Tuesday, April 06, 2010

What's With The Following New Message On Google When Searching The Internet?

FBI Hall Of Shame - The Following Are Just A Few Of The FBI's Criminal Agents - Most FBI Agents Are Able To Commit Their Crimes With Total Impunity, Which Makes It Nearly Impossible To Prosecute FBI Agents When They Commit Serious Crimes - Many Former FBI Agents Who Turned To Whistleblowering Against The Bureau Have Described The FBI As A Well Financed & Treasonous Crime Syndicate Whose Agents Consider Themselves To Be Above The Constitutional Rule Of Law - Yet One More In The Myriad Of Reasons Why The FBI Gestapo Must Be Abolished

Mind Control For The Masses - A Reality In The New Millennium - Our Brains Are The Target Of Billions In Government Spy Technology - The Ultimate Cost Of Such Predation May Be The Human Soul

AIM Activist John Trudell Describes How His Family Was Burned To Death Just Hours After He Led A Protest In Support Of AIM Activist Leonard Peltier & Burned An American Flag On The Steps Of The FBI's J. Edgar Hoover Building/The FBI's No Stranger To Incinerating Men, Women And Children As They Demonstrated With Their Murders Of Over 80 People At The Branch Davidian Compound In WACO Texas

Google's New Redundant Web Surfing Feature

Today when surfing the Internet via Google, this author noticed that the following message now appears whenever one attempts to enter a Website listed on the Google search engine. One must wonder why this message appears (given its redundance) since those surfing the Web have the choice of either clicking on a link or refraining from doing so. So why the additional redirect notice?


"Redirect Notice

The previous page is sending you to
  • urbandictionary.com

  • If you do not want to visit that page, you can return to the previous page."

  • Ronald Reagan Was A Secret FBI Snitch Who Ratted Out His Friends & Associates In Order To Gain Powerful Ties To The Intelligence Community - His Reward For Becoming An FBI Rat - The United States Presidency

  • FBI Caught Lying Regarding Foley Sex Predator Scandal - Another Example Of The Political Nature Of The FBI & Its Use To Cover Up The Crimes Of Certain Government Officials Instead Of Exposing Them - Had This Author Not Witnessed How The FBI Can Coerce Virtually Anyone Into Lying As A Result Of The Coercive (Blackmail) Tactics Used By The Bureau, I Would Not Have Believed That These Agents Could Be So Corrupt - However They Are - And These Agents Will Slander, Torture & Even Covertly Murder Those Who Expose The Crimes Of The FBI

  • "We The People Alternative Radio Network" Forced To End Its Broadcasting Due To Financial Difficulties - Another Example Of How The Alternative Media & Its Unpopular Truths In Regard To The Zionist's Subversion Of The U.S. Federal Government, Must Fight For Every Source Of Revenue Available, In Order To Avoid Being Crushed By The Mainstream Media Disinformation System In The United States
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