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Dr. Steven Hatfill's Lawsuit Against The Federal Bureau Of Investigation - Hatfill Would Beat The FBI & Win A Nearly Six Million Dollar Judgement

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  • Dr. Steven Hatfill Proves The FBI Is A Gestapo

    After years of being abused by the FBI and its cadre of Gestapo agents, instead of taking the easy way out and ending his life, Hatfill chose to fight back and to expose the FBI for its deceptive tactics and anti-American counterintelligence operations. Hatfill learned first hand of how easily the FBI can use the U.S. media to serve as a tool in which to circulate its own propaganda, and as such just how dangerous the media becomes when it's used by the FBI in which to smear someone.

    After being vilified by the media as a target of an FBI COINTELPRO sting operation, Steven Hatfill decided that he'd had taken enough abuse from the FBI and its swill merchants, and used the legal system in the United States for what it was designed for, instead of the pawn which the FBI has always used our courts for, in its own egregious acts of deception.

  • Dr. Steven Hatfill's Lawsuit Against The FBI

  • Moreover, Dr. Hatfill beat the FBI in court, and to the tune of nearly six million dollars. And if Dr. Bruce Ivins had been as mentally tough as Steven Hatfill, he'd still be alive and suing the FBI in court as Hatfill did, while the FBI would have been forced to find a new scape goat to demonize in the media, once a jury exonerated Dr. Ivins of any wrong doing.

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  • The same vicious cycle over and over again from the gang who's never been able to shoot straight, and oftentimes ends up shooting themselves in the foot.

    And from the millions that the Justice Department has been ordered to pay out to the FBI's victims over the past few decades, one might conclude that even if the FBI actually functioned as a credible law enforcement agency, the fact that it generates no income for the public, but instead costs billions of dollars each year to operate, will become more of an issue in the coming years, than it ever has been before; given the financial devastation that the American middle class is now suffering.

    The FBI Has Always Suffered From A Lack Of Candor

    Throughout its entire existence, first as the Bureau of Investigation, and later as the FBI, the Bureau has always sought to avoid the due process of law, while instead making it a point to violate the United Bill of Rights whenever possible.

    And while it's difficult to pinpoint exactly when the FBI became the notorious crime syndicate that it is today, one may be assured that it happened not long after this organization was created.

    Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the FBI is that it trains its agents to be deceptive, instead of honest and forthright, as the Bureau would like the public to believe its agents are. The FBI also trains its agents to avoid situations in which they will have to answer for crimes that they have committed against those whom they are illegally surveilling.

    For example, the FBI is by law restricted to investigating federal crimes. However, if one studies the FBI's long history of operating outside of its purview (I won't say charter, because the FBI has never had one), they will find that the Bureau's agents invite themselves into what should be state or local investigations, when the FBI has no legal authority in which to do so. Something which has caused a great amount of tension between the FBI and state law enforcement agencies in the past, given the political nature of the Bureau.

    Of course, when the FBI has been violating the civil rights of an American citizen, the last thing that the Bureau wants is for its agents to be defendants in a court of law, where under cross examination, many of the lies which the Bureau promulgates through the mainstream media would be exposed, and the agents themselves would risk being indicted for perjury if they were caught lying under oath.

    This is just one example of why the courts can be so dangerous to FBI agents.

    As such, it's much easier for the FBI to run the show through its smear campaigns, use of coercion, and outright duplicity, then it is to enter a courtroom and risk being systematically dismantled by a judge who understands that the FBI has a long history of using entrapment and coercion in which to distort the facts in a case.

    The truth is that if the FBI has a good case against someone, there is no need for the Bureau to utilize its psychological warfare operations against the person, anymore than it is to use its entrapment schemes or coercive tactics.

    The FBI resorts to the aforementioned when it has a poor case, or none at all. And the more time and money the Bureau spends on such cases, the more desperate its agents become, and the more deceptive their actions. It is such duplicity that has always characterized the FBI. And why the Bureau is an affront to both the judicial system in the United States, as well as those legitimate police officers who enforce the Constitutional rule of law, instead of violating it.

    Such police officers have become a rarity in post 9-11 America, given the Patriot Act's emasculation of the U.S. Constitution, and the complete disregard by law enforcement of the inherent rights of the American people under the United States Constitution.

    Moreover, the secrecy which characterizes the *organized stalking crimes which have taken hold of the United States over the past decade, is a further example of the criminal element which has now taken control of the U.S. Federal Government. And at the expense of our judicial system, which is presently experiencing an identity crisis like never before.

  • Gestapo USA - Government Funded Vigilante Network Terrorizes America - Organized Stalking Has Become A Cancer On American Society In Post 9-11 America

  • What is also of interest here, is why the Department Of Justice and the Federal Bureau Of Investigation are not part of the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Federal Government, instead of the Executive Branch; since like our judicial system, these organizations are supposed to enforce the United States Criminal Code.

    However, the DOJ and FBI have always been political organizations, serving whichever presidential administration happens to be in the White House at a given time.

    And it is this conflict of interest which has always seriously impeded the DOJ and FBIs' ability to operate judiciously, since both organizations can be used by the White House, in which to block investigations that should be taking place. The Bush 43 Administration, likely the most criminal in this country's history (and one which should have been indicted on a myriad of charges related to their high crimes of treason), is without a doubt the best example of the perversion of the DOJ and FBIs' role in law enforcement, and why both organizations should have been part of the judicial branch of government from their inception.

    If in fact you believe that the government should have its own police force at all; many Americans do not.

    In other words, when taking into consideration the fact that the DOJ and FBI are under the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government's purview, if a presidential administration that is basically honest is in the White House, then we may conclude that the DOJ and FBI can operate within the Constitutional rule of law. However, if the opposite is true, then one must conclude that given its control over the DOJ and FBI, a corrupted White House will automatically result in a corrupted justice department, which will attempt to then circumvent the United States Constitution should the need ever arise.

    So where does that leave us with the present administration?

    You can draw your own conclusions on this one.

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