Saturday, March 13, 2010

When Will The American People Force The U.S. Congress To Conduct A "Legitimate" Investigation Into The Intelligence Community?

New FBI Intel Domestic Spying Rules Worry Critics

The Criminal Nature Of The Zionist Controlled Press - And Why Zionist Jews Are A Threat To The Global Jewish Population

The NSA & Echelon: Is There Any Privacy Left?

The FBI's Catholic Church, Louis Freeh, & The WACO Coverup

NY Rep Peter King - "Saying The Word Terrorism More Often Will Keep Us Safe" - A Prime Example Of Zionism Propagating The Bogus War On Terror Campaign In The United States - Most Americans Are No Longer Buying Into This Zionist NeoCON Job

Zionism & The Holocaust - Why Zionist Jews Are A Threat To Rest Of The World's Jewish Population

Another DOJ/FBI Coverup

"For three years, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice have refused to investigate material evidence of a nationwide criminal racket that has allegedly infiltrated state and federal courts and is unlawfully manipulating and exploiting litigants in bankruptcy, family and probate courts.

According to court documents filed in Chicago, the FBI and DOJ turned a blind eye to retaliation against citizens who attempted to expose the corruption, including *'kidnapping of children, false incarceration after being ‘framed’ by criminal elements in civil and criminal authorities, impoverishment, coercion under duress, and serious physical injury up to and including death.'”

Examiner Reporter - Barbara Hollingsworth

*Many of these retaliatory acts are quite similar to what the FBI will subject its COINTELPRO targets to. The FBI can also accomplish the furtive kidnapping of children by abusing the family court system, and making false allegations of abuse against the parents of children whom the FBI is attempting to setup in some type of COINTELPRO Sting. As for committing crimes against children, many of the FBI's agents are certainly no stranger to having done so, including those who've taken part in the vicious murders of myriad American children. An especially horrific example of such murders includes the more than two dozen children whom FBI and BATF agents incinerated (along with their parents) at the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas.

See the full article here:

FBI, DOJ Refuse To Investigate Charges Of Judicial Corruption - Since The DOJ and FBI Have Been Covering Up Serious Corruption Within The U.S. Federal Government For Years (WACO, Ruby Ridge, AIM, Wounded Knee, Oklahoma City, 9-11 etc. etc. etc.), Why Should Another Of Their Cover Ups Come As A Surprise To Anyone?
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