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CNN's Demonization Of Tax Protestor Joe Stack III & Its Intentional Omission Of The IRS' Imposition Of A Non Law

  • Tax Protester Joe Stack III Saw The IRS' Inherent Corruption Very Clearly & Understood Its Role In Perverting The Legislative Role Of The U.S. Federal Government - Stack's Act Of Terrorism Was The Result Of A Man Who Loved His Country & Mentally Unravelled When Learning The Horrible Truth In Regard To The Zionist Cabal Which Really Controls The United States Of America

  • CNN Deception In Reporting

    Last evening, CNN broadcast a shameful piece of IRS propaganda, in which the late Joe Stack was furtively demonized by this Zionist broadcasting outfit.

    The real reasons for Joe Stack's being driven to the point where he committed an act of terrorism (by perpetrating a Kamikaze-style mission in which he crashed his Piper Cherokee light plane into a building which housed an IRS office), were completely ignored by the CNN staff who researched this story. These reporters conveniently left out many facts which would serve to implicate the IRS in a criminal conspiracy in which to defraud the American people of a significant portion of their annual earnings, under the pretense that this money goes to support the U.S. Federal Government's operations - an egregious and treasonous deception.

    Moreover, instead of doing the types of balanced reporting that CNN would have us believe makes its journalists unique in the field of reporting, CNN completely ignored the work of former IRS tax investigator, Bill Benson, whose book "The Law That Never Was" proves that the 16TH Amendment, which the IRS claims authorizes it to impose a federal tax on the wages of the American workforce, was never legally ratified.

    CNN also ignored the legal precedent set in the case of a man by the name of Whitey Harrel, who made history, when a jury refused to find Harrel guilty of tax evasion, because the IRS could not provide the law which authorizes it to impose such a tax.

    CNN also ignored the roughly two dozen other trials in which American citizens have been found not guilty of tax evasion, because the IRS was unable to furnish the juries in these cases with proof that there is such a law which authorizes this alphabet agency to impose a federal income tax.

    CNN also ignored the fact that within the IRS' own tax code, the IRS clearly states that paying a federal tax on one's wages is voluntary compliance. What the IRS means when they state "voluntary compliance," is that the American worker doesn't have to pay a federal tax on their earnings if they don't want to.

    Otherwise, why even include such a statement within the IRS tax code?

    Furthermore, the fact that Bill Benson has publicly stated that the IRS attempted to bribe him with a sweetheart type of deal, by dropping the IRS' trumped up charges against him (after Benson published "The Law That Never Was,") while offering to give Benson a comfortable job within the U.S. Federal Government (if Benson would reveal to the IRS precisely where he obtained the information he used in which to write "The Law That Never Was"), is further evidence of the duplicity of the Internal Revenue Service, as well as its attempt to keep its criminal operations from being permanently shuttered - something which should have been done in the early 1900's.

  • Bill Benson Proves That The IRS Is Operating Criminally & That The 16TH Amendment To The United States Constitution (Which The IRS Claims Authorizes It To Impose A Federal Income Tax) Was Never Ratified By The Required Number Of U.S. States In Which To Legalize The 16TH Amendment

  • CNN also ignored the case of former IRS tax investigator Joe Banister, who resigned from the IRS when the agency refused to show Banister the law which they claim authorizes them to impose the federal income tax on the American workforce.

  • Former IRS Agent Joe Banister Exposes The IRS' Fraudulent Operation

  • Banister was later setup by the IRS on trumped up charges, and exonerated in a court of law, when the IRS again failed to produce the law which they claim authorizes the agency to impose a federal income tax on the American workforce.

    The IRS Is Clearly Lying To The American People

  • Lawyer, Tom Cryer, Is Also Exonerated Of Tax Evasion & Sues The IRS - Tom Cryer & Joe Banister Are Just Two Of At Least Two Dozen Americans Who've Been Acquitted Of Tax Evasion Because They Have Proven That There Is No Law Which Authorizes The IRS To Impose A Federal Tax On The Wages Of The American Workforce. - So Why Hasn't The U.S. Media Told The American People About Those Americans Who've Proved That The IRS Is A Fraud? Because The U.S. Media Is Controlled By The Same Zionist Banking Cartel Which Commits This Fraud Everyday.

  • Was Joe Stack A Target Of Organized Stalking?

