Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Obama Health Care Bill - Another Example Of Our Elected Officials Passing Legislation Which The American People Don't Want

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    Since his first days as U.S. President, Barack Obama has done more to help privatize the federal government in this country than any elected official to go before him. Under Obama's term in office, the U.S. Federal Government is now in the automobile business, having taken over General Motors, and once Obama's Bill is signed into law just minutes from now, the health care business.

    However, governments are not supposed to be involved in the private sector. We elect leadership to govern our country, not to compete with the private sector as the U.S. Federal Government will now be doing.

    Barack Obama's latest move towards Socialism is yet another indication of the Zionist's control over the White House, and their intent to destroy our Constitutional government. Moreover, most Americans understand this, and as such, do not want socialized medicine. However, that has not stopped our elected officials from attempting to pass legislation which they know the American people are for the most part opposed to.

    These politicians simply don't care what the American people really want. They have repeatedly demonstrated this with their ever increasing attempts to turn the United States into a police state, under the guise of protecting Americans from a terrorist influence that has clearly originated from within the bowels of the military intelligence complex in this country.

    A complex which is financed and ruled by the Zionists who control the global money trust. A system of legalized counterfeiting and money laundering used by the Zionist elite, in which to loot the countries which they infiltrate, while quietly dismantling the governments of these countries, and conducting class warfare on those citizens who comprise the middle class. It is these Zionist masters to whom our elected representatives are truly beholden; those whom they are intent on pleasing, regardless of what this does to our country.

    As an example of such false patriotism, when the European Union was brought into existence more than a decade ago, the European people did not want it. However, that did not stop their leadership from passing what is essentially just another branch of the Zionist's global dictatorship.

    And the leadership in the United States, yet another branch of this same dictatorship, are going to be aggressively promoting a North American Union between the United States, Canada and Mexico over the next decade, knowing full well that the American people will be dead set against such legislation.

    As such, this author expects to see the American middle class taking part in the type of mass civil disobedience not seen since the late Mohandas Gandhi ruled India in the early part of the 20TH Century.

    Mr. Gandhi eventually managed to drive the British out of India, just as the American people will eventually succeed in tossing the House Of Rothschild and its Federal Reserve central bank out of the United States. It is just a matter of time before this happens, given the tremendous influence of civil disobedience.

    After all, Rothschild robber baron lackeys like the Rockefellers and Morgans (who've given the House Of Rothschild furtive control over the United States for more than a Century), are no match for the millions of angry Americans who have suddenly become aware of just how egregiously the Zionist's elite class have cheated them of their birthright as inhabitants of this once great nation.

    Hopefully, this truth movement will take a peaceful route, rather than the bloodshed which usually accompanies such significant political change. The goal is to restore the Constitutional Republic created by our founding fathers in 1787, when the U.S. Constitution made its public debut; not to start World War III.

    We just want our nation back. And we want the House Of Rothschild out of our country for good.

    Expect this civil disobedience to take the form of an information revolution. One which will begin with a tax revolt against the Federal Reserve System and its Internal Revenue Service collection agent, since their operations are most certainly unconstitutional and responsible for most of the suffering endured by the American middle class.

    Also expect to see the Obama Administration's health care legislation repealed within the next few years, through the legal system in this country. For if it's not repealed, the American people may just refuse to acknowledge this health care system altogether. Taking this into consideration, the Supreme Court would do well to heed the American people's message in this instance, because the consequences for failing to do so may prove devastating to the U.S. Judicial system's future credibility.

    Why Americans Don't Want Health Care Reform
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