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Whatever Happened With The Satellite Spy Pogram (oops Freudian Slip) Program That Homeland Security Has Been Planning?

We heard about this satellite spy program that the New World Order's Department Of Homeland Security was attempting to implement back in December of 2007. However the ACLU and other privacy rights organizations quickly moved in to challenge the questionable agenda of DHS at the time. Since then no mention of the DHS satellite program has been heard.

Why not?

Did DHS just launch this satellite system without bothering to tell any of us? Not that it would matter much since the NSA's satellite tracking and illegal spying of the American people has been occurring for decades. A DHS satellite system would simply become an adjunct of the already illegal spying that the NSA has been perpetrating against American citizens for at least thirty years.

According to a former NSA associate, the NSA satellite spying of Americans began around 1980 -- back in the good old days when domestic warrantless spying by the U.S. Federal Government was considered to be a serious and treasonous crime.

However, in the present Orwellian Bush Administration, such treasonous crimes by the NSA and FBI (in which our minds are electronically remotely read by Electronic Computer To Brain Link technology) are not only occurring, but quitely endorsed by Washington. Of course they will deny this though.

Moreover, under this new "Big Brother" system of anything goes as long as the FEDS don't get caught, such satellite spying has become the norm, where it's Mr. and Mrs. Front Porch who are the ones being spied upon, as they go about their daily activities, unaware that they are in all likelihood being surveilled in ways reminiscent of Nazi Germany, or Communist China.

Not something that we would expect to be occurring here within the United States, much less on as massive a scale as it is.

So why would agencies like the FBI and NSA take such chances if they knew that they were going to be punished for perpetrating these crimes?

Because, rarely if ever do U.S. Intel agents go to prison for their crimes; especially those committed under the color of law as they pertain to Title 18 of the United States Code.

U.S. Intel is a prime example of a federal organization that has been entirely corrupted, the result of having been endowed with tremendous authority and sophisticated technology, yet whose governing members simply don't have the moral or ethical capacity in which to utilize them, without grossly violating the Constitutional rule of law, as well as the basic protection of human rights which applies to all of the citizens of this country.

We are talking about agencies that are using these satellites to spy on Americans within their own bathrooms, while electronically accessing and manipulating their thoughts, while decimating their rights as U.S. citizens. And the FEDS domestic terrorist excuses for doing so just don't cut it anymore.

Such excuses are complete and utter propagandized BUSHIT!@

U.S. Intel is a drogue anchor around the necks of the American people; one which is gradually taking them into an abyss. And through its global criminal activities, this federal community has made the American people as a nation, globally despised, even though most Americans are completely unaware of the outrageous crimes that U.S. Intelligence has committed during its decades' long reign of terror.

Moreover, under the Bush Administration, which has worked as diligently as any to come before it, in efforts to destroy the U.S. Constitution, warrantless spying is now both accepted and in the instances in which the NSA and other agencies of U.S. Intel have perpetrated this crime over the past several decades, is now grandfathered in under the pretext of this bogus war on terror -- in reality a war for oil, Illuminati supremacy in the Middle East, and the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and our freedoms.

So again I must ask, whatever happened with the DHS spy satellite program? Has it been operational all this time without our knowledge? And if so, do you honestly believe that DHS or the current administration are going to admit that it has been?

Moreover, even if it has been, what do you think would happen to DHS if they got caught abusing this technology as the NSA and FBI have already been? Perhaps a slap on the wrist like Congress has already given the FBI and NSA, when it was found that both agencies were seriously abusing our privacy under the Patriot Act. And has this slap on the wrist ended the criminal behavior of these agencies?

Not in this lifetime.

And given that our economy is in the dumpster, exactly where is the money to fund this expensive program going to come from? Of course you already know the answer to that one. One way or another, it's going to come from you. And if you don't like it, you can write your Congressional representatives, however, it isn't going to make one bit of a difference, since they will do nothing to help you anyway. The only people Congress helps are the ones who help finance their political careers, and who ask as little questions as possible.

How do you think the situation in this country has gotten to be as bad as it has? A complete lack of accountability on the part of Congress which doesn't even have the decency or courage to tell you that the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS have been illegally stealing your money in the way of a income tax system based on Communism since 1913; in efforts to keep you struggling and impoverished. Have you ever seen the perks that your State Senators have? They're tremendous. So why is it that public servants have these perks including the best health insurance and retirement plans available, and you and your spouse are working overtime just to put food on the table?

It's not fair, it's not right, and it shouldn't be this way.

Why are you paying a good chunk of the wages that you sweat for to a privately held corporation that can print all of the money that it needs at anytime? The Federal Reserve central bank doesn't need the American taxpayers to get money.

It's not about the Fed using your money at all. In reality, a Federal Reserve Note is nothing but Monopoly money anyway, because it's not based on gold or anything else of intrinsic value. It's just the perception that this fiat paper is money that has duped us all into believing the Federal Reserve's smoke and mirror scam.

Paying the Federal Reserve Bank a tax on your incomes, has one goal in mind -- to keep middle class Americans (the Proletariat) from ever owning a home or accumulating any substantial wealth. Because if you did, the wealthy elitists wouldn't like it, since there would be no middle class any longer -- just a group of wealthy people looking for someone else to enslave to ensure that there was always someone else to count on to do all the work that the rich have always managed to avoid doing.

As for Congress, the body politic which could truly make a positive difference if they ever decided to, the only politician worth his salt is Congressman Ron Paul. A gregarious, intelligent and likable character who goes on TV to tell the public the truth about criminal syndicates like the Federal Reserve, and is instead treated as a form amusing entertainment, rather than taken seriously for the important message that he is promulgating.

However, on the Internet, where in spite of the myriad of disinfo that is circulated, and significant journalism in regard to what is really occurring in the United States does take place, Ron Paul is taken very seriously. The Blogosphere has largely been responsible for his meteoric rise in popularity and the remarkable campaign funds which he managed to raise practically overnight. Dr. Paul is telling the American people what the U.S. Congress doesn't have the guts to tell us.

