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Another American Learns That The FBI Has No Legislative Charter & Also Believes That The FBI Should Be Abolished

  • U.S. Army Unit Exposes Massive FBI Cover Up Regarding The Terrorist Attacks On 9-11-2001

  • The FBI's Smear Campaign Against Congressman Vito Marcantonio - Another Example Of How The FBI Attacks Any Elected Representative Who Accuses The Bureau Of Impropriety - Is It Any Wonder Why Our Elected Representatives Are Afraid To Speak Out Against The FBI? The Answer Is Clear Enough - These Politicians Don't Want The FBI's Swill Merchants Digging Dirt On Them - And They Don't Want The FBI Spying On Them In Their Own Homes - Something We Know The FBI Has A Nasty Habit Of Doing - Just As We Also Know That The FBI Will Make Up Vicious Lies In Regard To Anyone Whom The Bureau Is Looking To Demonize


    Posted By: Patriotlad
    Date: Friday, 14-Jun-2002 18:49:19

    In Response To: FBI and CIA SHOULD INVESTIGATE the ISRAELI LOBBY (Rayelan): This is what I was expecting when I asked the questions I asked in the following article: IS THE FBI LEGAL, OR IS IT LIKE THE IRS?

    Some years ago, I was sent an e-mail by a patriot researcher who had scoured the federal archives. A helpful soul at the Library of Congress had also done some "digging."

    The gist of it was -- the Federal Bureau of Investigation has no charter, unlike the Central Intelligence Agency. It was, after all, created as a 'bureau' and thus exists under the powers granted by the Constitution to the executive branch, or presidency. The president is 'the chief magistrate' of the union and charged with signing off upon, and "executing" the laws of the United States. The racist and closeted homosexual J. Edgar Hoover -- for all of his virulent anti-communism -- created the bureau as an "agency" without a charter. He basically used the investigative powers of the Bureau to accumulate blackmail materials on a variety of political, diplomatic and administrative leaders over the decades that he was in undisputed control of the bureau.

    As of this day I have not located that e-mail in my archives. But I am rather sure of its veracity. The FBI has no charter and can be changed, shaken up or dissolved by legislative action and the president's cooperation.


    I can't help but wonder if the FBI is being restructured or possibly phased out, because "someone" knows that it will NEVER be able to stand up to any kind of scrutiny. Hmmm?


    In the following post: FBI and CIA SHOULD INVESTIGATE the ISRAELI LOBBY


    *Other comments:

    "I think we need to watch what is happening to the FBI, because at the moment I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing."

    "Agreed. The FBI needs to be stripped of its power to 'gather intelligence' in other countries, the power of positive arrest, and its scientific personnel transferred to the U.S. Marshals."

    "The FBI has outlived its erstwhile origins and should be broken up and dissolved forthwith."

    The Patriot, for law under the Constitution


    *The aforementioned post was sourced from:

  • The FBI Has No Legislative Charter & Must Be Abolished

  • *Editor's Note: Most Americans would think that the Department Of Justice would be part of the judicial branch of the United States Federal Government, given its use in judicial matters. However, the DOJ is part of the executive branch of the U.S. Federal Government, which is comprised of the President of the United States and his cabinet as well as many sub levels to the executive branch. If this isn't confusing enough for you, you'll find it of equal interest to note that the FBI does not even have a legislative charter, such as those held by the NSA and CIA.

    So one must wonder how it is that the FBI has been allowed to operate since 1908 as the Bureau Of Investigation, and later in 1924, as the Federal Bureau Of Investigation, without having ever been granted such a charter?

    If you are starting to think that the U.S. Federal Government has pulled another fast one here, you're on the right track. They do so all the time, hoping that the people of this country will never catch on. However, thanks to the Internet, the people of this country are catching on, and that has our elected representatives more than a bit nervous. You'll notice that Congress's latest approval rating is under 20%.

    So how much longer can a Congress with such a low approval rating exist?

    Especially when the American middle class begins to realize just how egregiously the U.S. Federal Government has worked to deny them their birthright as American citizens. Something this author has known about for several years, and why I created this website - a site which I offer as a public service, so that you can also learn about the crimes being committed against you, and by a government which ceased representing your interests after the creation of the Second Continental Congress.

    Neither a constitutional republic (what the United States was created as in 1787) nor a democracy (the government which the American people have been told they have for more than a century) would secretly brain fingerprint its own population. However, that is exactly what has happened in the United States Of America, and through the National Security Agency & its Signals Intelligence operations. And there are undoubtedly other Intel agencies which may now be able to conduct the types of satellite predation that the NSA has been perpetrating since the 1980's.

    Why am I so intent on promulgating this information?

    Because certain agents within the Intel community have taken it upon themselves to use their positions within the U.S. Federal Government, in which to violate the inherent rights of this author, his Family, and myriad others (under the color of law), by using the aforesaid NSA SIGNIT technology, and in what is turning out to be one of the most precedent setting violations of the Bill of Rights in the history of this country.

