Thursday, April 22, 2010

FBI Conspiracy To Infiltrate Major Media Outlets Of The United States While Engaging In A Major Censorship Campaign

Editor's Note: The FBI has had a long history of furtive censorship of the mainstream media, in efforts to keep the American people ignorant of the true role of the U.S. Federal Government, under its Zionist leadership.

In post 9-11 America, the FBI has assumed an even more aggressive role in such censorship, in its attempt to completely nullify the Bill of Rights, including the 1ST Amendment.

This author regularly makes note of the FBI's electronic attempts in which to censor my writings, as I document the myriad of experiences that I have had as a target of COINTELPRO and the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

The FBI has always been a threat to the American way of life, given its utilization as a domestic spy and covert terrorist. However, since the creation of the Patriot Act, those crimes which the FBI committed in secret, it now commits openly under the guise of propagating the fraudulent war on terror.

The FBI and its community of Constitution raping thugs are now completely out of control, and along with the rest of their New World Order disciples, represent the greatest threat to American freedom that has ever existed.

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  • New York Paramilitary Gangs In The FBI Assault Democracy

  • "New York Paramilitary Gangs in the FBI assault Democracy

    Dateline New York City, 9-18-09, 2:06 OM EST

    Research report from the joint domestic intelligence listing post at #15 233 East 21 Street New York N.Y. 10010, that the FBI, NYPD and paramilitary gangs in New York City have infiltrated the major media outlets of the United States of America and are engaged in a major censorship special operation in order to push military police state agenda on the American public for profit.

    According to Daniel M. Wienerman at the #15 Joint Domestic Listing Post, members of the FBI and NYPD are editing and producing news for the American public in order to manipulate the paramilitary gangs for profit agenda.

    Media centers like news papers, magazines, television and radio have been infiltrated by right wing republican interests with major police and military investments.

    Advertising brokers have also been infiltrated by the military gangs insuring the control of programming. Media outlets in New York City are distributing more and more violent programming depicting police and military in order to desensitize the American public to what has become a violent mob cop nation. Violence by military and police on TV is being desensitized to try to clear the conscience of baby killers from Vietnam and Iraq who murdered innocents and are trying to clear their conscience.

    Baby killers from Vietnam and Iraq should be in prison but instead the scum are perpetrating more perjuries and murder on the American public as NYPD officers and FBI agents. Mob cop creeps who used to rob people in school then went to the military to murder, are now trying to walk tall instead of killing themselves.

    The NYPD FBI scum are manipulating media to depict themselves as heroes instead of the low live scum they are. Violence being depicted on major entertainment sites is being reinforced by violent video games in order to promote the profit agenda of the paramilitary gangs in the Republican Party and their gangs.

    Alcoholism has become a major source of income for the paramilitary gangs in New York Republican Party who are protecting the network of corrupt police and FBI in the City of New York.

    Corrupt FBI in the city work hand in hand with the mob cop scum in the NYPD, as the scumbags operate their rackets at the expense of the American way of life. Back in the nineties New Yorkers begged for help from the FBI to get the mob cop scum out of the NYPD. The scumbag FBI always said they did not have enough men to police the thirty five thousand NYPD officers. After 9-11 New York City got the funding for one thousand new FBI agents. What happened next is the most disgusting tale of corruption in all American history, as the FBI agents not only did not stop the NYPD corruption, the FBI agents joined in and increased the rape of New York City.

    Corrupt FBI agents are helping the crimes of the NYPD, engaging in domestic industrial hijack and murder of New Yorkers. One thousand FBI agents increased the power of the mob cop scum in New York City and have become indistinguishable in their arrogant lowlife attitude.

    Like retarded jocks high on alcohol and steroids, the one thousand new scumbag FBI agents of the City of New York help the for profit schemes of the NYPD mob cops, and nothing is being done to stop the mob cop scum NYPD. Like the fall of the roman empire when the Roman Senators use to divert the attention of the roman citizens with games in the coliseum from the wars which were bankrupting the citizens, today the New York mob cop scum FBI and NYPD with their republican backers divert the attention of the American public with violent news stories depicting them as heroes.

    Muscle headed baby killers in the FBI and NYPD are depicted to have value to drink and murder innocent, as intellectuals and artists are depicted as sickish losers.

    Sports and violent stories are being run by the paramilitary censor gangs in the media outlets in order to brainwash the American public to the mob cop scum’s violent value at the same time truth and honesty are being devalued.

    Paramilitary control of the media marks the fall of the American democratic way of life, and the beginning of a one party American Skinhead Fascist’s epoch.

    Write-up on out of control paramilitary gangs in the FBI and NYPD infiltrating media outlets, marking the end of the American way of life should discuss the political criminal behavior. References: U.S. Military Academy (845)938-4041/ U.S. Navel Academy (410)293-4361/ U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (516) 773-5391/ U.S. Air Force Academy (800)443-9266/ For the advancement of the common good and the greater glory of God. Thank you and have a great day Bedlam Deforce."
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