That this government is bankrupt and that the Federal Reserve and its IRS bagman are a giant LEACH sucking the life's blood out of this country and its people.

Why The U.S Media May Eventually Fold

Taking this a step further, have you noticed how the newspaper industry is getting smaller? Why? Because more Americans are getting their news from the Internet now. And this means that eventually the U.S. media disinformation system, will either start doing hard news stories about this government and the U.S Intelligence community again, or they will eventually shrivel up into oblivion.

Americans deserve to have a news system which tells them the unvarnished truth; not who Brittany Spears crashed her car into this week or which baseball player now holds the distinction of having the greatest number of zero's on his annual salary.

We've remained dumbed down and ignorant long enough. Meaningful knowledge is the best brain food there is -- it is what we need to break through the matrix of Illuminati created disinformation that quietly enslaves most of the American people.

So stop worrying about what Brittany is doing, and start concerning yourselves with what George W. Bush and his FBI and NSA cohorts are up to. Because what you don't know about them, can be extremely hazardous to your health.

Article from back in December regarding Homeland Security & its own spy satellites:

DHS finalizing plans for domestic spy satellite program
Nick Juliano
Published: Thursday December 20, 2007

Congress has not been updated since civil liberties concerns delayed satellite spying. A plan to dramatically widen US law enforcement agencies' access to data from powerful spy satellites is moving toward implementation, as Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff expects to finalize a charter for the program this week, according to a new report.

Chertoff insists the scheme to turn spy satellites -- that were originally designed for foreign surveillance -- on Americans is legal, although a House committee that would approve the program has not been updated on the program for three months.

"We still haven't seen the legal framework we requested or the standard operation procedures on how the NAO will actually be run," House Homeland Security Chairman Bennie G. Thompson tells the Wall Street Journal. Thompson was referring to the National Applications Office -- a new DHS subset that would coordinate access to spy-satellite data for non-military domestic agencies, including law enforcement.

Civil liberties concerns delayed the program after lawmakers and outside activists wondered how the program would be structured to protect Americans from unconstitutional surveillance from the powerful satellites, which can see through cloud cover, trees and even concrete buildings.

The program's charter remains unfinalized, but Chertoff said it will use clear language to explain legal restrictions on the data's use. Warrants will be obtained when required before collecting satellite intelligence, and the program won't use technology to intercept verbal communications, according to the Journal.

"One lesson I've learned is it's not enough to say we know what we're doing is going to be OK," Chertoff told the paper in an interview. "We've got to really make it clear to the public that we're doing this, but we're not doing that."


Website Combatting Electronic Harassment & Organized Stalking Crimes Offline -- Was The Site Deleted Or Taken Down Until The Site Name Is Registered?

Many Websites which document the crimes of organized stalking and non consensual human experimentation are routinely deleted by the Webhost, which either gives no explanation for having done so, or a bogus reason for the take down of the Website.

At other times, the registration for the site name may have expired requiring the site owner to pay a fee in which to reinstate the Website. has been down today with a message for the owner to contact the Webhost. So it is possible that the site is only down until a registration fee is paid and then it will be reinstated.

It is quite clear that in most of the cases of these Website take downs, the federal agencies which they are exposing for specific crimes, are responsible for pressuring their Webhosts into removing them. Even though in most cases the Webhosts will never admit to this. Those who criticise these Nazi run agencies are finding ourselves being demonized, dehumanized and subjected to the most egregious violations of the U.S. Constitution ever documented, by a group of Nazi thugs who masquerade as federal law enforcement.

There is nothing legal in regard to what these federal criminals are perpetrating against us, as they deliberately and erroneously label us as domestic terrorists, in order to disenfranchise us of our rights as Americans; even though it's quite obvious that most of us have no criminal records, are most certainly not connected to terrorist groups domestically or internationally, yet have been used illegally by the U.S. Federal Government for non consensual human experimentation; something which oftentimes results in serious physical and psychological problems, which can be either internally or outwardly manifested in a myriad of ways.

Something that the criminals within this government are looking to cover up, while attempting to enforce toilet paper legislation like the Patriot Act.

However, given the controversial nature of this Website, which does a very good job of documenting the crimes of mind control research as well as organized stalking, it is also possible that the site was deleted because it was getting too much traffic and causing those within the U.S. Intel community (including agencies like the NSA, FBI and DHS) some serious concerns.

The FEDS don't want the ugly truth about their satellite based weapons of predation becoming known to the American people, because they would find themselves FINALLY being arrested and tried for their crimes against humanity.

After all, how can these Nazi run agencies continue to perpetrate these outrageous crimes covertly, if those whom they are victimizing are now promulgating these crimes globally?

This is certainly making it far more difficult for these well hidden criminals to get away with these crimes at present.

We as Americans have a group of Nazi filth within our midst, who have cleverly harbored themselves within a sub government to the one which Americans believe they are in control of. And we are now flushing them out, which is resulting in the poisonous attacks which these reprobates are propagating against us.

However, we are American citizens, protected by our Constitution. And we will enforce this piece of legislation even if the U.S. Congress refuses to do so.

As a result of our own long-term ignorance in regard to the Orwellian crimes which the U.S. Intel community has been perpetrating against us, we have allowed this situation to become so terrible, that we now have Nazi run agencies like the FBI and NSA not only spying upon us within the privacy of our own homes, but also electronically attaching themselves to our bodies by way of the bio electromagnetic fields which emanate from our brains, so that they can both access and manipulate our own thoughts.

These are nothing but modern day versions of Drs. Jose Delgado, Joseph Mengele and Ewen Cameron; those evil minded Illuminists who have now remedied the problem of finding locations in which to perpetrate their heinous crimes against humanity, by simply using the Echelon satellite spy network in which to attack us from within the privacy of our own homes.

And while the U.S Federal Government completely denies that this is happening!

Humans have been deluded into believing that the manmade satellite is a boon to our species because it offers us mindless programs like MTV, Survivor and two way wireless communications with the Internet.

