Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Zionist Global Surveillance One World Government & Wireless Computer To Brain Interface Of Your Persons For The Express Purpose Of Interrogation

  • American Civil Liberties Union Files FOIA Request Regarding U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes Use Of Satellite Based Brainscanning Technology For The Purpose Of Wireless Computer To Brain Interface Interrogation - The ACLU's FOIA Request Was Filed In June Of 2006 And Sent To The Department Of Defense, CIA, FBI, NSA and Department Of Homeland Security - The ACLU's FOIA Request Was Sent Just Months After This Author Emailed The ACLU With John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit Against The NSA - Was The ACLU's Filing This FOIA Request After This Author's Emailing Them A Coincidence? Not Likely Since It Was The NY Branch Of The ACLU Which Filed This FOIA Request & This Author Resides In The State Of NY - Has The ACLU Ever Received An Informative Response From The NSA Or Other Federal Agencies Regarding Their Use Of Brainscanning Technology For The Purpose Of Remote Interrogation? Not To This Author's Knowledge - The Intel Community's Illegal Satellite Surveillance & Use Of Our Persons For Non Consensual Human Experimentation Continues Under The Cover Of National Security - Thus No Person Living In The United States Has Any Privacy Left; No Sense Of Physical Privacy Or Privacy Of Their Own Thoughts - George Orwell's 1984 Surveillance Society Has Now Become A Reality

  • Kirlian Photography - One Way Of Establishing That There's An Electromagnetic Field Surrounding The Human Body Which Can Be Used By The National Security Agency As A Form Of Global Positioning Satellite Tracking Device - A Domestic Spy Satellite Network Which Can Target Your Body's Own Unique EMF Field & Then Track You 24 Hours A Day - The Zionist Global Dictatorship & Its NSA Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network - Whatever Happened To Your 4TH Amendment Rights To Privacy?

  • America Under Surveillance - How The Treasonous Bush Administration Destroyed Your Constitutional Rights With Its Passage Of The Nazi Idealized Patriot Act

  • FBI Protection Of Informants Condemned In Mob Ruling

  • FBI Unbound - How National Security Letters Violate Our Privacy
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