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One Of Myriad Aspects Of Organized Stalking Harassment - The Implied Threat Of Jury Duty In Order To Further Isolate The Organized Stalking Victim

You're A Target Of The Hate Crime Of Organized Stalking

Yet You Receive A Jury Duty Questionnaire

Why Would You Receive This Questionnaire?

If you're a legitimate target of the most vicious hate crime ever perpetrated within the United States of America, that of organized stalking, why would the government who sanctions these crimes against you want you in one of their courts standing in judgement on other citizens?

The answer is that the government doesn't want you in one of their courts; that is unless you're there as a defendant whom they can prosecute.

Moreover, if this government is targeting you for the crime of organized stalking they consider you to be a legitimate threat to their own criminal status quo. And I say legitimate, because if you weren't enough of a threat, they simply would not waste the time or money in order to harass you, while establishing myriad new precedents in their daily violations of your Constitutional rights.

If you are a target of organized stalking, the jury duty questionnaire offers those criminals within the federal, state or local government who are subjecting you to such crimes, the ability to pervert the criminal justice system in order to harass your person in a plausibly deniable way.

The criminals within the U.S. Federal Government who have protected the Zionist's Federal Reserve Central Bank for the past century, and by using the judiciary in the United States in which to imprison Americans who refused to file a 1040 income tax return, is the best example of our judicial system being perverted in the use of such treasonous crimes.

Especially when the United States Federal Supreme Court has ruled on at least two separate occasions, that the wages of the American worker are to be considered private property and thus non taxable, and that the 16TH Amendment (which was never legally ratified) confers no new powers of taxation on the United States Congress.

This is yet another example of our legislators using the judicial system in this country for their own oftentimes criminal means, while clearly ignoring legal precedent when it does not serve such means.

Use Of The Judiciary To Harass Organized Stalking Targets

For instance, if you are a target of organized stalking, being forced to actually travel to a court in which to be interviewed by a prosecutorial staff in order to determine your soundness as a juror, will enable those who take part in the crime of organized stalking against your person to capitalize on this fraudulent event, while wasting your valuable time. Specifically, in all likelihood, the last thing that the government wants is a target of organized stalking actually being picked to stand on a jury.

These government officials don't consider targets of organized stalking to be citizens of the United States, for if they did, they wouldn't be violating our civil rights by subjecting us to such egregious violations of the due process of law.

The idea of an organized stalking target actually being chosen to sit on a jury is laughable. The only way that we will ever be in a court of law in either as defendants who have been setup on bogus charges, or as plaintiffs against those who have orchestrated the crimes of organized stalking against our persons.

As such, a courts sending a jury duty questionnaire to a target of organized stalking is nothing but a further perversion of the U.S. Criminal Justice System, and a further covert attempt in which to subjugate our persons to such criminal harassment.

Moreover, for those who have spent time researching the many injustices committed against the American middle class, and by the Zionist controlled federal government in the United States, one would wretch at having to sit through a trial in which citizens who were wrongfully arrested on trumped up charges are being prosecuted for non crimes (such as tax evasion), while the real criminals in this country continue to commit their crimes with total impunity.

For instance, imagine having read Eustace Mullins' "Secrets of The Federal Reserve" or G. Edward Griffin's "Murder By Injection" and then having to sit through a case which involved tax evasion or one in regard to a physician using alternative successful therapies, who is being subjected to a witch hunt by the diabolical American Medical Association (a private corporation), which uses the judicial system to take its revenge.

It would take every ounce of strength that you could muster to not walk out of the courtroom in total disgust, given the outright injustices that many of these defendants have been subjected to.

Such is the duplicity of this system of (in)justice; one which has allowed for the incarceration of millions of Americans over the years, for the non crime of tax evasion. One which back in the 1930's was used to demonize marijuana; not because of any dangers, but because the hemp plant from which marijuana is derived, could be used in the production of alternative fuels and products which would have completely outmoded the petrochemical products which continue to harm our environment to this very day.

This isn't about justice. This is about the total perversion of the criminal justice system in the United States, and by those who use it for their own criminal means.

Intel Uses The Jury Duty Component Against This Author


It has been a few years since the Intel community which has been conducting a COINTELPRO against this author for decades, chose to use jury duty as yet another adjunct in their harassment campaign against my person. The latest questionnaire arrived in the mail * yesterday - April 1ST (April Fool's Day).

* One might think that this was a coincidence, however, there is no such thing as coincidence when you are a target of state sponsored terrorism and non consensual human experimentation. In particular, if you are subjected to the type of wireless computer to brain interface via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network that this author has been (for decades), all of your thoughts are remotely decoded via the NSA's crypto-software, which allows these cryptologists to plan ahead in each stage of their harassment of your person.

As a target, once you become aware of what the NSA is subjecting you to, you become what is known in the Intelligence community, as a "hard target," meaning that (unlike most citizens who are unwittingly subjected to this form of domestic satellite predation), you understand how the NSA can read and manipulate your thoughts via satellite, and then take evasive actions in order to make it far more difficult for the Intelligence community to violate your inherent rights to privacy.

As, such, Intel must now take every opportunity in which to harass your person, while demonizing you with your own community; this being done in efforts to keep you isolated. Slander is a major component in such COINTELPRO "brainwashing" operations; a situation in which no aspect of the judicial system is applied, and in which your Constitutional rights as an American citizen have been completely eradicated. This is accomplished by agencies like the FBI through the poisoning of your community and loved ones against you, and through the types of brainwashing tactics used by the Gestapo against the Jews in Nazi Germany.

In post 9-11 America, such brainwashing campaigns are cleverly disguised by the Intel community under its fraudulent war on terror propaganda.

(In reality, the war on terror is being used to destroy the inherent rights of all Americans by eradicating the Constitutional rule of law in the United States.)

Such unthinkable acts in a country which has always purported to be free, have now become commonplace within the United States under the Draconian Patriot Act legislation. Treasonous legislation which our elected representatives were deceived into passing out of fear, and by those within the Zionist community whose intent has always been to destroy the United States of America and her people; a conspiracy which was fomented in the 18TH Century by the late Zionist banker, Mayer Amschel Rothschild. It was Rothschild who understood that if the United States of America could exist without the need to borrow Rothschild's fiat money, that the United States would become so powerful, that it would threaten the existence of every monarchy around the globe.

From that moment on, the House Of Rothschild has conspired to destroy the United States of America by taking over our government (through the Rothschild controlled Communist central bank - The private corporation known as the Federal Reserve System), and by fomenting wars between the United States and other countries, in which to permanently indebt the American people to the Federal Reserve System.

As for this Zionist conspiracy in which to destroy the United States of America, the Patriot Act legislation has been nothing but a further power grab by the Zionists for ultimate supremacy, and at the cost of the American middle class's freedom.

As for the latest jury duty questionnaire sent to this author, this one has again been sent from another county, which makes little sense, since as a juror, I should be serving within my own county. I will update this situation as the FBI's use of jury duty is simply another way of conducting its long term COINTELPRO psychological operation against my person with plausible deniability.

Yet another example of how the FBI's criminal Gestapo make up their own rules, at the expense of the Constitutional rule of law.

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