However, these satellites also offer something else. The ability for the U.S. Intel community to covertly spy upon and electronically read our subvocalized thoughts without our knowledge or consent. This in addition to perpetrating other forms of hi-tech satellite predation including the use of directed energy weapons in which to electronically rape, torture and in some cases even murder, men, women and children, as well as their pets.

So we can no longer tolerate these abuses; nor should we be forced to do so, by a group of arrogant lowlife miscreants whose doctrines espouse eugenics, torture and murder.

The owner of the aforementioned and patriotic Website, one Elizabeth Adams, has been targeted for both non consensual human experimentation as well as organized stalking crimes. She is African American, attractive, intelligent and aggressive -- qualities that terrify the New World Order and its Draconian and Demonic ways of operating.

I hope that Ms. Adams is able to reinstate this Website, because it is very beneficial to those of us who are being targeted for these egregious violations of our inherent rights as citizens of this planet. However, if she is not able to, I hope that she will create a new Website in which to continue this important information. We are in a cold war in which both our physical freedom as well as the privacy of our own thoughts have been completely violated.

And the time to fight back is now!

Organized Crime Waves Website:

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Attorney General Michael Mukasey Demands A New Congressional Declaration Of War -- ACLU Fights Back But Will They Be Successful?

New Declaration of War, Torture Cover-up‏
From: Anthony D. Romero, ACLU (
Sent: Wed 7/30/08 1:13 PM

Dear ACLU Supporter,

A few days ago, we alerted you to Attorney General Michael Mukasey’s demand that Congress issue a new declaration of war. This would make the entire globe -- including the United States itself -- a “battlefield” where the president gets to decide who is an “enemy combatant” and lock that person up forever.

The Bush/Mukasey plan also includes a congressionally-approved subversion of the Constitution and a cover-up of the Bush administration’s systemic torture and abuse of detainees.

At the same time, an ACLU lawsuit has uncovered new evidence that the torture and abuse Mukasey wants Congress to cover up was authorized by -- you guessed it -- the Justice Department. One of the documents obtained by the ACLU is a redacted version of a previously undisclosed 2002 Justice Department opinion that authorizes the CIA to use specific interrogation methods, including waterboarding.

Now, Mukasey -- as head of the Justice Department -- wants Congress to cover up torture committed under the watch of his predecessor, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. It’s outrageous!

Don’t let it happen. Read the alert I’ve attached below and take action now at:

Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director

ACLU Statement:

"I urge you to reject Attorney General Michael Mukasey's request that Congress issue a new declaration of war and subvert the Constitution. The Attorney General is asking Congress for a law that covers up torture and abuse under the guise of protecting "sources and methods." He is also asking Congress to authorize indefinite detention with a new declaration of armed conflict: a new, worldwide war without end.

With the House Judiciary Committee investigating whether torture crimes were committed by the Bush administration, it is no surprise that Mukasey and the Bush administration are pushing this legislation as a diversion. However, I will be shocked if Congress falls for this power grab, and I urge you to reject it.

The Courts have a long history of considering habeas petitions and of handling national security matters, including classified information. As Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pointed out, "The courts are well equipped to handle this situation, and there is no danger that any detainee will be released in the meantime.

Again, please let the courts do their job and take consideration of the Bush/Mukasey request that Congress subvert the Constitution -- and have a new, worldwide declaration of war -- off the table."

How The FBI Got Away With Murder While Framing Innocent Men In Its COINTELPRO Attack On The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in 1975

"One of our most precious freedoms is the right to learn the truth. The common man is in danger of losing that right when 90 percent of his mental food is prepared for him every day by those who select the news to prove a point -- and that point either reactionary or Marxist."

-- American Statesman Henry A. Wallace (1888-1965)

How The FBI's Agents Illegally Infiltrate Civil Rights Groups

From time to time I will find articles which clearly illustrate how the FBI, through its illegal COINTELPRO operations, infiltrates peaceful and legal civil rights movements in the United States for the express purpose of destroying them.

In doing so the Bureau's own agents pose as members of these groups in order to gain the confidence of those who have the most powerful influence over them. Once this has been accomplished, the FBI's operatives then seek to cause conflict between the leaders of these groups, in efforts to play them off against one another, while ensuring that the focus of the groups is misdirected.

Through its nefarious history, the FBI has always been successful in doing so, while covertly murdering myriad members of these groups, and destroying the reputations and relationships of many other group members. The FBI was responsible for the murders of dozens of Black Panther members including Freddie Hampton. They were also responsible for the murder of Martin Luther King Jr.

I have stated on many occasions that this type of COINTELPRO infiltration is presently occurring within the community of people being targeted for myriad forms of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation - including those of us who are being subjected to remote forms of mind control research as well as electronic harassment. It is also quite apparent, that there are many FBI and DHS provocateurs looking to destroy the credibility of any TI who is corroborating the information contained within John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, which proves that humans can be tracked by the unique bio electromagnetic fields which emanate from their brains, and that RFID implanted tracking chips are no longer necessary.

This is shocking information, since it means that any citizen within the United States (or abroad) can be tracked by this technology at anytime, without their knowledge or consent, and in complete violation of their Constitutional rights. It is also possible that this NSA satellite based network (codenamed Echelon & Tempest) can track all of the citizens on this planet simultaneously, while remotely monitoring their thoughts -- a horrifying and Orwellian prospect.

The following article describes how the FBI, through the use of its COINTELPRO operations, waged a vicious and illegal attack on the American Indian Movement which resulted in the murders of more than 60 Native Americans and two of its own agents from 1972 to 1976.

The FBI confused the leaders of AIM (The American Indian Movement) to the point where no one knew whom they could trust any longer, as the FEDS sat back and watched the results of their dirty work. In this situation it was the FBI who committed terrorist acts, while terrorizing the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation over a five year period from the early to mid 1970's.

Proof that the FBI is nothing more than a well financed federal government criminal syndicate and that nothing the FBI does or says can be taken at face value or trusted.

The FBI's Murder Of AIM Activist Anna Mae Aquash

"It was an FBI operative/informant who's responsible for the death of Anna Mae. It is well known within the American Indian Movement that Trudell has attempted to place snitch jackets on several members of the American Indian Movement. In the end we must ask just when did John Trudell actually become an FBI informant? The answer would reveal much.

