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The Palmer Raids Were Another Mass Deception Of The American People By The U.S. Department Of Justice Under U.S. Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer

A. Mitchell Palmer - Con/Bull Artist

The Palmer Raids of 1918 - 1921, were ostensibly used by then U.S. Attorney General, Alexander Mitchell Palmer, in which to round up Socialists and Communists within the United States. However, the real purpose of these raids was to secure Palmer the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party. Palmer's "red scare" hoax was eventually seen for what it was (an attack on political pacifists who spoke out against the United States participation in World War I).

The so called Italian terrorist bombings which Palmer used in which to incense the American people, were likely orchestrated by Palmer himself, in order to justify his unconstitutional raids. Moreover, the partial damaging of his home in one of these so called terrorist attacks was likely a calculated attempt by Palmer in which to gain sympathy for his cause, while portraying himself as a victim of terrorism.

Eventually, Palmer's deception would be seen for the shameful power grab that it was, in order to enable him to obtain the most powerful elected position in the United States, while using his authority as the U.S. Attorney General in which to establish a new precedent in the violation of people's civil liberties.

In the modern day, such covertly sponsored terrorism has been used to destroy the Constitutional rule of law in the United States. For instance, many Americans believe that the Patriot Act was drafted at least a decade before it was passed into legislation, and that the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001 were in part perpetrated by factions within the U.S. Federal Government, and at the direction of the House Of Rothschild's Zionist controlled global banking cartel, via the privately held Federal Reserve System.

There is also no question that upon inspection, the Patriot Act and the Nazi Enabling Act of 1933 are very similar, in regard to their use in which to destroy legitimate Democratic governments.

Consequently, the war on terror propaganda being disseminated through the U.S. Media system is a treasonous deception against the American middle class, whose inherent rights under the United States Constitution have become all but extinct.

The Palmer Raids - 1918-1921 - Another Piece Of Black Propaganda Used To Deceive The American People

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A Further Loss Of Your 4TH Amendment Privacy

"If you've never seen this website you really should go look at it. Apparently they have vehicles that drive around and record video images and gps coordinates/addresses of each and every road and street. Just go to the website and type in your address and you can look at your house from the end of your driveway. Then you can take a 360* look around and see your neighbor and up/down the road. Totally unbelievable. I thought the satellite images online was intrusive but this is even worse than that. The day they drove by my house I was mowing the grass and the images actually show me on the riding mower. The zoom feature is so good I can even see a cigarette in my mouth. This is scary."


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    If You Reside Within The United States Your Home Is Under Satellite Surveillance Whether You Realize It Or Not

    Editor's Note: As of this day, the NSA/FBI COINTELPRO against this author continues. The latest in their vehicular stalking attack includes the use of county sedans whose appearance is typical of the austere look of undercover police vehicles. However, today's most noticeable vehicle is a fire engine red Ford sedan, likely borrowed from a fire department (most targets of organized stalking crimes have also implicated their local fire departments in taking part in these crimes), and used in order to perpetrate the latest vehicular stalking of this author. This is simply another angle in Intel's psychological warfare operations against this author, and one which will result in a further waste of the taxpayer's money.

    The FBI's COINTELPRO attack of my person has now evolved from a covert entrapment scheme which began decades ago, to both a vicious psychological warfare operation as well as smear campaign; one in which the due process of law is completely absent, since when Intel commits egregious violations of the Constitutional rule of law, it is difficult for these agents to enter a courtroom, without risking being caught in the commission of perjury. And perhaps even more serious indictments as the direct result of their own rampant criminality. For this reason, Intel agencies like the FBI will also manipulate the U.S. Media system for their own use in promulgating black propaganda, in order to furtively demonize and dehumanize those whom this Gestapo seek to disenfranchise of their rights as American citizens.

    A "NEW" Angle In Electronic Sabotage

    Moreover, the latest NSA/FBI electronic attack on my person has been to disable the internal search feature of this blog, which means that I must search for posts manually. This is inconvenient, and it also makes it more difficult to determine how many posts these criminals have either electronically removed or sabotaged in some way.

    The concept of respecting the 1ST Amendment is completely alien to the U.S. Intelligence community, since these agents are trained to believe that they are above the Constitutional rule of law in this country. Yet another in the myriad of reasons why these Nazi idealized agencies must eventually be abolished, since their existence is a threat to the privacy which each American citizen is by law entitled to, under the 4TH Amendment to the United States Bill of Rights.

    In truth, since the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001 there is no citizen living in the United States who is not being spied upon by this Intel community. The only variable is the extent to which this spying is taking place. Some citizens are being unwittingly subjected to the FBI's rifling through their personal information, such as bank accounts, medical records, etc., while other citizens are being illegally satellite tracked by way of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and subjugated to life as satellite prisoners and targets of non consensual human experimentation. Many of these citizens are being targeted so aggressively as the direct result of certain agents within the Intel community, waging their own personal vendettas. Crimes which these agents are committing under the color of law and cover of National Security, and if convicted of, could place these men and women in prison for life.

    Such abuses of due process are a further indication of the Zionist financed military intelligence dictatorship that secretly controls the United States of America. And why our Constitutional rule of law is nowhere to be found.

    Kirlian Photography - One Way Of Proving That There Is A Unique Electromagnetic Field Around Each Human Body Which The National Security Agency Can Electronically Track By Way Of Its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

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