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The Extraterrestrial Phenomenon & The Governments Which They Infiltrate & Inhabit/ Perhaps The Greatest Secret Of Human Kind - Was Jesus Christ An ET?

The ET Phenomenon

Humanity's Abject Grab For Prestige & Power

While Usurping God's Role Through Technological Deception
Written by James F. Marino

Over the past century, there's been a figurative mountain of circumstantial evidence to suggest that species, advanced both ideologically and scientifically, have been visiting the Earth for a substantial period of time.

And while there's no question that much of the material which has been circulated since the 1940s (regarding UFO's and EBE's) is most certainly disinformation being intentionally promulgated by those within our own government whose agenda includes one of the most abject deception, rather than elucidation, this doesn't mean that there aren't legitimate government whistle blowers who have offered truthful testimony into this arcane subject.

Especially when one considers the secrecy with which the U.S. Federal Government operates, and its history of deceiving the American people.

One of the best examples of such government deception in the modern day, is the National Security Agency's secretive Signals Intelligence operations; in particular, its electronic brain mapping of the American people, and its creation of an electronic domestic surveillance system which according to NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, is known to NSA insiders as the Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

A cellular arrangement which has been used since the early 1980s in order to electronically target and track any American citizen by way of their body's own unique electromagnetic signatures.

*Read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA to learn more about this treasonous deception by the NSA and its covert domestic spying programs conducted at Fort Meade, Maryland.

Click on the AKWEI VS NSA logo.

Was Jesus Christ An Extraterrestrial Being?


Does The U.S. Federal Government Secretly Know This?

The following excerpts are in reference to an interview which was conducted in 1998 and published in Nexus Magazine, concerning a government whistle blower by the name of Dr. Michael Wolf.

Of the many comments which Dr. Wolf made in this particular interview, one which this author finds particularly noteworthy is in regard to his acknowledgement of a classified government document which concludes that in his presence on Earth, Jesus Christ was being used as an extraterrestrial emissary in which to further the peace process for humanity.

Here, Jesus is described as a hybridized being - part extraterrestrial and part human. Given Zecharia Sitchin's research into the Annunaki, and his claims that humans were created by the Annunaki as hybrized beings, one must wonder if Jesus Christ was also created by the Annunaki?

(Sitchin claims that human DNA is the result of gene splicing - specifically, the splicing of the Annunaki's DNA with that of the apeman's DNA.)

Also of note here is a missing page of the report which Dr. Wolf cites in the aforementioned article, regarding this "emissary of the peace process." Which begs the question, "Are their factions within the U.S. Federal Government who know - or at the very least believe - that Jesus Christ was created by extraterrestrial beings?"

This author has long believed that the human race is of ET origins, and that Jesus Christ, like all other humanoid beings who've been reported throughout history to have been capable of supernatural acts, was in reality the member of a more advanced intergalactic species who've been visiting the Earth for millions of years.

The work of Dr. Zecharia Sitchin (which has been well received by those who question the validity of formalized religions, and demonized by the hierarchy of those religions who for obvious enough reasons don't appreciate Dr. Sitchin's vast research into the subject of the Annunaki), is perhaps the best illustration that the human race is a hybridized ET species, and that formalized religions are in essence the brainchild of this species.

This would certainly explain the inherent flaws in virtually all forms of "human religious indoctrination" as well as the dogma which they have become accustomed to proselytizing. And that the human being is the highest expression of their God's work, and as such, the center of all creation.

An extremely self-serving belief system, to say the least.

*(These idolators have a good thing going and they don't want it destroyed by those who can prove that they are frauds, who use religious doctrine in which to not only control the citizens of this planet, but to also brainwash them into contributing part of their weekly earnings to the religions in question - very convenient.)

Dr. Wolf also describes how his history of government employment has been expunged as the direct result of his whistle blowing activities; something which he states is done in order for the government to distance themselves from him.

