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Music Star Aisha Goodison's Lawsuit Against The FBI Accuses The FBI & DOJ Of Using Mind Reading Technology - Another Lawsuit That Will Go Nowhere...

Editor's Note: After this author posts that the FBI is covertly attempting to destroy the career of a Family member, and that this Family member's employer has reneged on paying the full amount of a bonus which was promised, this Family member receives the balance of this payment.

It may just be a coincidence, yet, this Family member has been attempting to get this money for months, and was recently told that they were only going to be paid a portion of what they were promised. Moreover, yesterday this author posts the following information, and today, this Family member is told that they will be receiving the originally agreed upon amount of money.

  • FBI Attempts To Destroy The Career Of A Family Member Of This Author's

  • A coincidence? Not likely.

    After being online for nearly four years, this Website now get millions of page views per day, and perhaps the employer understands this and does not want any negative publicity due to the FBI's interference in these matters. This author also posts regularly regarding how the FBI adversely effects the lives of Family members in the event that a Family member is harmed in some way. One of the main purposes of this blog is this author's attempt to protect Family members from being harmed by the FBI or any of its criminal accomplices. A full time "job" in and of itself.

    The FBI Continues To Break The Law

    Excerpted From The Judiciary Report Website

  • Also See: Aisha Goodison Sues The FBI For Targeting Her Person For COINTELPRO

  • "To add to the invasive madness going on at the F.B.I. and D.O.J., these U.S. government agencies have crazily embraced Mind Reading Technology, in attempts at reading the public's mind. If you don't believe me, read the credible article citations below, which come from various outlets, such as Harvard University and Raw Story, among others. The FBI/DOJ are also publicly listed as clients of companies that produce Mind Reading Technology software. The Judiciary Report has written about Mind Reading Technology before and it is mentioned in the lawsuit Aisha v. The FBI. It was originally designed to help autistic children, who cannot express themselves well verbally and thus, the machine scans the mind to tell doctors and therapists, what the patient is thinking and feeling."

    Editor's Note: This author is familiar with the lawsuit filed by Aisha Goodison against the FBI, the result of Ms. Goodison being targeted for a COINTELPRO style operation against her person, after accusing Madonna of copyright infringement. Unfortunately, the likelihood of Ms. Goodison getting any satisfaction in a court of law is highly improbable, given the fact that COINTELPRO targets can expect that their civil liberties to be trampled by this American Gestapo, whose tactics are so despicable, that they make the Mafia look like country gentlemen.

    Furthermore, any "mind reading" technology that the FBI would claim to be utilizing is nothing but a red herring being used in which to obscure the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and the NSA's ability to subject any citizen in the United States to its wireless computer to brain interface (remote neural monitoring) of their persons. These agents are pathological liars, who when caught in such acts of treason, will attempt to completely obscure their own crimes. Especially when these crimes include the types of satellite predation that this author documents on this Website.

    It is also quite difficult to describe the frustration of knowing from first hand experience that the NSA has been using this sophisticated system of satellite surveillance/predation for decades, while deploying an equally sophisticated disinformation program, in which to discredit any person who publicizes the fact that they are being subjected to this classified electronic warfare technology, while describing the myriad experiences of being targeted by such technology.

    The NSA's covert manipulation of this scandal is so deeply rooted within the U.S. Federal Government, that a former NSA employee by the name of *John St. Clair Akwei has been attempting to sue the NSA for conducting wireless computer to brain interface of his person for years. However, the U.S. Judiciary refuses to hear John Akwei's lawsuit, given Akwei's exposure of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and the way in which this domestic satellite spy network is being used to target and track the unique bioelectromagnetic field which surrounds the human body, which the NSA then uses as a form of gps tracking device.

  • * John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit Against The National Security Agency - The U.S. Federal Government Has Refused To Hear This Lawsuit For Nearly Two Decades, Because It Implicates The NSA In The Most Egregious Domestic Spying Of The American People Ever Documented & Strongly Insinuates That The NSA Has Electronically Brain Fingerprinted Americans

  • According to John St. Clair Akwei, the NSA's SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network can also be used in which to establish two way communication with a targeted subject's brainwaves, in which to remotely read or manipulate that person's thoughts.

    This is the type of mind influencing technology that Hitler and his Nazi Party would have salivated over, had it been available when they were in power.

    Moreover, as this author has stated in the past, the American people's concept of privacy is no longer existent, and as the direct result of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network; as well as an electorate who's largely ignorant that such treasonous crimes are being perpetrated against us as a nation.

    There are many articles written in the scientific world which opine that such mind reading technology might be in its developmental stages. However, many of these articles are being paid for by the Intel community, and circulated as yet another source of disinformation in which to prevent the public from learning that the NSA's mind reading satellites do exist, have been in operation for decades, and can read the mind of any American citizen without that citizen's knowledge; the result of wireless computer to brain interface technology and the NSA's secretive brain fingerprinting of the American people.

    Of course the U.S. Intelligence community is attempting to cover this up, because they understand that they will eventually be held accountable for this egregious act of treason.

    Moreover, any person being of sound mind would immediately wonder how it is that any citizen in the United States can be denied their right to due process of law, and be demonized, dehumanized and subjected to non consensual human experimentation, while the very agencies which use the media system in this country to deceive the public, are then protected from answering for these crimes.

    In the instance of this author, the FBI and NSA have created a situation in which they are operating outside of the judicial system, and are thus able to avoid answering the types of questions which they would be forced to answer during the cross examination phase of a legitimate trial. Such a manipulation of the due process of law makes it extremely easy for these agents to lie, and without their lies ever being challenged in a court of law. Their use of coercion in which to force others to lie is also used as an adjunct to such confabulations.

    Moreover, such duplicity offers further proof that these agencies have committed the most serious crimes imaginable against this author and his Family, and would be forced to lie under oath if they ever found themselves in a judicial setting.

    The truth is that these agents have attempted to completely dismantle the Constitutional rule of law in their attack against this author, because their use of my person for non consensual human experimentation has been taking place for more than three decades, and comprises the use of classified electronic warfare technology which the U.S. Intelligence community is attempting to conceal from the public.

    As such, it's far easier for these criminals to slander this author, while subjecting my person to daily psychological warfare operations and directed energy weaponry attacks, than it is to admit that they never had a warrant in which to place my person under surveillance, and that they have violated the Constitutional rights of hundreds of persons while conducting such illegal surveillance of this author and his Family over the past few decades.

    In particular, the FBI's egregious violations of the civil rights of this author's Family, who have also been subjected to such brainwashing, that they will blatantly deny that any of these crimes have taken place; yet still take part in the daily psyops against this author, out of fear that Intel's targeting of their persons will become even worse than it is at present.

    What do these Family members have to lose if they fail to comply with the FBI's coercive tactics? For starters, their lives - and in every sense of the word since the FBI could covertly orchestrate their murders - as it is presently attempting to do with this author. Then there is also the more practical side of the FBI's coercive tactics, such as their furtive participation in the loss of the job of the COINTELPRO target, their pension checks, homes, and a number of other things which the FBI can cleverly interfere with, while using plausible deniability in which to destroy the lives of those persons whom the Bureau hasn't yet murdered.

    Such intimidation tactics are being commonly reported by other persons targeted for non consensual human experimentation, as well as the global vigilante crime wave which is presently taking place; dubbed as organized stalking, given that entire communities are being manipulated into taking part in this grievous attack on the Constitutional rule of law, while our "legislators" (most of whom are aware of what is happening, as well as the the NSA's treasonous crimes) conveniently look the other way.
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