Friday, April 09, 2010

The Shadow Government In The US & Its Use Of Reverse Engineered Extraterrestrial Technology - How Many UFO's Are Being Piloted By Military Personnel?

Who's At The Controls Of Certain UFO's?

EBE's Or Humans?

While there is no longer any question in those with rational minds, that UFO's and the myriad alien species who pilot them do in fact exist, there is also no longer any doubt that many of the UFO craft that are seen by the inhabitants of this planet are being piloted by human occupants with high security clearances within our own governments.

Regarding this UFO phenomenon, as well as the millions of sightings of these craft by citizens from around this planet, one must also question the use of government satellites in which to produce computer generated holograms of UFO's which have been reported to appear out of thin air and then disappear as quickly as they appear. The government's use of satellites to produce such holograms brings to mind the secret *NASA project Blue Beam, in which holograms of those deities worshipped by the global populous were to be computer generated via satellites, and used to convince the people of this planet that they were to follow the instructions of their own governments, if they wanted to survive a global nuclear holocaust.

Clearly, the pilots of these particular holographic UFO craft, are operating within the confines of some highly secure government facility, where they sit before a computer monitor utilizing software which generates such holographic information.

*Of course NASA claims to have no such knowledge of this program; not surprising given Blue Beam's evil intent to further brainwash the population through their own religious indoctrination, and proof that NASA is (like the rest of these government agencies), under Zionist control and furtively espousing a global dictatorship.

Clearly, such evil machinations are the brainchild of agents who have far too much time on their hands, and thus find numerous ways in which to cause the people of this planet myriad problems. Problems which could easily be remedied if our nations collectively agreed to abolish the global intelligentsia for the betterment of humankind.

Organizations that have always been obsessed by a frightening desire to maintain ultimate control over the human race, and whose employees have always been in diametrical opposition to freedom of thought and basic human rights. Unless of course it's their own right to think and live freely which is jeopardized. Such hypocrisy has always characterized these types of organizations. Those who are at present using such satellites in order to commit covert acts of predation which are on par with those atrocities that some of history's most evil tyrants have been demonized for perpetrating in the past.

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