valley hemorrhagic fever viruses, Dengue fever, West Nile virus, highly potent CR tear gas, hallucinogens Ecstasy, Mandrax, BZ, and cocaine, anti-coagulant drugs, the deadly lethal injection drugs Scoline and Tubarine, and cyanide.

    Many of Dr. Wiley's family and friends doubt he would have committed suicide. The fact that he was certainly in a position to know about the origination of various viruses and bacteria -- which could have led to the U.S. government -- would have made him a prime target for a government seeking to cover up its illegal work in biological warfare.

    Wiley's Anthrax Research

    And Wiley had a significant connection to anthrax research. Wiley was not only a professor at Harvard but also conducted research at the Chevy Chase, Maryland Howard Hughes Medical Center, which does work for the National Institutes of Health. On October 1, 2001, just three days before the first reported anthrax case in Florida, the Hughes Center announced that a joint Harvard-Hughes team had identified a mouse gene that made mice resistant to anthrax bacteria. Although the media failed to play it up later, that research involved using Wiley's expertise on the immune system. The new gene, identified as Kif1C, located in chromosome 11 of a mouse, enhanced the defense systems of special immune cells, called macrophages, against the destructive effects of anthrax bacteria.

    Wiley's was not the only suspicious death of a scientist with knowledge of biological defenses. Just three day before Wiley's death, Dr. Benito Que, a Miami Medical School cellular biologist specializing in infectious diseases, died in a violent attack. The Miami Herald reported Que died after "four men armed with a baseball bat attacked him at his car." A week after Wiley died, Dr. Vladimir Pasechnik, a former scientist for Biopreparat, the Soviet Union's biological weapons production factory, was found dead from an alleged stroke in Wiltshire, not far from Britain's Porton Down biological warfare center. Pasechnik had defected from the Soviet Union in 1989 and was an expert on the Soviet Union's anthrax, smallpox, plague, and tularemia programs. While at Biopreparat, Pasechnik worked for Alibek, who defected three years later. When he died, Pasechnik was assisting the British government's efforts in providing bio-defenses against anthrax.

    Anthrax and Operation Northwoods

    For those who disbelieve the possibility that the U.S. Government is the number one suspect in the anthrax attacks, they are directed to James Bamford's book on the National Security Agency, Body of Secrets. The book reveals that in 1962,Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Lyman Lemnitzer was planning, along with other member of the Joint Chiefs, a virtual coup d'etat against the administration of President Kennedy using acts of terrorism carried out by the military but to be blamed on the Castro government in Cuba. The secret pan, code-named Operation Northwoods, entailed having U.S. military personnel shoot innocent people on the streets of American cities, sink boats carrying Cuban refugees to Florida, and conduct terrorist bombings in Washington, DC, Miami and other cities. Innocent people were to be framed for committing bombings and hijacking planes. If John Glenn's liftoff from Cape Canaveral in February 1962 were to end in an explosion, Castro would be blamed. Plans were made to shoot down civilian aircraft en route from the United States to Jamaica, Guatemala, Panama, or Venezuela and then blame Cuba. The U.S. military also planned to attack Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, both British colonies, and make it appear that the Cubans had done it in order to bring Britain into a war with Cuba.

    So far, the Bush administration has refused to support a full and independent Congressional investigation into the events of September 11 and the later events involving anthrax. It seems it and the three-letter agencies the administration is so fond of praising, and funding, know more about the source of the anthrax attacks than they are admitting. If the saying, "where there's smoke, there's fire," has any basis of truth, the United States is in the midst of a raging inferno. Who will answer the fire alarm?

    Wayne Madsen is an investigative journalist based in Washington, DC. He can be reached at:
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