We know that some where in the background the FBI is dirty in all of this. We know it was an FBI operative/provocateur who first started the rumors that Anna Mae was an informant. It was an FBI informant who perpetuated the rumors. It was an FBI operative/informant responsible for the death of Anna Mae. It is well known within the American Indian Movement that Trudell has attempted to place snitch jackets on several members of the American Indian Movement. In the end we must ask just when did John Trudell actually become an FBI informant? The answer would reveal much."

-- FBI COINTELPRO Target Robert Robideau


By Robert Robideau, Co-defendant of Leonard Peltier

On, June 26, 2007, the 32nd anniversary of the Pine Ridge reservation firefight that left two FBI agents and an Indian man dead , the Canadian Court of Appeals in British Columbia sent John Graham a long awaited message, rejecting his appeal of a lower court's ruling that he should be extradited to the United States to face trial in South Dakota for the killing of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash and ordering him into custody to be extradited to the United States. In rejecting Graham's appeal, Canadian Justice Ian Donald wrote: "But on the crucial issue of whether the person known as John Graham, also known as John Boy Patton, was the same person who committed the murder, the judge found that the evidence of John Trudell established identification."

John Graham has until the 26th of July for the Supreme Court to decide whether to accept his case on appeal. However, the Graham committee announced, "given the three judges' unanimous decision, the chances appear to be slim that such an appeal would be heard."

John Graham and Arlo Looking Cloud were indicted in 2003 for the execution style killing of American Indian Movement icon Anna Mae Pictou Aquash. In February of 2004 Arlo Looking Cloud stood trial at which time John Trudell testified that Looking Cloud confessed to him, in 1988, his role in Anna Mae's murder and also implicated John Graham as shooting Anna Mae in the head while she prayed. After a three day trial, Looking Cloud was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. His conviction says nothing about the fairness of his trial.

Although a few of those responsible for her death have been revealed, and Looking Cloud has been declared guilty, the truth still remains hidden under a blanket of deceptions and lies. There are numerous questions that cry out to be answered. Most notably, why have noted AIM members become informants for the FBI? The FBI paid Darlene Nichols Kamook Banks $47,000 to say that Leonard Peltier "bragged about killing the two agents" and made inferences targeting Leonard Peltier in the death of Anna Mae Aquash. In 2006, in reference to Kamook's accusations, Trudell admittedly told her that "she had done the right thing.." and "... I said the only way we are going to be able to get to the bottom of this is we have to hunt them down and flush them out.". What sort of deal has the FBI made with John Trudell ?

It came as a big surprise to many in Indian country when Trudell, a former leader and national spokesperson of AIM, materialized as an informant for the FBI against Arlo Looking Cloud, and John Graham. An even bigger surprise came soon after Arlo Looking Cloud's conviction, when Darlene Nichols Banks "Kamook" married BIA officer Robert Ecoffey, a thug who served under the former corrupt Pine Ridge reservation President, Dick Wilson, and who allied himself with domestic security agents of the FBI in creating the reign of terror from 1972 -1976, resulting in 60 homicides and 200 assaults against Indian people, almost all of whom were associated with AIM.

A recently uncovered FBI document, discovered through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), strongly suggests that the FBI choose not to prosecute anyone for the murder of Anna Mae for 29 years, but instead to covered up for those whom they knew were implicated in her murder, to protect an operative/informant working with them. Did their informant/provocateur retire from AIM? Clearly, the FBI's intent to blame Peltier and keep him in prison until death became an important reason to proceed with the prosecutions. After approximately 16 years of silence,John Trudell suddenly appears as the most important federal witness and conspirator to implicate Arlo Looking Cloud, John Graham and Leonard Peltier in the murder of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash.

Why, 31 years ago, did Trudell expose, at my trial, a conversation he had with Dennis Banks that Banks told him that Anna Mae had been killed BEFORE HER BODY HAD BEEN IDENTIFIED. It wasn't relevant to my trial and its significance was not immediately grasped. Was it done in preparation for an opportune time? What about his conversation with Arlo Looking Cloud in 1988, incriminating both Looking Cloud and Graham into Anna Mae's execution? What sort of deal did the FBI have with Trudell? Trudell also implicated others: "Lorelei Means, Madonna Thunder Hawk and Thelma Rios, as persons guarding Anna Mae" in Thelma's home in Rapid City. Why did Trudell, after 27 years of accusing the FBI for killing of Anna Mae, decide to accuse members of AIM instead?

Trudell's testimony in the Looking Cloud trial establishes that he knew for 16 years that John Graham, aka, John Boy Patten, Arlo Looking Cloud, and Theda Nelson Clark took Anna Mae, who was tied up, from Denver, Colorado to Rapid City, South Dakota, where she, according to witnesses, was questioned at the Wounded Knee Legal Defense/Offense Committee and ultimately shot in the head by John "Boy" Graham. Trudell says that he knows Looking Cloud and Graham were "following orders.". If he knows who gave the orders he has yet to say. Perhaps Trudell has been saving this part of the puzzle for the Graham trial.

Several sources have stated that Trudell asked Kamook Banks to participate and gave her "strong words of support" to encourage her to take the witness stand to testify about an alleged confession she heard by Leonard Peltier. This, together with the testimony of another long time close friend of Trudell's, Troy Lynn Yellow Wood, said that Anna Mae told her Peltier had put a gun to her head in an attempt implicate Peltier to the Anna Mae murder. Kamook also testified that Anna Maetold her the same story at the 1975 AIM Conference (SEE Arlo Looking Cloud trial transcript:

I never saw Kamook at the Conference and her sister, Bernie Lafferty corroborated she was not there (taped phone conversation, August 4th, 2004). I was present and I never saw Leonard with a gun when Banks and Vernon Bellecourt ordered us to take Anna Mae out to question her. Trudell publicly rallied for Peltier's freedom for more than 20 years. Why has Trudell now turned on Leonard to encourage the proffering of lies from long time friends and associates?

