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Is Your Home Under Satellite Surveillance? If You Reside In The United States It Is

Privacy In America? What Privacy?

A View Of Your Home Via Satellite

Over the past decade millions of Internet users have marvelled at the extraordinary information tool this medium has become. Common questions which once confused the average citizen, can now easily be answered with a quick trip online and to their favorite search engine.

The Internet is certainly helping to make the human race better informed in regard to a myriad of topics. However, at the same time, all of this computing power has a very real and disturbing downside. Our loss of privacy.

For instance, if you access Google's search engine and type in maps, you will be given access to a feature which enables you to see a satellite view of the address of virtually any business or residence in the United States.

You can even view a satellite aerial photo of your own home's backyard. All you need to do is to type your address into the search area.

Google Map Search Via Satellite - Your Own Homes Can Be Seen By Way Of This Program - So Much For Your Privacy

Fortunately, the satellite photo is not in real time (even though they are updated periodically), however, such egregious violations of your inherent rights to privacy are certainly taking place, and like never before. And the most frightening part of it is that most people appear to believe that there is nothing that they can do about such abject violations of their Constitutional rights to privacy.

In regard to such inherent rights, there are also those who claim that these rights should be termed as God Given rights. However, this is why separation of church and state has become so important, since religious indoctrination should have no role in any form of government. Formalized religions are by far the most effective form of mind control to be found on this planet, and will eventually be recognized as such; while those who already understand this, are oftentimes demonized for simply stating so.

What's at issue here is that as citizens of this country, and inhabitants of this planet, you have certain inalienable rights that the current Zionist controlled government within the United States is willfully disregarding.

A government that has more secrets than virtually every private citizen on this planet combined, yet which is continuing to develop proprietary technology that it's using to prevent citizens from having secrets of their own.

The ultimate hypocrisy. And one which no citizen in the United States should ever tolerate.

Especially when one considers the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network; a spy satellite network driven by computers with artificial intelligence capabilities, which are likely well beyond most people's conception of the arcane functions computers are being used for in post 9-11 America.

The lawsuit filed by John St. Clair Akwei against the NSA describes some of these capabilities, which include remotely tracking citizens by way of their body's own unique electromagnetic fields, as well as the NSA's ability to utilize this technology in which to establish two way communication with our brains; this being accomplished by way of computer to brain interface.

Such clandestine technology is being used to completely decimate the American people's right to privacy under the 4TH Amendment, and is now being utilized in which to eradicate the due process of law for those citizens who are being illegally surveilled by the NSA (either the NSA itself, or at the direction of other domestic spies such as the FBI, CIA or Department Of Homeland Security).

After this, how could anyone ignore Akwei's information regarding the NSA, when taking into account just how dangerous this technology is to the human race? And why would the U.S. Judiciary ignore Akwei's lawsuit? Because they cannot afford to have the American people learn that they have been secretly brain fingerprinted by the NSA.

And if this should happen, Americans will at once realize that for nearly a century they have been living under the illusion that their government is based on Democratic rule, when in reality, this government has become a very complex technocracy, overseen by a Zionist controlled and financed military intelligence dictatorship.

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A Further Loss Of Your 4TH Amendment Privacy

"If you've never seen this website you really should go look at it. Apparently they have vehicles that drive around and record video images and gps coordinates/addresses of each and every road and street. Just go to the website and type in your address and you can look at your house from the end of your driveway. Then you can take a 360* look around and see your neighbor and up/down the road. Totally unbelievable. I thought the satellite images online was intrusive but this is even worse than that. The day they drove by my house I was mowing the grass and the images actually show me on the riding mower. The zoom feature is so good I can even see a cigarette in my mouth. This is scary."


  • Editor's Note: The FBI/NSA cadre of constitution raping psychopaths have removed the link to another post which this author wrote in regard to the FBI's deliberate interference with the reelection campaign of Senator Robert Torricelli.

    This was done as punishment for Senator Torricelli's attempt to have a formal investigation into the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001. This is not the first article which Intel has electronically tampered with on this Blog. They have in fact completely removed articles in the past while remotely hacking into this Blog. Many other targets of COINTELPRO report the same types of electronic tamperings to their Websites by these Zionist controlled Intel criminals. And this tampering is a further indication of the FBI/NSA criminal conspiracy against this author, and their myriad violations against my Constitutional rights. These monsters are not about to admit to having brain fingerprinted the American people, and for obvious enough reasons.
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