Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Conspiracy Regarding Toyota & The U.S Federal Government's Going Into the Car Business - Is There A Connection Here?

Is The U.S. Federal Government Trying To Destroy Toyota?

For decades, Toyota has been one of the most successful car manufacturers in the world, eventually earning the title of this planet's largest car maker.

However, since the U.S. Federal Government took over General Motors (and is subsequently now in the car business), it simply makes sense that this government would use its authority in which to make the new General Motors a financial success. Moreover, in order to do so they must first rid themselves of the competition which has continued to erode the American automotive market's share of car sales since the 1970's.

The logical route in this particular instance, would be to *demonize companies like Toyota. And in order to do so, this government must first establish a plausible reason in which to damage its competition through a well orchestrated media propaganda campaign.

Specifically, that these foreign cars are unsafe. For example, Americans witnessed what the unintended acceleration of some of its automobiles did to Audi's sales in the 1980's, so it is not surprising to see that Toyota is now experiencing the same type of problem with some of its own vehicles. This as well as the brake problems which have recently plagued some of Toyota's other vehicles.

These are not the types of niggling problems that simply detract from a car manufacturer. These are the types of problems which can destroy them.

*Americans are more than familar with the U.S. Federal Government's propaganda in regard to any countries, persons, or companies that their Zionist leadership take a dislike to. And the Zionist media system within the United States is also used in such despicable attacks; vicious smear campaigns in which the concepts of objectivity and honest reporting are completely absent.

Moreover, there's little question that since the subprime mortage meltdown in 2008, foreign car makers are now finding the United States a less friendly place in which to sell their products. The result of an economy which has (at least for the near future), contracted.

Moreover, the most pressing question here is whether Toyota's recent woes are the result of quality control issues, or a deliberate attempt to destroy its nearly sacrosanct reputation for building reliable automobiles? Furthermore, if this is a conspiracy, then sabotaging Toyota in other markets would also allow those responsible, to plausibly deny any involvement, citing the company's global problems.

*It would now appear that the U.S. Federal Government is also using the FBI in which to conduct what is on the surface a legitimate investigation of Toyota, yet what may well be part of the aforesaid conspiracy in which to either drive Toyota completely out of the United States, or to significantly reduce its share of the American car market. A situation in which General Motors would be able to capitalize on Toyota's lost sales, while gradually eroding the sales of its other competitors.

Furthermore, as for those who state that this government will lose revenue by driving foreign car manufacturers out of this country (since a number of foreign car makers now build their automobiles in the United States), the fact is that General Motors will simply benefit by gaining customers (however deceptively this is done) once loyal to brands like Toyota and Honda. If you can't buy the brand of car you want, and you still need a car, you will make your purchase out of necessity.

The American Automotive Market A Decade From Now

As an illustration of this, imagine that over the next decade the new General Motors becomes profitable enough to buy out Ford and Chrysler (if Chrysler even survives the next few years), and that the automotive industry in the United States will then be consolidated into one giant government owned conglomerate which sells their cars to buyers from the United States, Mexico and Canada (that is once these countries are merged into one nation under the North American Union Plan).

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  • A monopoly which at once makes General Motors this * government's most profitable holding, while driving out the competition and forcing Americans to purchase automobiles which are only built in the United States. Given the U.S. Federal Government's nearly bankrupt status, one must wonder if this is the Obama Administration's way of rectifying the Clinton Administration's NAFTA debacle, which laid the foundation for sending myriad American jobs to Mexico over the past two decades? Not likely. Realistically, Obama's latest move is to merely further the agenda of his Zionist controllers, while ensuring that they profit from this government's takeover of General Motors.

    *A situation similar to that of Italy's government owned Fiat.

    Moreover, while there's no question that the U.S. economy can only be made healthy again by restoring the United States to a global manufacturing power, if by doing so, the American people must lose even more of their freedoms (in this case by being denied their right to choose which vehicles they care to purchase), then such attempts by the Obama Administration must also be seen as yet a further move towards a Communist controlled government.

    And then there is the ever pressing issue of the privately held Federal Reserve System, which continues to undermine the American middle class through its creation of fiat currency, usury interest rates, and the manipulation of the U.S. economy through artificially created inflation and deflation cycles.

    What is quite apparent is that the Federal Reserve intends to keep the American middle class indebted to its Zionist masters in London, no matter what it takes. And will do everything possible in which to fend off any challengers whose intent is to dissolve this Zionist entity.

    Epilogue: Given that the Fed secretly controls the U.S. Federal Government by lending this government its fiat money, guess who will really stand to profit if General Motors can once again become the automotive powerhouse that it was by the mid 20TH Century?

    Once again, it will be the Federal Reserve System and its House Of Rothschild leadership. The Zionist's global money trust and their New World Order agenda strike again.

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