Monday, March 15, 2010

The Proposal Of A Systemic Risk Council To Oversee Wall Street Will Only Furnish The Federal Reserve System With More Control Over The U.S. Economy

Congress Continues To Avoid The Inevitable

The Abolition Of The Federal Reserve System

You have another title wave heading straight for you. However, instead of *figuring out a way in which to destroy the wave, you continue to construct small dams which will be smashed to pieces as the wave comes crashing over you. There have been so many of these waves in the past, that there's no longer much left of your town to save.

*What you should have done after the first title wave, was to have your town construct a massive jetty which would have destroyed any future title waves before they could have harmed your town.

This simple, yet accurate comparison to the United States Congress's history of avoiding the real problems with the privately held Federal Reserve System counterfeiting/money laundering behemoth, serves as an excellent illustration of why it is up to the American middle class to force Congress to abolish the Federal Reserve. If the Congress had abolished the Federal Reserve System as soon as it became apparent that the organization was being used by the House Of Rothschild in which to destroy the United States, the American middle class would be in far better economic shape than they are at present. And even more important, they would actually be in control of their servant government, instead of this government being used to conduct a covert form of class warfare upon their persons.

You can't counterfeit money and then use an entire nation in which to launder it for you (something the Federal Reserve System has been doing since 1913), without the people of such a nation eventually finding out about it, and then taking drastic measures in which to correct the situation.

The United States Congress is now caught in the midst of this historic situation, in which the American middle class is learning of the Federal Reserve System's connections to Europe's House Of Rothschild, its looting of the United States Treasury, and its global counterfeiting and money laundering operations. Americans have become enraged by this abject betrayal of their own servant government.

A betrayal which has served to break the financial back of the American middle class.

Moreover, if the Federal Reserve System is not abolished, the economic woes of the American middle class are eventually going to become so terrible, that the Congress will be forced to either abolish the Federal Reserve System, or risk the type of civil rebellion not seen in this country since the Civil War of 1863.

The latest band aid on this lethal financial wound is called the Systemic Risk Council. And this legislation will also do absolutely nothing to protect the American middle class from experiencing yet another financial disaster, since the cause of such financial disasters is now, and has since 1913, been the privately held Federal Reserve System and its creation and laundering of fiat money.

Moreover, this legislation will end up giving the Federal Reserve central bank more control over the U.S. economy than it already has. "A really, really big mistake."

Congressman Ron Paul's attempts to pass legislation in which to audit the Federal Reserve System are also being sabotaged by some of the Federal Reserve's most loyal political hacks. These politicians are supposed to be representing you, not the House of Rothschild's global money trust. How much longer will the American people tolerate being used to unwittingly launder the Federal Reserve System's "funny money?"


Ron Paul's Attempts To Pass Legislation In Which To Audit The Federal Reserve System Are Being Sabotaged

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