    When this author first read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, I immediately recognized that I had (and continue to be) been targeted by such satellite predation for years, and via the types of directed energy weaponry which Mr. Akwei discusses in his lawsuit against the NSA.

    And once I read through Akwei's lawsuit, I also realized that any person in the United States can be subjected to this wireless computer to brain interface without their knowledge or consent, because the American people have been electronically brain fingerprinted by the NSA. From that moment on I have been promulgating Akwei VS NSA, attempting to alert the American people (particularly the middle class) to the dangers of this treasonous government invasion of their own minds, and that such an abject invasion of basic human rights could only be perpetrated by a military intelligence dictatorship.

    Moreover, the agents involved in this mind rape, were not content to just violate this author's inherent rights as an American citizen. Their true intent as evidenced by the years of psychological warfare which they have subjugated my person to, has always been to furtively murder this author, while being able to do so with plausible denial.

    And these agents continue in their attempts to murder my person, looking for any opportunity in which to do so, while continuing to demonize this author in efforts to justify their own despicable behavior.

    Moreover, rather than owning up to the vast crimes which these agents have committed against us, they have instead chosen to obfuscate their own complicity in these crimes, while demonizing this author in a malicious smear campaign, using coercion to control this author's Family, and subjecting this author to a vicious psychological warfare operation which is well beyond what most people can imagine.

    When you are demonized by government agents who have tried to murder you, it is clear that these agents are utilizing such propaganda in order to obfuscate their own crimes; especially when one considers that these agents are attempting to justify their own complete lawlessness through their fabrication of evidence and witnesses, while attempting to prevent any challenge to their own fraudulent allegations. Such deception has been the cornerstone of the FBI's COINTELPRO operations throughout its history, and one which continues in post 9-11 America.

    These agents are intent on covering up their own outrageous criminality.

    Furthermore, from the moment that the FBI revealed themselves to this author's Family (at least a decade ago), the FBI's lies have run rampant, while their use of coercion in which to maintain these lies may well have established yet another precedent is the FBI's violation of the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    And the reason why this author is intent on seeing the FBI and many of its criminal cohort agencies abolished, since these agencies and their despicable agents have willfully violated our inherent rights as American citizens, by committing their crimes under the color of law.

    These lowlife backstabbing miscreants are an obscenity to the Constitutional rule of law in these United States. Moreover, through agencies like the NSA, the Zionist controlled and financed Intelligence community has electronically brain fingerprinted the American people, and all Americans will eventually learn of this high crime of treason and hold the U.S. Intelligence Community accountable for having perpetrated this outrageous crime against the United States Constitution.

    Futhermore, many of the FBI's allegations against this author are pure fiction, while others are a complete manipulation of the facts. This, while my testimony in regard to being illegally satellite tracked by way of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network is a matter of fact. And the clandestine technology which I have been subjected to as a satellite prisoner is also well documented in John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA. A lawsuit which every adult in the United States should read for themselves, since the NSA's SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network was designed to destroy our inherent rights under the United States Constitution, including our right to privacy of thought, privacy within our own homes, and right to legal counsel under the due process of law.

    So is it any wonder why these Intel Nazi rat bastards would be demonizing this author, or any other whose rights they have so outrageously violated? They simply want to forget their crimes. However, thanks to this blog and many others which document such government sponsored terrorism, these agents will be reminded of these crimes for the rest of their existence.

    This, as well as how they've attempted to whitewash every aspect of these crimes through their smear campaigns, use of religious indoctrination (for the express purpose of demonization & dehumanization), and the myriad other red herrings which they continue to use in efforts to maintain an ongoing smokescreen which obscures their own egregious criminality.

    These agents broke the law and now refuse to acknowledge what they have done, so they are prevented from using the law in their own defense, since these statutes can now be used to prosecute these agents under Title 18 of The United States Criminal Code.

    Is it any wonder why they've resorted to the use of psychological warfare and propaganda in their attacks on this author?

    Moreover, the FBI and the rest of its criminal cohorts don't play by the rules and they don't give a damn about you or your Constitutional rights. They don't want you to have your say, especially when they have violated your rights.

    So remember this if you are ever visited by FBI agents who attempt to question you, since they will twist your words around, misrepresent themselves, and attempt to coerce any persons with whom you are associated, in efforts to isolate you.

    The crimes these agents have and continue to commit have now precluded their ability to use the law to protect themselves, and they must instead make up their own rules -which they are doing.

    And this is the greatest indictment against these agents that this author or any other targeted for such criminality can make. There is no rule of law here and there never will be. Moreover, no matter what these agents say or do; no matter how much they lie, coerce, entrap, bribe, torture or murder, it is now their own lawlessness which defines them as the criminals they've become. As such, these agents might as well throw their badges away, since they are meaningless ornaments used as a tool of deception.
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