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Ernest Hemingway Was A Powerful Influence On Americans During The Era Of The Hoover FBI & Likely Murdered By Some Faction Within The Bureau

John Edgar Hoover - Head Lunatic Of The FBI Asylum

Demonizes Writer Ernest Hemingway

"'In contrast to Hoover's frivolous, malicious and relentless efforts to dismiss Hemingway's entire life by claiming that he was absolutely nothing beyond an unreliable, pathetic drunk with the proclivity to support Communist causes, Hemingway's characterization of Hoover's FBI has proven to be entirely accurate. In 1950, when Most Americans were still having a love-in with the Director and his so-called infallible FBI, Hemingway said that Hoover's FBI was antiliberal, pro-Fascist and dangerous of developing into an American Gestapo.' In retrospect, Hemingway's assessment was absolutely reliable. Watergate burglar Gordon Liddy, who joined the FBI in 1957, is certainly a living embodiment of the fact that Hoover's FBI was essentially 'America's Gestapo.'"

Dirty Politics-- Hoover, Blackmail, Hemingway and Murder by Mat Wilson - The Murder Of Ernest Hemingway In A Made To Appear As Suicide - Granddaughter Margot, Would Also Be The Target Of A Similar Murder

The FBI's daily operations include the use of its coercion and entrapment schemes, implicating the FBI in pathological public deception as well as a myriad of crimes committed under the color of law. Crimes committed by the FBI under the color of law are extremely serious in nature, and are covered in detail under Title 18 of the United States Criminal Code, Sections 241 and 242.

Coercion is essentially a euphemism for blackmail. However, we're supposed to believe that when FBI agents use blackmail in which to control people, that it is not a crime - when it most certainly is. This is just another example of the FBI and Justice Departments' brainwashing of the American citizenry. And why FBI agents remain invulnerable to prosecution for their crimes against American citizens. Moreover, our elected representatives have no interest in antagonizing the FBI, for fear that they too will be subjected to the Bureau's Gestapo style tactics.

The FBI has a long sordid history of using entrapment in which to create criminals, by "luring their targets into performing a previously or otherwise uncontemplated illegal act."

Such Draconian tactics combined with a complete lack of accountability for their actions, has turned the FBI into a despicable organization, whose sociopathic agents have developed a capacity for committing the most of heinous of crimes, knowing that they will not be held accountable for them.

"Coercion & Entrapment Are The FBI Agent's Stock In Trade"

Cointelpro Target - James F. Marino

The following definitions are sourced from the "Free Online Dictionary"

co·erce (k-ûrs)
tr.v. co·erced, co·erc·ing, co·erc·es

1. To force to act or think in a certain way by use of pressure, threats, or intimidation; compel.
2. To dominate, restrain, or control forcibly: coerced the strikers into compliance. See Synonyms at force.
3.To bring about by force or threat: efforts to coerce agreement.

en·trap (n-trp)
tr.v. en·trapped, en·trap·ping, en·traps

1. To catch in or as if in a trap.
a. To lure into danger, difficulty, or a compromising situation. See Synonyms at catch.
b. To lure into performing a previously or otherwise uncontemplated illegal act.

FBI Taps Cellphone Mic To Use For Eavesdropping On Your Phone Conversations - This Author Has Noticed That The FBI Has Managed To Get Many Internet Articles On Its Illicit Spying Deleted - All The More Reason To Read Them While You Can Since The FBI Is Truly Operating As A Gestapo In Post 9-11 America

U.S. Justice Department & FBI Cover Up Collusion

The FBI & The Politics Of The Riots - 1964 - 1968/How The FBI Orchestrates Violence & Then Exploits Such Violence For Its Own Anti-American Agenda

CNET News reports that the petition "aims to give police ready access to any form of Internet-based communications" (FBI adds to wiretap wish list):

"Legal experts said the 85-page filing includes language that could be interpreted as forcing companies to build back doors into everything from instant messaging and voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) programs to Microsoft's Xbox Live game service. The introduction of new services that did not support a back door for police would be outlawed, and companies would be given 15 months to make sure that existing services comply.

LawMeme briefly summarizes and collects a number of articles on several law enforcement agencies' (FBI, DOJ and DEA) recent petition to the FCC to expand government wiretap capability (FBI seek to expand the system-formerly-known-as-Carnivore). "

See the full article here:

A Race the FBI Can't Win: The Increasingly Asymmetric Costs of Wiretap Surveillance vs. Wiretap Avoidance

Editor's Note: The FBI & NSA routinely sabotage this author's blog, by electronically hacking into this Website. These criminals have also deleted several articles which this author has written in the past; an egregious violation of my 1ST Amendment rights under the United States Constitution. The latest article to be deleted concerned George W. Bush's draft dodging, and the time period in which he was absent with out leave (AWOL) from the National Guard.

When newscaster Dan Rather produced an accurate story in regard to George W. Bush's having once been AWOL from the National Guard, Rather and his entire staff were forced to resign from CBS. Rather's forced resignation is a prime example of why your average American journalist fears writing about corruption which is occuring in some branch of the U.S. Federal Government. The truth is that these journalists like being able to eat and having a roof over their heads; basic necessities of life which they might be denied if they decide to tackle subjects which in some way compromise this Zionist controlled government. Some alternative journalists have met with an even worse fate. For example, the late Gary Webb and Steve Kangas were both murdered in made to appear as suicides for their exposés on the CIA's global drug trafficking operations.
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