Such expunging of the employment records of government whistle blowers is commonplace, as is the government's discrediting (and oftentimes demonization of such persons) of such whistle blowers. Former government scientist Robert Lazar is perhaps one of the best examples of such government sanctioned smear campaigns. Shortly after Lazar publicly reported that he had taken part in the reverse engineering of UFO craft, he was subjected to a vicious smear campaign in which his employment history and much of his educational history, were completely wiped out. However, Lazar managed to find a W-2 form from one of the agencies which he'd once worked for, that served to bolster his credibility, while damaging the credibility of those institutions which claimed that Lazar had never been part of their operations. In other words, these agencies thought that they had completely expunged Lazar's existence within their own operations, when a critical piece of evidence proved that Bob Lazar was telling the truth, and that the U.S. Federal Government was once again caught in yet another of their myriad lies.

Examples of such duplicity are the rule in government, rather than the exception to it. And as such, one must realize that the governments of this planet are not beneficent in their existence, but rather, a prime illustration of how ultimate power can corrupt even those who may have started out with the best of intentions.

And moreover, how once these people have been corrupted - and quite literally intoxicated with knowledge of arcane subjects which the general public can only dream of having access to - that these government agents will protect their secrecy at any cost, including committing the most despicable crimes against humanity in order to do so.

It is also this author's opinion, that Dr. Michael Wolf was *murdered by way of some form of directed energy weapon. In this instance, psychotropic directed energy attacks which resulted in the cancer which eventually ended his life. In support of this author's belief, consider the following statement made in regard to Dr. Wolf. This author also believes that many government whistle blowers are murdered by way of this particle beam technology, in efforts to silence them with plausible deniability:

"Dr. Wolf is convinced that it was psychotropic directed energy devices that were used by rogue elements within the UFO cover-up organization against certain UFO researchers pushing very strongly to end the UFO cover-up. These researchers include: the Director of the Committee for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), Steven Greer, MD, and his principal assistant, Shari Adamiak; Congressman Steve Schiff who demanded UFO documents from the Air Force; and USAF Colonel Steve Wilson who revealed his heading Project Pounce, the UFO retrieval unit. Already, Colonel Wilson and Shari Adamiak have died of their cancers and Congressman Schiff has had to terminate his political career. And now Dr. Wolf has received a medical report which suggests a possibility that he may have cancer. It is not yet clear whether he still has access to a certain extraterrestrial honey-like substance that he took several years ago for his metastasized colon cancer, thus bringing it into remission. "

Editor's Note* It is also this author's opinion that UFO researcher Dr. Karla Turner, "America From Freedom To Fascism" producer Aaron Russo, alternative journalist Mae Brussell, and investigative researchers Jim Keith and Jerry Smith were all murdered, after having been afflicted with rare and fast spreading cancers which were caused by way of satellite based psychotronic weapons.

And, moreover, that former pop star, Michael Jackson, was murdered by way of a directed energy weapon in which to cause the heart attack which took Jackson's life.

The following Nexus interview was conducted with Dr. Wolf in 1998. Wolf would die from cancer two years later, in all likelihood, the victim of the directed energy weaponry he was being subjected to; technology which this author is also subjected to on a daily basis, as the result of being targeted by the FBI and NSA for illegal satellite surveillance and non consensual human experimentation, via the NSA's covert Signals Intelligence operations.

What many targets of this Orwellian nightmare have described as a modern day version of the CIA's original MK-Ultra mind control program, now conducted via signals intelligence satellites and HAARP phased radar arrays; both of which operate by way of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Their intent for this author is to murder my person in a plausibly deniable way, through the use of directed energy weapons, which affords these government psychopaths the ability to furtively kill those whom they target by way of such electronic warfare technology.

- James F. Marino

Editor's Note: The following quotes have been excerpted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 5, Number 3 (April - May 1998), in regard to an article written by Richard Boylan, in which government whistle blower Dr. Michael Wolf is interviewed.

