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The Smear Campaign Which The FBI Fomented Against COINTELPRO Target Judi Bari - Bari Was Able To Prosecute The FBI & Beat Them In Court

Editor's Note: The following is an excellent illustration of how the FBI will intentionally deceive the public in regard to a citizen whose Constitutional rights have been violated as the direct result of an FBI COINTELPRO sting operation.

A major component of COINTELPRO is the FBI's use of the U.S. Media in which to brainwash the public by demonizing those citizens whom the FBI has attempted to entrap, yet failed to obtain indictments on. This author has been targeted for a myriad of such entrapment schemes over the past few decades, in addition to a psychological warfare operation conducted by the FBI and NSA. Since both of these campaigns have now failed, the FBI and NSA have taken to waging a smear campaign against this author, and in doing so, implicate themselves in a myriad of crimes against my person and Family. So much so, that the FBI in particular is now attempting to completely circumvent the Constitutional rule of law in its violations of this author's inherent rights as an American citizen, because the FBI and NSA have committed crimes against my person that are so outrageous, that they will never admit to what they have done.

These agents are also attempting to cover up the fact that they have taken part in the secretive brain fingerprinting of the American people, as is discussed in the lawsuit filed by John St. Clair Akwei against the National Security Agency. As such, the FBI's smear campaign against this *author is yet another attempt by the FBI's own agents in which to avoid being prosecuted for what is now emerging as the greatest deception by the U.S. Federal Government, of the American people, in United States history.

Simply put, the FBI is lying and must now resort to a further deception of the public through its use of the media, in order to promulgate the FBI's fabrications. If the FBI were operating legally, there would be no need for such deceptive tactics, or to brainwash the public as the FBI is clearly doing.

* This author has corroborated the information contained within Akwei VS NSA, based on my own experiences as a target of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF satellite scanning network, as well as being subjected to the NSA's wireless computer to brain interface of my person for decades, and for the purpose of non consensual human experimentation. Specifically, the government's use of my person to develop and refine their remote mind influencing technology. There are millions of Americans who have been targeted by the NSA for such non consensual human experimentation of their persons, who remain unaware of this atrocious violation of their basic human rights.

The FBI Smear Campaign Against Judi Bari

Excerpted From The Judi Bari Website

"But instead of investigating the bombing as attempted murder, as the evidence clearly showed, the FBI, with the willing collaboration of the Oakland Police, tried to frame Judi and Darryl for the bombing, further victimizing them by false arrest and accusing them of knowingly transporting the bomb that nearly killed them.

"It was a deliberate, politically motivated effort to target and 'neutralize' Judi, Darryl and Earth First!, and to discourage people from traveling from all over the nation to join in Redwood Summer. The sensational false charges made headlines nationwide, and the FBI and their Oakland Police accomplices kept a two-month media smear campaign going with a series of false claims about physical evidence linking Judi to building the bomb.

"But after delaying arraignment for seven weeks, when it was finally time for the District Attorney to present evidence in court and file formal charges, the FBI and Oakland Police didn't actually have any. The D.A. announced he would not file charges, citing the lack of evidence. The Oakland Police closed their 'investigation,' but the FBI continued theirs, telling the media that Judi and Darryl were their only suspects."

  • The FBI's COINTELPRO Smear Campaign Against Activist Judi Bari
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