Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Race To Create Smaller RFID Chips -- Microchip Implants Ready To Be Used With Swine Flu Vaccines - The Chip Is Located In The Tip Of The Needle

  • "ARE The FBI Bastards making movies of YOUR PRIVATE MARITAL SEXUAL MOMENTS?" - Brandon Mayfield Inquires As To Whether The FBI Will Delete Any Video They Took Of Mayfield & His Family While Videotaping The Mayfields Within Their Home - Such Satellite Predation By The U.S. Intelligence Community Has Become Common Place In Post 9-11 America, To The Point Where American Citizens Can Be Videotaped Making Love Within The Privacy Of Their Own Bedrooms While The FBI's Perverted Agents Of Satan Commit These Crimes With Total Impunity

  • These New RFID Chips Are The Size Of A Baby Deer Tick!

  • Microchips Down To 5 Microns In Size - The Size Of A Deer Tick During Its Nymph Stage - Do You Want Get A Flu Shot Or Go Into The Hospital For Routine Surgery & Come Out Implanted With One Of These RFID Chips? Based On The Testimony Of Many Victims, This Is Already Happening

  • We The People Will Not Be Chipped-A Neo-Luddite/Terran Movement - We will not be assimilated

  • "We The People Will Not Be Chipped - Home Of The Original Substrate Humans" - For More Information On RFID Implants
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