    More Information On The Nazi-Minded Hate Crime Of Organized Stalking

    When one reads through Joe Stack's manifesto, it becomes clear that Stack had become extremely disillusioned with the United States Federal Government; the direct result of this Government's treasonous lies and attempts in which to cover up its myriad deceptions of the American people.

    Moreover, the abject rage which drove him in the last days of his life, begs the question, was Joe Stack being subjected to some type of psychological torment in which to drive him to such a state of despondency, that his only choice left was to commit suicide? A man so desperate that he burned down his own house while putting at risk the lives of his family.

    Was Joe Stack also the target of the nationwide vigilante hate crime known as organized stalking? If so, Joe Stack was subjected to a vicious smear campaign in which to demonize his person, and may have also been subjugated to a life of psychological torment which would have resulted in the mental anguish which drove him to commit such heinous acts of terrorism.

    There is no longer any question that in post 9-11 America, there is a clandestine conspiracy being perpetrated by factions within the U.S. Federal Government in which to destroy the lives of any Americans who are in some way critical of this government's operations.

    Whether it's those citizens who have openly stated that the Federal Reserve System and IRS are criminally negligent in the fleecing of the American people, through the Federal Reserve's counterfeiting/money laundering operations; or the IRS' use in which to conduct a secretive form of class warfare on America's middle class, by imposing an unconstitutional tax on the proletariat; or the fact that the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001 were an inside job, used in which to allow the U.S. Federal Government a plausible reason for fomenting the illegal wars on Afghanistan and Iraq.

    There is also the question of why the Federal Reserve System would need to utilize the Internal Revenue Service in which to impose a federal income tax on the American workers, if the Federal Reserve can counterfeit all of the money it needs?

    Since the early 1900's the Federal Reserve System has been using the Internal Revenue Service in which to wage a secretive form of class warfare against middle class Americans, by stealing a portion of their earnings each week, through an unconstitutional system of taxation; one which has allowed the Federal Reserve to furtively prevent America's middle class from accumulating any wealth of their own.

    Since the Federal Reserve claims that each dollar that it prints is based on a gold certificate, one must ask exactly what it is that these gold certificates are based on? Especially when one considers that the Federal Reserve System made it illegal for the American people to use gold as legal tender.

    Why? Because under the Federal Reserve Act, the Federal Reserve used its power to loot the United States Treasury of much of the gold which it once housed - the American people's gold. And if there is little left of this gold, then how can Wall Street issue gold certificates if there is not enough gold left in which to support these certificates?

    Such issuance of legal instruments which are based on nothing of intrinsic value is an outright fraud. Thus, the privately held Federal Reserve System's claims of printing its fiat currency based on such bogus gold certificates, must also be considered an act of fraudulence.

    The fact is that by 1933, the Federal Reserve System had secretly looted so much of the gold from the U.S. Treasury, that Franklin D. Roosevelt was forced to pass legislation which made it a crime for Americans to use gold as legal tender, and forced Americans to turn in their gold in exchange for the Federal Reserve's debtor note fiat currency.

    The Federal Reserve had looted so much of this gold, that by 1971, the Nixon Administration was forced to take the U.S. Federal Government off the gold standard, because there was no longer enough gold within the U.S. Treasury to enable this Government to make its purchases with gold.

    The fact that the present head of the U.S. Treasury is a former member of the Federal Reserve System, is also indicative of the Federal Reserve's control over the United States Treasury, and the collusion which is taking place between the Federal Reserve System and the U.S. Treasury, in which to defraud the American people out of monies that rightfully belong to them.

    *There have been several members of the Federal Reserve System whom at one time served in the position of Secretary of The U.S. Treasury. The present Secretary Of the U.S. Treasury (Timothy Geithner) served as President of the New York Branch Of The Federal Reserve System before being appointed by President Obama, to the position of Secretary Of The Treasury.

    The fact is that the Zionist's House of Rothschild controls the United States Treasury through its control over the privately held Federal Reserve System's central bank.

    So why didn't CNN tell you any of this?

    Because CNN is controlled by the same Zionist influence that oversees the Federal Reserve System's counterfeiting/money laundering operation.

    And you can take that to the bank!

  • Author Eustace Mullins' "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve" -- The Best Book Ever Written On The House Of Rothschild & Its Secret Control Of The United States Federal Government Through The Private Zionist Banking Cartel Which Does Business As The Federal Reserve System

  • Website - Documents Many Crimes Being Committed By The Internal Revenue Service
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