Candy Hamilton, a prosecution witness, commented, "I didn't think that Leonard should have been dragged into it. I mean, god, how could he have had anything to do with it, he was all so broken." She said further, "...Leonard was not really considered high up in AIM, I think that it came from the top. For sure the Bellecourts and probably Banks, and after that I don't know" (taped conversation, August 28, 2004). Mrs. Ecoffey's sister, Bernie Lafferty, in another taped phone conversation, said: "Oh yeah, that is why I couldn't understand why they were trying to involve Leonard in this ..." (August 4, 2004).

"The way I understand how things went John T (Trudell) contacted Kamook about telling the truth. So why he has come out of this smelling like a rose and Kamook takes the label of informant is beyond me," expressed Denise Maloney after the Looking Cloud trial. She has also described odd behavior by Trudell just before the Looking Cloud trial: "When I ran into John Trudell in San Francisco in 2002 he ran around the room like a chicken with his head cut off ... talking in code and not really saying anything." (e-mail, February 11, 2004).

Paul DeMain, Editor of News From Indian Country, and friend to Joseph Trimbach, (former Special Agent in Charge of the Minneapolis Division of the FBI) in a phone conversation in regard to Leonard's civil suit against him stated, "I would have never said that Leonard Peltier ordered Anna Mae's death because first of all I don't believe that is the way that happened and second of all even if Peltier wanted her dead there was no authority to have ordered something like that in the apparatus of AIM. He wouldn't have been able to do that. But the first proposition is that I never would have said that" (taped phone conversation May 2005). SEE:

Kamook's sister, Bernie Lafferty said, "Leonard treated Anna Mae no different than the rest of us, "... "I never once heard Leonard accuse Anna Mae of being an informant." Bernie further said, "We was always real close to Anna Mae... well, we had to be... I know deep in my heart that she was no FBI agent. She would never say anything to anybody" (taped phone conversation, August 4th, 2004).

Other sources that uphold the same opinion about Leonard's trust of Anna Mae can be found in the following sources: In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, by Peter Matthiessen, Agents of Repression, by Churchill and Vander Wall, and many other media journals, and books. But our actions toward Anna Mae showed our trust of her, and her actions toward us speak louder then words.

Indeed, there were two occasions when Anna Mae became a member of our group. The first occurred, when she become a member of our group one day before the Crow Dog raid. The second occurred when she joined Bank's in Denver, before the Columbus Day bombings on the Pine Ridge reservation in 1975. Both actions on her part reflect that she had no fear of Leonard.

Each time Anna Mae ran it was from federal authorities. She went to the safe house provided by Trudell's close friend, Troy Lynn Yellow Wood, in Denver, Colorado. It is well known in AIM that Trudell and Troy Lynn have been friends for many, many years. While in Denver , Trudell normally visited and stayed at her house. The question here is, why would this long time friend of Trudells agree to take Anna Mae prisoner and then hand her over to her executioners with out Trudell's approval, who was then the national chairman of AIM?

On November 24th, 1975, after being released in connection with the Oregon charges and the FBI Crow Dog arrest, Anna Mae went to Denver, Colorado for the third time. "She knew she was going to get indicted on the Oregon charges no matter what, [and, I add, she knew there was no chance she would receive justice from the scheduled trial on November 25th, 1975 in Pierre, SD] so she split," Nilak Butler stated In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, by Peter Matthiessen. Anna Mae also believed that she would, as she had done on other occasions, re-join Leonard Peltier and Dennis Banks through the help of Troy Lynn and Colorado AIM. Ray Hand Boy testified that he and Evelyn Bordeaux drove Anna Mae to Denver at her own request.

According to the testimony of John Graham's girlfriend at the time, Angie (Begay) Janis, soon after Anna Mae arrived in Denver she received a phone call from Rapid City and was told to "hold Anna Mae". Janis then phoned her "best friend" Yellow Wood, who's house then became Anna Mae's prison. The phone call came shortly after Trudell picked up and drove Dennis Banks, who had just escaped the Oregon shootout, to California. Was it Dennis Banks, who ordered further questioning of Anna Mae Aquash? What did Trudell have to do with this order? Banks and Trudell both knew that many AIM members, including those working at the WKLD/OC, had formed suspicions Anna Mae was an informant. According to Candy Hamilton they "wanted to know why everywhere Anna Mae had been people got arrested" (taped phone conversation, Sept. 2004).

Ken Stern, in his book, Loud Hawk, writes at length about Trudell's ideas of who the informants could have been that turned in Banks' motor home. Trudell has a long history in AIM of fingering people as informants. Did he finger Anna Mae? As it turns out, he has become what he has decried: an informant.

For years Trudell claimed to know nothing about the death of Anna Mae and accused the FBI of being solely responsible. Yet, statements he has made over the years highlight the incredulity of his alleged lack of knowledge and that he has associated with and given aid to the right individuals in AIM to cover up the parties who committed this crime and to create patsies to take the fall for both the FBI and AIM.

Bruce Ellison, Trudell's attorney buddy of 32 years, believed Anna Mae to be a "snitch". This is the same attorney Trudell knows took part in the WKLD/OC meeting about her; and this is the same attorney Trudell has conspired with for the last 29 years to cover up for those who ordered and killed Anna Mae. Beginning in 1976 both Trudell and Ellison began making public statements accusing the FBI of being totally responsible for the death of Anna Mae. , But Trudell's testimony at my trial makes it clear that he knew in 1975 what AIM members had played, implicating Dennis Banks. In the Looking Cloud trial, Trudell said nothing about FBI involvement in the killing, nor has Trudell made further statements to the media about FBI involvement.

On April, 28, 2005, in a hand written letter to me, Arlo Looking Cloud alleged that his trial attorney Tim Rensch conspired with Bruce Ellison. "I received a letter informing me that Vernon B. [Bellecourt] provided all my legal material in my case to Laliberte [Graham's attorney] in Canada, apparently getting it from Gilbert [Arlo's appeal attorney]. And I read Vernon and Gilbert go way back. And how hard Rensch [Arlo's trial attorney] worked to make sure Candy Hamilton couldn't mention Bruce Ellison's name. Rensch, his former law partner Leech and Ellison go way back."

