Friday, April 16, 2010

The Police State Mentality In Post 9-11 America Is Why Your Average Citizen Is Becoming Terrified To Be Pulled Over For A Simple Traffic Infraction

Why So Many Black Men Run From The Police

They Truly Are Afraid For Their Lives

Police beatings are on the rise in post 9-11 America. And while there's no question that the police must use caution when on the job, one must take note of the increasing number of instances of police brutality which have taken place since the Patriot Act was passed into legislation.

Moreover, when the police have a suspect in custody and handcuffed, yet beat the person viciously when it is clear that they are no threat to these officers, it is the officers themselves who are acting criminally and oftentimes psychotically.

If you search the Internet for such instances of police brutality you will find myriad cases of such disturbing behavior by the police, which makes it clear why so many people (especially African American men) attempt to escape from the police in order to avoid being beaten once these people are handcuffed, and completely helpless to defend themselves. What's equally disturbing is how these instances of police brutality have increased exponentially since the Patriot Act was passed into legislation. And further evidence that the Patriot Act is being used to bypass the Constitutional rule of law in the United States.

If you are suspected of a crime you still have Constitutional rights. And the police are supposed to apprehend you; not beat you to death while you are lying on the ground with your hands cuffed behind your back. The outright rage and hatred displayed by many police officers when being unwittingly videotaped beating the living tar out of a handcuffed suspect is truly horrifying.

Moreover, while the police will deny it, the fact is that African American males are far more likely to be subjected to a traffic stop as the direct result of being racially profiled - an egregious example of racism and racial profiling being propagated by the police.

For those Americans who are willing to notice, the Zionist's New World Order police state is all around us. As for those who are still unwilling to take note of our crumbling Constitution, perhaps you'll eventually be forced to do so when you accidentally run a stop sign, or travel a bit too far over the posted speed limit and end up on the ground being tased and beaten to a pulp, all because you moved a little too slowly when responding to a police officer's commands.

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