Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Isn't It Time That You Read John St. Clair Akwei's Precedent Setting Lawsuit Against The National Security Agency?

  • Does The FBI Believe We Have No Memory?

  • "The Law That Never Was" - How The 16TH Amendment Was Never Legally Ratified & The Internal Revenue Service Is Imposing An Illegal Federal Tax On Your Wages

  • Eustace Mullins "The Secret Holocaust Against Christians" - The Zionist Plot To Destroy Christianity

  • "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve" - How The Zionists Operating Under The House Of Rothschild Secretly Subverted The U.S. Federal Government Through Their Federal Reserve System Central Bank

  • Your 4TH Amendment Rights Continue To Be Shredded By The Zionist One World Government - Another Website Which Offers Satellite Views Of Your Home - As An American Citizen, Don't You Have A Right To Sit Out In Your Own Backyard Without Being Spied Upon By Way Of Satellite?

  • NSA Electronic Stimulation Of Your Brain

    The following is the type of visual representation of the human brain that an NSA cryptologist will see on their computer monitor, when remotely monitoring the brain states of a citizen being unwittingly subjected to the NSA's computer to brain interface technology. The NSA conducts such covert domestic spying via its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network - the most sophisticated domestic spying in the U.S. Intelligence community's history, employing the use of artificial intelligence super computers which are capable of establishing two way communication with your brain through the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    Such advanced signals intelligence wireless communication allows NSA cryptologists to remotely decode your thoughts, while implanting foreign thoughts into your mind for the express purpose of brainwave entrainment.

    In other words the remote manipulation of your thoughts and behavior without your knowledge or consent - a form of non consensual human experimentation.

    This technology also offers the U.S. Intelligence community the most effective means of implanting government propaganda within the minds of unsuspecting citizens, via computer to brain interface, without the subjects ever having any idea that they are being targeted for such covert surveillance and mind control.

    Such treasonous applications of this technology are the brainchild of the Zionist's, whose intent is to establish a one world government; one which is presently emerging globally, and taking control of our nations by way of our own respective Zionist infiltrated governments.

    These governments were infiltrated long ago by the central banks which the House of Rothschild established in our respective countries. In the United States, the Federal Reserve System is the central bank which the Rothschilds have used to furtively take over our government, with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.

    Click on the brain to learn more about what the NSA's real purpose in the United States is:

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