Wednesday, April 07, 2010

With The United States Infrastrastructure Crumbling Will The Individual States Now Secede From The Union?

  • You're A Target Of The Government Sanctioned Hate Crime Of Organized Stalking, Yet You Are Sent A Jury Duty Questionnaire - Why Would You Be Sent This Questionnaire When As A Target Of Organized Stalking, The Government Would Never Actually Want You To Sit On A Jury In A U.S. Courtroom? This Is Yet Another Example Of The FBI's Perversion Of The U.S. Judicial System As A Venue For Its Psychological Warfare Operations

  • FBI Caught Red Handed Lying To A Judge In The Kenneth Trentadue Murder Case - The Arrogance Of FBI Agents Is Simply Outrageous - These Agents Commit Whatever Crimes They Want - Torture, Murder, Other Forms Of Covert Terrorist Acts Such As The Original Bombing Of The World Trade Center In 1993 & The Furtive Bombing Of COINTELPRO Target, Judi Bari's Car In 1990 & Our Elected Leadership & The Department Of Justice Look The Other Way!

  • How The FBI Lies To Cover Up The Crimes Of Its Own Agents Or Its Botched Investigations - The FBI Scandal Regarding Flight 253 Is Becoming Another TWA Flight 800 Red Herring

  • The FBI Gestapo's Attack On The Socialist Worker's Party In The 1940's - Just One Of Many COINTELPRO Victims, Even Before The Day That Such Counterintelligence Operations Were Formally Conducted By The FBI

  • Newly Released FBI Documents Support Explosive Claims by Former FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds
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