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The NSA Can Track Any American Citizen By Targeting The Unique EMF Field Around Our Own Bodies - Read AKWEI VS NSA To Learn More About This

The Privacy You Think You Have Is Nothing But An Illusion

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Editor's Note: The following Website was an excellent source of information regarding the NSA's ECHELON global satellite spy network. The Website has now been removed.

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  • ECHELON Research Resources - This Website Has Now Been Deleted By The U.S. Intelligence Community

  • The deletion of Websites which discuss many disturbing aspects of the global Intelligentsia has become commonplace, as these informative sites are being systematically removed in efforts to prevent the public from learning of the crimes being committed by these agencies.

    The NSA is one of the worst offenders here, given the use of its Signals Intelligence EMF Satellite Scanning Network, in which to brain fingerprint American citizens, whom the NSA can then remotely target and track through this spy network, while using our body's own unique bioelectromagnetic frequency as a form of a gps tracking device.

    The NSA also uses this technology in which to remotely and electronically scan the minds of those citizens whom the agency subjects to illegal forms of interrogation, via wireless computer to brain interface. By doing so, the NSA violates the Constitutional rights of these citizens by subjugating them to lives as unwitting targets of satellite predation.

    For example, the NSA may access a list of employees whom the target may have once worked with, then electronically implant the names of these employees into the mind of the person being targeted for this covert form of satellite deployed interrogation.

    The NSA will then record any thoughts that the targeted subject has in regard to these employees in efforts to determine the relationship between the subject and said employees. By doing so, the NSA will have completely nullified the targeted person's right to due process of law, since these interrogations are the equivalent of questioning the person while denying them their right to legal counsel. The NSA will have also violated the privacy of the employees in question, given that the target of this remote brainscanning may unwittingly divulge information in regard to these employees which is private.

    For example, supposing that the target of this illegal wireless computer to brain interface interrogation was told something in secret by one of these employees, which the NSA will now learn of once the target gives thought to the employee in question.

    The reader should also keep in mind that the targets of such wireless computer to brain interface interrogations are not under arrest, and have not been charged with any crimes, yet they are being treated as criminals, while being denied rights that they are by law entitled to under the United States Bill of Rights.

    This is further proof of the National Security Agency's intent to destroy the Constitutional rule of law through its creation and deployment of the Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and why the American people must be made aware of this egregious violation of their inherent rights as citizens of this country.

    The U.S. Intelligence community is also orchestrating mass brainwashing of the American people through its claims that the war on terror is legitimate, when in reality, the war on terror is nothing but a clever piece of black propaganda being used in which to destroy the Constitutional rule of law in the United States, and along with it, any freedoms that the citizens of this nation have left.

  • Journalists Exposing Fraudulent ‘War on Terror’ Being Targeted as Part of Pentagon Policy

  • Another Good Resource Regarding The U.S. Intelligence Community's Covert Spy Programs - Access This Site Before The Intel Community Has A Chance To Get It Deleted

  • "Brainwashing Tactics Utilized By The CIA & FBI" - The FBI has been utilizing brainwashing tactics on this author's Family and community for years, while avoiding answering any questions in regard to their egregious violations of the Constitutional rule of law - When agencies like the FBI, CIA, NSA & DHS use brainwashing tactics against an unwitting public, it's because these agencies are looking to deceive the public through the dissemination of disinformation - The present war on terror propaganda being disseminated through our three branches of government as well as the U.S. media system, is just one example of such brainwashing tactics - Any attempt by some agency within federal, state or local government in which to justify its violations of the civil rights of any American citizen, is yet another attempt at brainwashing, since no elected or appointed official of federal, state, or local government has any legal right to deny an American citizen their rights under the United States Constitution - Such violations under the color of law are illegal and chargeable offenses under Title 18 of the United States Criminal Code, Sections 241 & 242

  • How The FBI Propagates Black Operations Which Result In Unintended Consequences For The FBI -A Situation Known As Blowback

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