According to Canadian Justice Ian Donald, Trudell was the most important witness in John Graham's extradition proceedings, and Trudell will also be a prime witness for the United States federal prosecution against John Graham. What is even more curious to many of us close to the events is why has Trudell's close friend Bruce Ellison befriended John Graham's defense team in Canada? While in Canada on June 9,2007, Ellison,spoke to the media in support of John Graham. Perhaps Arlo has brought attention to the reason why.

I know the friendship that has existed between John Trudell and Bruce Ellison all these years, but a recent article published in Counterpunch on March 8,2007, by Michael Donnelly, entitled "Rock Stars, Porn Stars and Peace, LA Story," makes it clear that Ellison and Trudell are still good friends. Donnelly writes, "The occasion was last month in Los Angeles when John Trudell, Jackson Browne and Willie Nelson held a benefit concert for the Women's Cancer Research Institute. It was the second Give Love; Give Life benefit that the fellas have held for this cause.

"LA Native Celia Alario and I hooked up for brunch with Quiltman, my good friend and member of Trudell's band Bad Dog. Leonard Peltier's attorney, Bruce Ellison joined us, as did Jimbo Simmons of the Treaty Council and the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN)".

The question. What does Bruce Ellison and Trudell share, besides their friendship, that has bound them together in the Anna Mae killing? With Trudell the fed snitch, one would naturally think they should be at odds with each other, yet it is clear they are not. What are we missing here? A very clever conspiracy, but conspiracy to accomplish and gain what? Each has placed himself in different camps and positions of influence. Bruce Ellison, who has Graham's defense team covered and John Trudell who has the federal witnesses covered.

The information about the FBI affidavit Anna Mae wrote in her letter to Trudell became one of the documents used to accuse and confront Anna Mae. According to one inside source, this affidavit was used in Denver, Colorado, by Theda Nelson Clark, Troy Lynn and others, and used again in South Dakota as an instrument, that purportedly evidenced that she was an informant. Did Trudell pass this FBI affidavit on to his friend Troy Lynn?

John Trudell, National Chairman of the American Indian Movement during that period, began an early campaign to cover up the true circumstance that lead to the execution of Anna Mae. The question is why?

Even after I had publicly confronted Trudell in 1994, with the murder of Anna Mae, at the "Salt of the Earth Book Store", in Albuquerque, New Mexico, (when Bob Ecoffey was carrying an active investigation) he continued to say nothing publicly of what he knew of AIM's involvement. To the contrary, he accused me of being part of the FBI cointelpro program stating, "... a Cointelpro operation is being directed at me... to neutralize me. I have been waiting for the attack."

If as Trudell contends, he was not an important part of Banks' support network, why was he contacted to "protect Anna Mae" in California? Why was Trudell recruited to help purchase weapons for Banks? Why was Trudell the only one Banks called to pick him up in Nevada after escaping the Oregon shoot out? Why was Trudell contacted and told the location of Anna Mae's safe house? Banks knew that "after Pierre, [South Dakota,] Anna Mae went to [Denver,] Colorado" (In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, by Peter Matthiessen). Trudell's knowledge that Anna Mae "had been taken to a protected area," that she had "been taken prisoner" leads many to believe that he could have saved Anna Mae.

According to Trudell's testimony in the Looking Cloud trial, he claims to have found out about who murdered Anna Mae for the first time in 1988, when his good friend Troy Lynn Yellow Wood set up a meeting between Trudell and Looking Cloud who allegedly told him the whole story of Anna Mae's murder. This is simply not true based on Troy Lynn's own words from October 2nd, 1994 taped conversation that "John Trudell has known about all this from the time Anna Mae was taken from my house". Trudell's own admission, during CBC the Fifth Estate program aired in December 2000, that "Troy Lynn called me from Denver and told me that Anna Mae had been at her house and these people had come and took her away as prisoner".

Trudell stated: "... And I got this message that...Annie Mae was in trouble and could I help her. I couldn't because they had a warrant for my arrest in Nevada on a charge that was later dropped. I could do nothing about it. The next time I ... Dennis told me she had been shot in the back of the head. He told me this in California. This is when he was out on bail there...I know it was within two days or so after they found the body and I knew nothing about that" (trial transcript of the Butler -Robideau trial, Cedar Rapid, Iowa, 1976:

Trudell's words contradict his own testimony at Looking Cloud's trial, where he testified that he had been in Los Angeles in late September and early October, he said: "... one of us always stayed with her as much as possible just to act in the capacity of being security." The fact is that even if Trudell was unable to travel in December, he had access to all the phone numbers of AIM members in Rapid City, as well as the lawyers' who worked at the WKLD/OC office. He knew Anna Mae had been taken and where, to save her was just a phone call away.

Why didn't he intervene to save his "friend" Anna Mae?

Trudell's long time friend and close associate, Bruce Ellison, who participated in the questioning of Anna Mae and allegedly provided documents that went to show she was an informant. Why didn't Bruce Ellison contact Trudell? Perhaps he did. Ellison said that Anna Mae had been brought into the WKLD/OC office tied up, "I told them to untie her". (Conversation with Bruce Ellison during the March 4th, 2005, "Benefit for Freedom" in Toronto, Canada).

Why did Trudell align himself for 29 years with Bruce Ellison, a person he knew participated in the WKLD/OC "meeting" that undoubtedly condemned Anna Mae as an informant?

Why does Trudell continue to maintain close ties to Bruce Ellison, who he knew took part in the interrogation of Anna Mae at the WKLD/OC?

For many years, beginning in 1975, both Trudell and Bruce Ellison had taken the position that they "do not know who pulled the trigger... " But "the responsibility clearly rests with the federal bureau of investigation". In, Rolling Stone, April 7, 1976, Banks was the first to utter this position stating, "... even if AIM members had killed Aquash, the FBI bore responsibility because it had helped launch rumors about her."

