Monday, March 22, 2010

Congressman Ron Paul Acknowledges That The Federal Reserve System Launders Drug Money For The CIA - It's Been Happening Since The 1970's

1970's America

The End Of Cheap Oil On Wall Street


A New Commodity - Laundering Drug Money

Back in the early 1970's, oil and its petroleum based products were the driving force behind Wall Street. Then came the artificial oil shortage of 1973, and the end of cheap of oil. Wall Street had to find a new commodity in which to bolster its sagging earnings, and the laundering of the CIA's drug money operations via the privately held Federal Reserve System was borne.

Today, the laundering of drug money through Wall Street remains the driving force behind the financial district, as investigative journalist Mike Ruppert first reported a number of years ago.

However, the mainstream media has intentionally never picked up on this information for obvious enough reasons - the Zionist's control over the media system in this country, as well as their furtive control over the Federal Reserve System and the U.S. Intelligence community.

Therefore, it is extremely refreshing to see Congressman Ron Paul acknowledging that the Federal Reserve System and U.S. Central Intelligence Agency have long colluded to launder drug money in the United States. Money being laundered from the drugs which are sold to your children by the local drug pusher, who visits the school yard in which to parasite off of today's youth - something the CIA has been doing to American youth since the 1960's, when it fomented the drug culture in this country through professors like the late Dr. Timothy "turn-on" Leary, and then propagated this drug culture throughout the U.S. education system. Millions of young lives were damaged (many irrevocably) as the result of the CIA's illicit drug trafficking, as an entire generation of students turned on and tuned out of reality.

Many of these students would remain addicted to drugs well into adulthood, as the CIA continued to profit off of their misery. Today, this counter-culture continues in a more subdued way, the result of the Reagan Administration's "Just Say No To Drugs" campaign. A true irony if one thinks about the Reagan/Bush Administration's connection to Iran Contra, and secret drugs for guns agreement. One may also remember actress Drew Barrymore being invited to the Reagan White House in order to speak publicly in support of Nancy Reagan's anti-drug campaign. Barrymore, herself, would later admit to having been under the influence of marijuana at the time that she made her speech.

The truth is that if Wall Street stopped laundering the CIA's drug money, the entire U.S. economy (as bad as it presently is), would come to an abrupt halt.

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