Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How The FBI Uses The Patriot Act In Which To Covertly Interfere With Your Business Transactions, While Committing The Crime Of Restraint Of Trade

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  • Editor's Note: The FBI's Agents Of Satan Strike Again

    The FBI always interferes with any purchases this author makes. The interference can involve physically damaging an item which this author purchases, delaying shipment, or electronically interfering with the purchase information. For example, yesterday, this author makes an online purchase. Earlier today, this author visits the retailer's Website where the purchase information is located, and finds the invoice for the purchase. A short time ago, this author again visits the retailer's Website expecting to find the invoice deleted, and the invoice information is in fact deleted. The FBI simply calls the retailer and tells them to delete this information so that this author cannot obtain the status of this purchase.

    This gaslighting tactic is a prime illustration of the types of psychological warfare operations that this author (and millions of other citizens) is subjected to each day, including the NSA's use of my person for non consensual human experimentation, as well as the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking.

    These attacks are being perpetrated in efforts to drive our persons to a state of complete insanity. Moreover, those within the federal government who orchestrate these crimes are incarnated evil, while those who take part in them are brainwashed into doing so.

    As for the FBI's interference in this author's transactions, what usually follows is that the item is shipped and received sometime later, without the invoice appearing on the retailer's Website, or being e-mailed to my person.

    Of course proving that the FBI is doing this is impossible, since under the Patriot Act, no retailer can admit that the FBI has contacted them in regard to this author, which allows the FBI to commit these crimes without being held accountable for doing so. Such violations of privacy have become a common problem for myriad Americans under the Draconian Patriot Act.

    However, once the Patriot Act is repealed (and there will come a time when it will be), those whom the FBI has forced to take part in these crimes will be free to describe how the FBI intimidated them into doing so, while using the Patriot Act in which to threaten these people into complying with the FBI's criminal operations.

    Moreover, even if the item in question is eventually received, the FBI will have still interfered with this transaction, thus again acting in a criminal capacity. Furthermore, for much of the past decade, the FBI has interfered with dozens of this author's business transactions, while being able to do so with complete impunity under the Patriot Act.

    This Congress authorized Gestapo is being used to gradually destroy the United States of America and her people, which is why the FBI must be abolished, and its agents of Satan held accountable for their treasonous crimes; including their attempt to destroy the United States Constitution.

    The FBI and its agents of Satan are a cancer on humanity; a pathological deception who torture and murder with complete anonymity and impunity; an another sign of the dictatorship which lurks under the facade of a democracy which the United States Federal Government attempts to pass itself off as.

    If the U.S. Federal Government is being used in which to violate the U.S. Constitution, then Americans must conclude that this Government has been subverted, and that those who now operate within its infrastructure are no longer serving the interests of the American people; specifically, America's middle class.

    As for the status of this transaction, it will be updated in the future to see if the merchant actually sends the item in question or refuses to do so, thus costing themselves a sale which they can then blame the FBI for. This author will not contact this merchant again, since doing so will be a waste of valuable time. If the item arrives, it will just be another situation in which the FBI delayed the delivery of a purchase this author has made.

    However, if the item does not arrive at all, then, the FBI will have prevented this author and merchant from conducting business, which is restraint of trade. And especially meaningful in this time of a weak national economy where every sale a retailer makes is more important to their remaining in business than ever before.

    *After this author posts about the FBI's interference in this transaction, the retailer re lists the invoice in question on their Website. This is further proof of the FBI's interference with this author's business transactions, as part of the FBI/NSA COINTELPRO waged against my person, and the psychological warfare operations which these agents of Satan continue to perpetrate in efforts to drive my person into a complete mental breakdown.

    However, this author has no intention of committing suicide, or a criminal act for which the FBI can arrest my person. Moreover, the FBI's evil machinations and abject duplicity only furthers my resolve in which to expose the crimes which the Intel community continues to perpetrate against my person, as well as my Family; whom the FBI has been victimizing for years, and who are now too frightened and brainwashed to defend their own inherent rights under the United States Constitution, given the outrageous cruelty that they have and continue to suffer from at the hands of the FBI's agents of Satan.
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