Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Following Articles Serve As Further Evidence That The U.S. Intelligence Community Doesn't Want Any Politician In Office Whom They Can't Control

  • "The Torricelli Principle" -- Does The Following Information Regarding Former N.J. Senator Robert Torricelli's Intent To Prevent The Intelligence Community From Employing Terrorists To Gain Information, Give The CIA Motive In The FBI's Covert Sabotage Of Torricelli's Re-Election Campaign? Of Course It Does. This Information Also Explains Why The FBI Set Torricelli Up On Trumped Up Charges Which They Never Actually Prosecuted Him For, In Which To Prevent Torricelli From Gaining Reelection To The U.S. Senate - Why Didn't The CIA Go After Torricelli Directly? Because The CIA's Charter Doesn't Allow It To Operate Domestically (Even Though It Does), So The FBI Was Chosen To Do The CIA's Dirty Work For Them

  • Former Texas Madame Implicates The FBI & CIA In Running A Black Operation In Which To Entrap U.S. Politicians In Crimes Which The Intel Community Can Then Use To Control How These Politicians Vote In Regard To Legislation Which Concerns The Intel Community - In Other Words, Intel Is Power Hungry And Wants To Completely Dominate Our Three Branches Of Government For Their Own Criminal Means, And Is Intent On Getting Rid Of Any Politicians Who Will Not Cooperate, Such As Former Representative, Cynthia Mckinney
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