In my conversation with Trudell 1994 at "Salt of the Earth", I asked him, "Did you know that Bruce Ellison was involved?" Trudell answered: "Yes, I knew about that". Again, the question, did those at the WKLD/OC "meeting" call Trudell, who they knew was not only a long time "friend" of Anna Mae's, but also a person who, by Trudell's own admission a was a close associate to Banks?

In a tape recorded interview, Candy Hamilton alleges Anna Mae told her that "Price told me he would see me dead within a year." In the Lan Brookes Ritz documentary, "Anna Mae, Brave Hearted Woman," Trudell said, "Agent Price told Anna Mae if she did not cooperate she would be dead before the end of the year...and it worked out that way!" Just before leaving the jail in Vale, Oregon she told one reporter, obviously speaking about the FBI, "They'll execute me. That's what they do to Indians who fight for their people". In the Looking Cloud trial, Trudell said nothing of these threats by FBI agents as he had done for years with the media. Why has Trudell become conspicuously silent about the involvement of the FBI? Does Banks, who has remained silent also, still support Trudell today or does he fear Trudell?

There are many unanswered questions concerning John Trudell's motives for joining the federal prosecution in the Anna Mae Aquash murder case and giving comfort and aid to the likes of Kamook and other friend's; and influencing testimony that seeks to drag Peltier into this mess. It's becoming instructive that John Trudell has known, from day one, why Anna Mae Aquash was taken prisoner, and executed; and as a witness for the prosecution, sheltered himself from possible prosecution for wrong doings he may have played in the killing of Anna Mae and its cover up. What did Trudell have to do with the killing of Anna Mae?

What has materialized is that John Trudell, and his friends, Troy Lynn Yellow Wood, Kamook Ecoffey Banks, and other federal witnesses have become FBI puppets to convict two small pawns and target Leonard Peltier. It is instructive to know that John Trudell was privy to the legal strategies in both my trial and that of Leonard Peltier's. We are forced to look further into the possibility that Trudell may have been working with the feds as early as 1975, especially in light of the fact that Trudell implicated Dennis Banks in the murder of Anna Mae Aquash while testifying at my trial.There is nothing that explains why he should have even gave this testimony in 1976. His testimony is repeated in the Looking Cloud trial.

We know that some where in the back ground the FBI is dirty in all of this. We know it was an FBI operative/provocateur who first started the rumors that Anna Mae was an informant. It was an FBI informant who perpetuated the rumors. It was an FBI operative/informant responsible for the death of Anna Mae. It is well known within the American Indian Movement that Trudell has attempted to place snitch jackets on several members of the American Indian Movement. In the end we must ask just when did John Trudell actually become an FBI informant? The answer would reveal much.


The FBI Gives Serial Killer John Martorano $20,000 In Cash To Start New Life - Martorano Murdered 20 People -- That's A Thousand Dollars Per Murder

The Boston Globe
By Shelley Murphy
Globe Staff / January 16, 2008

FBI Gives Serial Killer 20,000 To Start New Life

When hit man-turned-government witness John Martorano strolled out of prison last year after serving only a dozen years for 20 murders, the federal government gave him $20,000 cash to help him start a new life.

Officials defended the payment yesterday, saying it is not unusual for witnesses, like Martorano, who decline to join the federal witness protection program to get money to help them survive after their release from prison.

But the families of some of Martorano's victims and some lawyers familiar with the case say such payments are wrong.

Martorano served just over half a year for each murder "plus he gets $1,000 a head," said Boston lawyer James P. Duggan, who represents the family of John B. Callahan, a Boston financier who was lured to Florida in 1982 and killed by Martorano. "It just goes to prove: If you're going to commit a crime, commit a huge crime, because that's what pays the best."

See the full article here:

The FBI Has Long Been A Supporter Of Nazism & Harbored Many Nazi's Within Its Midst

Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant

Henry Pierson Curtis / Orlando Sentinel February 15, 2007

A paid FBI informant was the man behind a neo-Nazi march through the streets of Parramore that stirred up anxiety in Orlando's black community and fears of racial unrest that triggered a major police mobilization.

That revelation came Wednesday in an unrelated federal court hearing and has prompted outrage from black leaders, some of whom demanded an investigation into whether the February 2006 march was, itself, an event staged by law-enforcement agencies.

The FBI would not comment on what it knew about the involvement of its informant, 39-year-old David Gletty of Orlando, in the neo-Nazi event. In court Wednesday, an FBI agent said the bureau has paid its informant at least $20,000 during the past two years.

"Wow," Gletty said when reached by phone late Wednesday. "It is what it is. You were there in court. I can't really go into any detail now."

Orlando City Councilwoman Daisy Lynum, whose district includes the march route west of Interstate 4, said she wants to know who was behind the march, the neo-Nazis or the FBI and other law-enforcement agencies.

"If it was staged, I would feel very uncomfortable and would ask for a full-scale investigation," Lynum said. "To come into a predominantly black community which could have resulted in great harm to the black community? I would hate to be part of a game. It's a mockery to the community for someone else to be playing a game with the community."

Others applauded the FBI's infiltration of the neo-Nazis.

"It's one of the largest extremist groups in the country, and Gletty was one of the most visible individuals in the National Socialist Movement," said Andy Rosenkranz, state regional director for the Anti-Defamation League. "Generally, the FBI and the JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) in Florida does an excellent job."

Rally puts city in spotlight

Orlando drew national attention when the city granted a permit to Gletty so a minimum of 100 white supremacists and National Socialist Movement members could march Feb. 25 through the historically black Parramore neighborhood.

From the National Socialist Website NSM Members Listen to (now known FBI informant) David Gletty before a rally.

Wearing swastikas and holding signs declaring "White Pride," the 22 neo-Nazis who turned out were protected from 500 counterprotesters by about 300 police officers.

Gletty's secret life became public Wednesday in a federal court hearing resulting from the arrest last week of two suspected white supremacists on charges of conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine.

Last Thursday, the FBI arrested Tom Martin, 23, and John Rock, 35, after Gletty wore a wire to a meeting and agreed to help them rob a drug dealer in Casselberry, according to testimony.

