Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The FBI's Illegal Domestic Spying Has Been The Mainstay Of The Bureau Since It Was Taken Over By John Edgar Hoover In 1924 - The FBI Is A Failure

"The FBI used murderers as informants in Boston for three decades, even allowing innocent men to be sentenced to death to protect the secret operation, a government report has found.

The FBI's policy 'must be considered one of the greatest failures in the history of federal law enforcement' and had 'disastrous consequences.' the report by the House Committee on Government Reform said.

More than 20 people were murdered by FBI informants in Boston from 1965, often with the help of FBI agents, it said.

But no FBI agent or official has ever been disciplined, the report said.'"

-- Reporter Fox Butterfield

See the full article here:

  • FBI Let Innocent Men Get Death Sentences

  • The FBI Doesn't Play By The Rules

    So Why Should You?

    How To Recognize An FBI Vehicle Surveillance Team

    If the FBI's conducting an illegal spy campaign against your person, unless you get lucky, you won't know about it until their agents are using a battering ram to break down your front door. The FBI's agents pride themselves at being able to get away with circumventing the Constitutional rule of law. And they've been doing so in one way or another since the Bureau began life as the United States Bureau Of Investigation.

    It's just ashame that the FBI has never been granted a legislative charter in which to operate in this country, which makes its domestic operations (specifically its domestic spying) unconstitutional. For example, try opening up a business in the modern day without a charter and see what happens.

    Given the FBI's complete disregard for the Constitutional rule of law in the United States, it is your duty as American citizens to defend your Constitutional rights against such government predation. And the only way to do so is to learn as much about the FBI's counter-intelligence operations as you can.

    When the FBI has you under illegal surveillance, one of the primary means in which they spy upon your person (as well as those with whom you are associated - family and friends, business associates etc.) is by way of the Bureau's own spy satellites. The FBI will also collude with the National Security Agency, in which to track your body's own unique electromagnetic signature, via the NSA's Signals Intelligence Satellite EMF Scanning Network. Click on the AKWEI VS NSA logo to read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency, so that you can learn more about the NSA's Nazi roots, and covert domestic spying of American citizens.

    Once you have been made into an unwitting satellite prisoner of the U.S. Intelligence community, the concept of privacy which you and your loved ones have always cherished under the 4TH Amendment to the United States Bill of Rights, will now become a thing of the past, since once you become subjugated to such satellite predation, both your physical privacy as well as your privacy of thought, will be completely nullified.

    The FBI will also use adjunct forms of spying upon your person including the use of vehicle surveillance teams, in which to stalk you when you are driving your automobile. The post 9-11 groups of vigilantes who are now part our nation's system of communal dysfunction, are also being used by the Intel community in which to take part in this organized stalking campaign, and are thus trained to perpetrate the types of vehicular stalking which characterize an FBI vehicle surveillance team.

    Moreover, since neither the FBI nor its associated alphabet agency cohorts have any compunction about violating your inherent rights to privacy as American citizens, it is your responsibility to understand exactly what your rights are, and to learn as much as you can about how the FBI and its cadre of Gestapo minded criminals violate such rights.

    Your elected representatives are not about to tell you how this is done, since they fear the FBI as much as you do, and don't want to do anything in which to antagonize the Bureau for fear of its retribution.

    In other words, the FBI and its brethren have never played by the rules, so you must recognize this and take appropriate measures in which to defend against such government predation into your lives.

    By reading the following articles on how an FBI vehicle surveillance team operates, you will have taken the first important steps in learning how to recognize when your privacy is being violated by this Americanized Gestapo's illicit and covert intrusion into your lives. You will also learn how organized stalking groups use their vehicles in which to stalk you, since organized stalkers utilize the same type of vehicular stalking Method Of Operation that an FBI vehicle surveillance team does.

    The men and women who take part in the cowardly crime of organized stalking are criminals. Don't allow them to get away with these crimes.

    Is the FBI spying on you?

    Learn how to recognize an FBI vehicle surveillance team:

  • How To Spot An FBI Vehicle Surveillance Team -- Part 1

  • How To Spot An FBI Vehicle Surveillance Team -- Part 2

  • How To Spot An FBI Vehicle Surveillance Team -- Part 3
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