Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Vatican's Smear Campaign Against Alternative Journalist, Greg Szymanski - Has The Devil Made Them Do It?

  • Tea Party Groups Being Discriminated Against By The Zionist Controlled U.S. Media

  • The Rothschilds Secretly Control The Vatican
    The Roman Catholic Church

    Zionist Jews At The Head Of Roman Catholicism

    More than two centuries ago, the Vatican was taken over by the House of Rothschild, in understanding that at the time, the Vatican was the most powerful organization in the world. The House of Rothschild's international Jewish banking cartel - the founders of modern day Zionism - accomplished this furtive takeover after making a sizable contribution to the Vatican.


  • For More Than Two Centuries Zionism Has Controlled The Vatican

  • However, the House of Rothschild never gives anything without expecting a lot more in return. Alternative journalist, Greg Szymanski, was demonized for writing about the Jesuit's perversion of the Vatican. However, the Jesuits have become but one tentacle of the Rothschild's global empire. Szymanski was also demonized for conducting an interview with a nun who once worked with Mother Theresa, after this nun exposed the Vatican's use of Mother Theresa as a front for the organization, in which she was used to fleece the public out of money which she then kicked back to the Vatican.

    A situation in which the Vatican took Mother Theresa's good intentions and the public's love and trust for her, and perverted them for the Vatican's own criminal agenda, under its new Zionist leadership. Thus leaving Mother Theresa as yet another of the myriad of people who've been victimized by the House of Rothschild's global crime syndicate.

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  • The Smear Campaign Being Waged Against Alternative Journalist Greg Szymanski For Writing About Corruption Deep Within The Bowels Of The Vatican

  • "Before The Income Tax" By G. Edward Griffin -- This Is Another Article On The Federal Reserve System/IRS Fraud That Is Constantly Being Removed From The Internet - So Read It While You Can

  • Cross Examination In A Courtroom - The Part Of A Trial Which No FBI Agent Who's Taken Part In A COINTELPRO Operation Wants Any Part Of, Given Their Attempts To Exculpate Themselves From The Crimes Which They Commit During Such Stings - This Is Why FBI Agents Resort To Psychological Warfare Operations & The Utilization Of Organized Stalking Groups In Which To Drive Targets Of COINTELPRO To The Commission Of Suicide - They Don't Want The Exculpatory Information Which They Have Kept From The Public Being Made Known To A Judge & Jury
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