Saturday, February 20, 2010

The FBI & NSA Provocateurs Who Demonize This Author Know That The American People Have Been Electronically Brain Fingerprinted

Editor's Note: Intel regularly uses "others" in which to provoke this author with their ill informed and oftentimes belligerent criticisms of my person and those whose works I support. Many of these "posers' are in fact not legitimate government whistle blowers in the least, but paid government shills who are very cunning in their deception of the public. Moreover, many of these "critics" are malcontents with a vile disposition, and simply not worth the time that it takes to respond to their duplicitous comments. This Website receives millions of page views per day because my readers understand that my information is accurate and illustrates a government which feigns democratic rule, and instead propagates a furtive dictatorship.

These readers are intelligent enough not to buy into the Zionist media propaganda machine in the United States, and they are rightfully concerned that this covert military industrial cabal is using secretly developed electronic warfare programs in which to destroy both their physical privacy and privacy of mind.

This is exactly what has been occurring in the United States since the advent of the National Security Act, which allowed for the creation of plausible means in which this government could maintain the secrecy of its criminal activities, and without the American people ever learning about these crimes.

Anytime that the crimes committed by these government officials could have been exposed in a court of law, they simply used the cover of National Security in which to stonewall any legitimate investigations.

By the time that the Freedom Of Information Act could be used to expose these crimes, most of the government employees who committed them had passed away, and could no longer be held accountable for their crimes.

I also corroborate the information contained within John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, because I have first hand experience being targeted by such technology, and the NSA is well aware that both Akwei and myself have told the truth about this frightening agency. And I urge all American adults to read John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA for themselves, so that they can learn about the NSA's EMF Scanning Network, as well as the illicit brain fingerprinting of the American people.

As for these government disinformation artists, there is one such "critic" in particular, whom the FBI routinely uses to provoke this author through this person's insulting and ignorant writings. Which is why I refuse to respond to this person directly - a filthy miscreant who quite literally suffers from what many of this person's detractors (there are many) have referred to as "diarrhea of the mouth syndrome." Someone who actually enjoys provoking confrontation with others, and then complains when they kick this person's proverbial tail all over the Internet. Most of these detractors are so disgusted by this Intel "provocateur" that they don't even respond to this government shill's rantings any longer; many of whom have acknowledged that this person is mentally ill and "living in a dream world of their own."

As for the "diarrhea of the mouth syndrome" comment, it is a painfully accurate description in regard to a nasty, lying, disinfo artist who never shuts up; another mindless Intel shill who takes up wasted space on the Internet instead of learning to keep their big mouth shut.

A malcontent whom I have caught lying on several occasions, and who may very well be an FBI snitch (who knows that John Akwei has told the truth in his lawsuit against the NSA), but is in reality, too much of a coward to actually come forward to corroborate Akwei's information, and instead demonizes those who do. Typical of an FBI snitch, whose meal ticket depends on lying, instead of telling the public some ugly truths about an agency which has always been a cancer on the American people, and which operates with total disregard for our inherent rights as citizens of this country. And this pathetic liar fits the bill perfectly - a superficial and mind controlled FBI "toady" through and through.

If you were a former Intel operative who was being targeted for some type of neutralization campaign by the agency you once worked for, the logical agency to contact for help would be the FBI. However, as many former FBI agents already understand, the FBI is still notorious for conducting its own counter-intelligence operations against myriad American citizens.

Moreover, any person being harassed by another Intel agency would likely find the FBI only willing to help them if they had information to trade, which would give the Bureau something to use as blackmail against their rival agencies. Once the person makes this deal with the devil, they may obtain help from the FBI from time to time, however, the FBI will now control their lives. And as such, force them to surrender their inherent rights under the United States Constitution.

*As punishment for writing the above post, this author is electronically sexually assaulted by NSA operatives using computer to brain interface via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network early Saturday morning. Just further evidence of how the NSA clandestinely attacks those whom it targets as satellite prisoners. And why they use despicable shills like the aforementioned FBI provocateur "toady" to do some of their dirty work for them.

"* This author intentionally sets a trap to see if the FBI provocateur mentioned above will take the bait and ** again mention this Blog at the top of their *Website knowing that they are the person of interest who is anonymously mentioned (**the best advertising space on the provocateur's entire Blog).

*Something this provocateur has done from time to time when used by the FBI to demonize my person.

As a result, "9-11 The Mother Of All Black Operations" Blog will now obtain even more visitors than before, simply because this FBI provocateur has mentioned this author's Blog, and will whet the appetite of visitors, who once having read through this author's Blog will realize that this FBI provocateur is a delusional liar and Intel propagandist, who has been used by the FBI to provoke my person on myriad occasions.

It would also appear that since *"Babbles" - real name Barbara Hartwell/Politis - CIA disinfo agent and FBI provocateur(who obviously visits "9-11 The Mother Of All Black Operations" frequently), has now also acknowledged that John St. Clair Akwei is a legitimate government whistle blower, that the information contained within his 1991 lawsuit against the NSA is accurate (which includes the NSA's remote neural monitoring of the body's electromagnetic field via spy satellite), and that the population in the United States has been electronically brain fingerprinted.

Something which I have been stating on the Internet since 2005."

"Thanks for the plug Babbles! I've already included the quotes on the aforesaid post so you don't even have to add them. And as I have said in the past your Website is a total waste of good cyberspace, and proof of the FBI's use of your person in which to wage their extensive and pathological demonization campaign against me. It's quite obvious that these "FBI criminals" have been using you in their attack on my person for several years now, and that you have aided and abetted them in this egregious criminality. You are a liar and a criminal.

Furthermore, many of your other detractors have already noted that you are a con artist and pan handler; even before they dismissed you as the total disinfo flake you are. By the way, what's the going rate on an FBI snitch these days? You oughta know! And please feel free to keep up your diatribe, since the minute you open your cave sized mouth, you dispell all doubts about your being a CIA disinfo liar. Keep on yakking! ; )"

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