Tuesday, April 13, 2010

FBI/NSA COINTELPRO Against This Author Also Effects The Lives Of This Author's Family - FBI Attempts To Destroy The Career Of A Family Member

  • How Former FBI Agent Lindley DeVecchio Got Away With Murder

  • FBI Interferes With Family Member's Employment

    Editor's Note: The FBI continues to interfere with the lives of this author's Family members. One Family member, whom this author wrote about sometime back, was subjected to the FBI's orchestrated firing of their person in efforts to coerce this Family member into taking part in the FBI/NSA psychological warfare attack on this author. This Family member is very talented and built a long standing reputation for developing new business for every company they have ever worked for.

    Up until the FBI's interference with this person, they had never been fired from a job. In this particular instance, a few years ago, this Family member was actually set up to fail in a managerial position so that they could be fired with plausible deniability. However, the FBI then altered the scenario so that on the surface, this Family member would be demoted to a lesser position (a tactic commonly reported by organized stalking victims in efforts to demoralize them), in which they could be further psychologically abused. In truth, the only choice this Family member had was to leave the company.

    As is the case with this author, the FBI wants to drive this Family member into an early grave, and is doing everything possible in which to accomplish this evil agenda. This Family member's once robust health has been destroyed by nearly a decade of the FBI's despicable COINTELPRO tactics. This Family member has great responsibilities, and the FBI exploits these responsibilities in order to prevent this person from being able to again realize their full potential as a first rate professional in their given field of endeavor.

    As such, this Family member left the employ of this company as the direct result of the FBI's interference, and was kept out of work for more than a year in efforts to drain this Family member's finances (making this person easier for the FBI to coerce). Moreover, this Family member's long-time colleague and friend (who had supported said Family member throughout this entire ordeal with the FBI's covert manipulations), suddenly came down with a rare and fast spreading form of cancer which took this person's life within a matter of months.

    In this author's opinion, this person was furtively targeted by the FBI and NSA for their refusal to take part in the FBI's harassment scheme against this Family member, and was murdered for it when being unwittingly exposed to some form of satellited deployed directed energy weapon,which caused the cancer which they later died from.

    Moreover, without this person as an ally, this particular Family member is now easily manipulated by the FBI's cadre of criminals, and is presently being subjected to the same types of psychological abuse that they were being subjugated to at their former company. The FBI has also covertly interfered with monies which this latest company agreed to paid this Family member, who has consequently received only partial payment; this being done furtively by the FBI in which to manipulate said Family member into quitting this job.

    This is yet another example of the FBI's criminality, and the furtive ways in which these Gestapo miscreants perpetrate their crimes with plausible deniability. The FBI can make a person's life so *miserable at a given job, that the person will quit, giving the FBI the plausible excuse that the person was not fired, but instead left of their own accord - another egregious deception by this Americanized Gestapo who depend on such duplicity in which to carry out their crimes.

    *As a target of the FBI's daily psychological warfare operations, this author is well acquainted with the Bureau's use of psychological warfare, and has read of the FBI's use of such torture on myriad other targets of COINTELPRO.

    In fact, even former FBI agents who attempted to expose serious crimes occurring within the FBI were targeted for such horrible treatment. For instance, one former agent who had an excellent record within the Bureau, was setup on pedophile charges after refusing to end his investigation into government corruption. Still another agent who had been subjected to an FBI COINTELPRO for years was threatened with being institutionalized as an inducement in which to force him to resign from the FBI. These FBI cronies like to protect their criminal accomplices and will do anything to root out an agent who has integrity; seeing such agents as a threat to the FBI's criminal lexicon.

    As for the Family member in question, this person is being harassed in ways very similar to the aforesaid agents. As such, no matter where this Family member works in the future, the FBI and their Gestapo tactics will follow, creating myriad problems over and above the normal challenges which most people experience each day. Such machinations also offer proof that the Constitutional rule of law within the United States has been completely eradicated under the Patriot Act, while allowing crime syndicates like the FBI and NSA to quite literally get away with murder. And when attacking any citizen whom they take a dislike to. A nasty trait which has always been characteristic of the FBI's sleazy agents, like the degenerate pig discussed in the following article:

  • FBI PIG Agent Found Guilty Of Spying On Teenage Girls Undressing In A Mall Changing Room & Given A Year's Probation - Any Civilian Caught In This Crime Would Have Gotten Prison Time - Another Example Of How FBI Agents Who Are Caught By The Public Committing Serious Crimes, Are Treated With Leniency (If These Agents Are Caught By The FBI, The Bureau Will Cover Up For Them In An Effort To Prevent Damage To The FBI's Already Badly Tarnished Reputation) - This agent is just one example of how the FBI employs many sexual degenerates with serious mental problems who then use the Bureau as a convenient cover for committing their crimes - A former head of the FBI's Office Of Professional Responsibility, John Conditt, is yet another example of the FBI's hiring of sexual predators, who then move up into the hierarchy of the Bureau
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