Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why FBI Agents Conducting COINTELPRO Sting Operations Attempt To Drive Those Citizens Targeted For Such Color Of Law Crimes To Commit Suicide

FBI Agents Taking Part In COINTELPRO Sting Operations

Fear Being Cross Examined In Court

Because They Know That They've Broken The Law

"Throughout its entire existence, first as the Bureau of Investigation, and later as the FBI, the Bureau has always sought to avoid the due process of law, while instead making it a point to violate the United Bill of Rights whenever possible.

And while it's difficult to pinpoint exactly when the FBI became the notorious crime syndicate that it is today, one may be assured that it happened not long after this organization was created.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the FBI is that it trains its agents to be deceptive, instead of honest and forthright, as the Bureau would like the public to believe its agents are. The FBI also trains its agents to avoid situations in which they will have to answer for crimes that they have committed against those whom they are illegally surveilling.

For example, the FBI is by law restricted to investigating federal crimes. However, if one studies the FBI's long history of operating outside of its purview (I won't say charter, because the FBI has never had one), they will find that the Bureau's agents invite themselves into what should be state or local investigations, when the FBI has no legal authority in which to do so. Something which has caused a great amount of tension between the FBI and state law enforcement agencies in the past, given the political nature of the Bureau.

Of course, when the FBI has been violating the civil rights of an American citizen, the last thing that the Bureau wants is for its agents to be defendants in a court of law, where under cross examination, many of the lies which the Bureau promulgates through the mainstream media would be exposed, and the agents themselves would risk being indicted for perjury if they were caught lying under oath.

This is just one example of why the courts can be so dangerous to FBI agents.

As such, it's much easier for the FBI to run the show through its smear campaigns, use of coercion, and outright duplicity, then it is to enter a courtroom and risk being systematically dismantled by a judge who understands that the FBI has a long history of using entrapment and coercion in which to distort the facts in a case."

  • Cross Examination In A Courtroom - The Part Of A Trial Which No FBI Agent Who's Taken Part In A COINTELPRO Operation Wants Any Part Of, Given Their Attempts To Exculpate Themselves From The Crimes Which They Commit During Such Stings - This Is Why FBI Agents Resort To Psychological Warfare Operations & The Utilization Of Organized Stalking Groups In Which To Drive Targets Of COINTELPRO To The Commission Of Suicide - They Don't Want The Exculpatory Information Which They Have Kept From The Public Being Made Known To A Judge & Jury
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