"Some years ago, documents were leaked purporting to constitute a presidential briefing for President Jimmy Carter on extraterrestrial matters. Dr. Wolf affirms that the information contained therein 'is substantially true, but one page was missing from the leaked set. That page describes an individual of joint ET-human heritage who emerged two thousand years ago to try to end human violence.' When I proposed that the page was referring to Jesus, Wolf confirmed that identification."

"Dr. Strecker's published research report, identifying HIV/AIDS as caused by a man made virus, is correct according to Dr. Wolf. Furthermore, the government has learned that viruses are crystalline in structure and that the correct frequency can destroy them."

*Editor's Note: Dr. Robert Strecker's expose on HIV/AIDS has also been considered valid by a number of other well known personalities including Dr. Len Horowitz, who gained public fame after having written "Emerging Viruses - AIDS & Ebola." It was in this widely published work that Dr. Horowitz exposed the U.S. Department Of Defense's collusion with the National Cancer Institute and World Health Organization, in the development and furtive dissemination of the AIDS virus. Dr. Strecker's brother, who was also intimately involved with this expose, was murdered.

Also See:

Dr. Robert Strecker Exposes The U.S. Federal Government And World Health Organization As The Creators Of The AIDS Virus

*Editor's Note: Dr. Royal Rife's electromagnetic research resulted in technology (The Rife Machine) capable of destroying viruses as well as bacteria and other forms of harmful pathogens, by using the same frequency that a pathogen resonates at, in which to vibrate its biological structure to the point where it is destroyed.

The American Medical Association recognized the importance of Dr. Rife's work, and immediately began a campaign in which to destroy Rife's reputation; thus depriving Americans of cheaper, more effective, and less invasive treatments than the allopathic community was offering at the time.

Dr. Wolf's Government Employment Record Is Expunged

"To complicate matters further, his bosses have 'erased' almost all his records, such as the universities he attended, his degrees and his record of government service as an independent contractor for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA) and the NSC.

"Such measures are common for individuals working in Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, where their bosses must maintain 'plausible deniability' in case a 'sensitive' worker decides to make unauthorized disclosures. Additionally, the national security oath wolf had to sign required that he could not publish papers in scientific journals on his classified research findings.

"Within months of the Roswell UFO crash the U.S. Army Air Corps became the Air Force; the National Security Act was passed, partly to deal with the extraordinary secrecy the Administration felt UFO's required; and the CIA was created. Dr. Wolf personally pioneered a mental expansion process he calls 'the Gateway Treatment' which 'allows utilization of a vastly increased percentage of the brain in order for humans to mentally engage the extraterrestrials in full telepathic mental exchange.' The Treatment involved 'a way of opening the brain up, a way to stimulate the neurons; it allows billions of synapses to form.'"

*Editor's Note: A number of UFO abductees have reported the phenomenon of as they describe it "having the back of their skulls opened and their brains physically removed from their skulls."

"Another project Wolf was involved in was subatomic particle physics research. He says his discoveries were 'utilized' by his Ph.D. dissertation-advising professor 'to develop the neutral particle-beam weapon for the Star Wars program.'

"Wolf discloses that famed scientist 'Albert Einstein had contact with extraterrestrial intelligence,' and that a more recent understanding of zero-point energy 'has to do with a white hole/black hole scenario.' He says the ET's told him that the void is filled with energy to be tapped. Further, he stated that experiments by the U.S. Government using exotic technology 'ripped holes in time.'"

Editor's Note: Electronic's genius Nicola Tesla recounted having visits from extraterrestrials on several occasions. Was Tesla a UFO abductee and mind altered experimentee? His mind's capabilities were certainly beyond that of virtually every human who's ever lived.

The interview with Dr. Michael Wolf continues at the following Website:

"Inside Revelations On The UFO Cover-Up" Dr. Michael Wolf Offers Some Provocative Insights Into The U.S. Federal Government & Its Intent To Deceive The American People Regarding The Extent To Which Extraterrestrials Have Both Visited & Inhabited This Planet

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