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Was The Hit & Run Car Accident Which Killed Tulsa Artist Bob Bartholic & Seriously Injured His Wife, UFO Researcher, Barbara Bartholic, Intentional?

HR1955/S1959 is the modern day COINTELPRO / Operation CHAOS

Come Fly With Us In Our Unfriendly Skies - Government Agencies Taking Part In the UFO/EBE Conspiracy - How Many UFO's Are Being Piloted By Way Of Remote Means Or By Military Personnel, As Part Of The Military Abduction (MILABS) Scenario Regarding UFO Abductees? Inquiring Minds Wanna Know!

Editor's Note: Shortly after writing the following article, Barbara Bartholic
died - only months after her husband, Bob, died from injuries he sustained in a horrific car accident. The driver of the other vehicle fled the scene and has never been found, making this accident all the more suspicious.

The Government Attack On UFOlogists

Is The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex

Trying To Murder Barbara Bartholic?

Author: James F. Marino

This author first became acquainted with the work of Barbara Bartholic when reading three of the books written by the late UFO researcher, Dr. Karla Turner. Bartholic and Turner worked closely together on several cases of alien abduction, with Bartholic using what is referred to as regression therapy, in efforts to uncover what the abductees they interviewed were subjected to during the time in which they were taken aboard UFO craft.

As a result of her research, Dr. Turner had reported on many occasions that she was being watched by factions within the U.S. Federal Government, and that those abductees whom she and Barbara had interviewed in the past, were warned to cease their contact with Dr. Turner.

Clearly, Turner's research into the UFO phenomenon, as well as her newly found celebrity, were making the government agencies secretly involved in this arcane topic, uncomfortable enough to conduct a psychological warfare campaign against Dr. Turner.

Moreover, before her *death, Dr. Turner had reported being followed by government vehicles when traveling to UFO related speaking engagements, experiencing routine black helicopter flyovers of her home, strange sounds coming from her home (electromagnetic weaponry?), and mysterious phone calls occurring in the middle of the night, without anyone actually speaking when Turner would answer her phone.

2007 Interview With Barbara Bartholic

*Prior to her death, Dr. Turner had been warned to cease her UFO investigations, when she was suddenly afflicted with a rare and fast spreading form of cancer which ended her life, and only months after being diagnosed.

This author believes that like many other unwitting targets of satellite predation, Dr. Karla Turner was murdered by way of satellite deployed directed energy weaponry, which certainly has the ability to cause cancers in those who are targeted for such clandestine forms of electronic warfare predation.

This author also believes that the November 2009 hit and run car crash which claimed the life of Oklahoma artist, Bob Bartholic, and seriously injured his wife, Barbara, may well have been an attempt to murder Barbara Bartholic for her pioneering work with UFO abductees.

The Bartholics' automobile was struck from the rear at a high rate of speed, and then flipped over from the intense force of the crash, ejecting both Bob and Barbara from their car.

Oddly enough, the automobile which crashed into the Bartholics (and which witnesses to the crash claim was travelling at at least 100 mph) was able to drive away from the scene.

Like Karla Turner, Barbara Bartholic has become famous for her work in UFOlogy, which would cause great concern to those government agencies who might not have been able to utilize her person for their own disinformation campaigns. The government has managed to utilize many well known UFO researchers in which to disseminate their own propaganda, which is why these men and women are not only still amongst the living, but also profitting handsomely for their deception of the public.

The U.S. Federal Government could not convince Dr. Turner to end her investigations, and in all likelihood murdered her in efforts to frighten other UFOlogists into dropping their own independent investigations, regarding this government's long history of covering up what really happened in Roswell back in 1947.

Clearly, this government has a lot to hide in regard to the topics of UFO's and EBE's. So much so, that it created the National Security Act & National Security Council, shortly after the '47 crash of a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico.

An incident so disturbing, that the government began to immediately utilize the U.S. media system in which to completely whitewash the events as they actually occurred.

Moreover, it was the creation of the National Security Act, which has allowed for the dangerous secrecy that now characterizes the U.S. Federal Government and its daily operations. In reality, a shadow government that operates under the facade of a democratic government, and whose operatives consider themselves to be completely above the Constitutional rule of law, while remaining immune from prosecution for their own crimes.

This author believes that the UFO phenomenon has become so problematic for the U.S. Federal Government, because they have never been in control of this situation. And moreover, that the government agencies involved in this treasonous cover up fear what the public may do if they ever learn just how influential extraterrestrial biological entities have become to the day to day operations of virtually every aspect of this planet.

Keeping this in mind, as well as the many UFOlogists who have been murdered for their attempts to expose the government's UFO cover up, one must give serious consideration to the possibility that the car accident which took the life of artist Bob Bartholic and seriously injured his UFO investigator wife, *Barbara, may not have been an accident at all. But instead, an attempt to murder Barbara Bartholic with plausible deniability - the trademark of a government black operation.

*Update: Barbara Bartholic would also die in 2010, only months after her husband.

Moreover, if this is in fact the case, then Barbara Bartholic must now be concerned with a future attempt being made on her life.

As such, it is this author's intent to promulgate my theory in regard to this situation in the hope that if the government is trying to murder Barbara Bartholic, that such publication of this information will prevent them from making any further attempts on her life.

- James F. Marino

More information on the death of Bob Bartholic:


Tulsa artist dies of injuries from November car crash

During a 50-year marriage, he and his wife raised eight children and helped build the art scene.

Bob Bartholic, 84, was fatally injured when a vehicle slammed into his car near the 2800 block of North Peoria Avenue on Nov. 24.

Police said a witness reported that the other car, which left after the crash, seemed to be going about 100 mph.

Police said the speeding car hit Bob and Barbara Bartholic's car from behind. Their car then flipped onto its roof, and the couple were ejected.

They had been on their way to Barbara Bartholic's mother's home to deliver groceries, she said.

Once she recovered enough from her own injuries to be released from the hospital, she held her husband's hand in his hospital room until he died.

"He did give me a kiss that I felt he recognized as me and as our last kiss," she said.

Bob Bartholic was a well-known painter in Tulsa and had many pieces in galleries across the nation, Barbara Bartholic said.

During their 50-year marriage, they raised eight children and worked to invigorate Tulsa's art scene, she said.

"We got along together as a wonderful team," Barbara Bartholic said.

The couple opened several galleries in the Tulsa area together, and he painted until the day of the wreck, she said.

Funeral services are pending with Add'Vantage Funeral Service.

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2007 Interview With UFO Investigator Barbara Bartholic In Which She Describes The Murder Of UFO Investigator Dr. Karla Turner

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