Rock told Gletty in a tape-recorded conversation that he and Martin had robbed seven drug dealers by posing as law-enforcement officers, according to testimony. Martin and Rock remain held without bail in the Seminole County Jail.

Slip-up lets name out of bag

Throughout most of the hearing, Gletty was referred to as "Mr. X" or "CW" (cooperating witness). His identity was revealed when Assistant Federal Public Defender Peter W. Kenny repeatedly slipped up and mentioned Gletty's full name.

FBI agent Kevin Farrington and a federal prosecutor were clearly uncomfortable with the disclosure of the informant's name in open court.

Questioned about Gletty's role in the march, Farrington testified that "he participated in it. He did not organize it. . . . [That's] pretty good firsthand information, sir."

The city parade permit, however, lists Gletty as the "on scene event manager."

And pictures of Gletty addressing marchers sporting swastika armbands for the Orlando rally appear on a neo-Nazi Web site. Captions from other photos on the site mock the counterdemonstrators and the police presence.

On another Web site, Gletty details his role in organizing the Orlando event and hosting a victory party afterward.

"On 1/17/06 I got the permits and started the ball rolling," he writes. "On 2/25/06 at 3 pm on saturday [sic] in downtown Orlando My crew and I got it done."

In another part of the posting, he writes: "Since I was the permit holder I was the person to deal with the police and had over-all authority of the event."

No word from FBI

FBI officials did not return calls asking for specifics about the agency's relationship with Gletty. A tree-trimmer in Orlando, he withdrew from the National Socialist Movement last fall to pursue other projects, Farrington testified.

Orlando police Deputy Chief Pete Gauntlett, who supervised the march preparations, would not say what the FBI told police about Gletty and other marchers.

"We let them express their free speech and let them do what they're allowed to do, but we wanted to have control," Gauntlett said.

Bill White, a former spokesman for the National Socialist Movement who participated in the rally and now runs another neo-Nazi group, said he was surprised to hear of Gletty's involvement with the FBI. He said Gletty did a lot for the cause.

A neo-Nazi offers his take

"If he was being sponsored by the FBI, then American National Socialism has a lot to thank the FBI for," White said in an e-mail.

Lynum said that if the FBI was behind the march, she would like the agency to reimburse the city for the tens of thousands it spent to send officers -- including SWAT-team and mounted-unit members -- to police the march.

Adora Obi Nweze, president of the State Conference NAACP in Miami, said she was disturbed an informant set up the march and was working for the FBI.

"That's very troubling that somebody like that would be an informant for the FBI," she said. "You never know what they are capable of. No question, it bothers me."

But Alzo Reddick, a former state legislator who grew up in segregated Orlando, lived through KKK marches and later taught black history, said he was proud of the way the police and the community responded. He was a member of the "Be Cool" movement organized to calm the community before the march.

"I think law enforcement has to walk in some murky places to be where the bad guys are," Reddick said. "Was the FBI informant an activist or a participant? Was he the agent provocateur from the get-go? Sure, that would be part of what I'd like to know."

Rene Stutzman, Jim Leusner and Willoughby Mariano of the Sentinel staff contributed to this report. Henry Pierson Curtis can be reached at or 407-420-5257.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Many Varied Vehicles Of Organized Stalkers -- Some Are Expensive Others Are Inexpensive -- All Are Owned By Those With Evil Machinations

Why U.S. Intel Must Lie To The American People

If U.S. Intel agencies like the NSA, CIA and FBI were operating legally, there would be no need for them to blackmail others in order to hide their own criminal activity from the public. Nor would there be a need for the organized stalking groups which can now be found throughout the 48 U.S. Continental States.

Unfortunately, these federal agencies don't operate legally, which forces them to spend most of their time circulating propaganda in which to deceive the American public, who falsely believe that these agencies operate within the guidelines set forth by the U.S Constitution; when they in fact do exactly the opposite. The FBI, NSA, DHS and the rest of their Intel associates blatantly violate every aspect of the U.S. Bill Of Rights, and then arrogantly refuse to answer for these outrageous crimes.

A quick visit to the FBI's Website and one will find a section on how the FBI vigorously defends Americans whose rights have been violated by federal officials under the cover of law.

This is an outright lie, and piece of propaganda used to deceive the public.

However, the FBI's COINTELPRO history of committing such terrible violations of these rights stands as a testament to the complete hypocrisy with which the FBI operates; a situation in which the Bureau violates every aspect of the Bill Of Rights including that of due process of law. And when caught in such crimes, rather than admitting its own culpability, the FBI instead destroys the credibility of those whom it has wronged, while using the pathetic U.S. media disinfo system to aid and abet its deception.

In fact, the FBI has a history of going much further than that -- including its use of psychological warfare in efforts to drive these poor souls to commit suicide, or to such despair that they act out in a criminal manner which they would never have done, had they been left alone.

The truth as it applies to the FBI is that its role as premier law enforcement agency in this country is a total fabrication from beginning to end. The FBI is a complete and utter LIE, and has perpetrated every crime there is, including murder.

For the past five years, I have witnessed the Bureau cruelly brainwashing my own family, to the point where they are no longer capable of thinking for themselves; refusing to acknowledge the FBI and NSAs' egregious criminality as it applies to the violation of their rights as American citizens, regardless of the evidence put forth (including that from the Freedom Of Information Act). My family now sees the FEDS in the ways in which victims see their captors -- a Stockholm Syndrome type of dependence which is absolutely horrifying.

*No doubt the FEDS will show them this paragraph to cause us further problems, since this is how these filthy Nazi reprobates operate. They illegaly spy on you, twist your words around, and pathologically deceive the public, while perpetrating crimes that should put them in prison for life.

However, whenever I bring this up, I am told that I am paranoid, and that the FBI, NSA and DHS have nothing to do with this harassment, even though it is quite obvious that they are each directly responsible for perpetrating what have become precedent setting crimes against us, and now so incredibly desperate to justify what they have done, that there is no longer any rule of law in regard to how they are operating.

A cell of agents spend their days figuring out the best ways in which to torment us, while these filthy criminals violate every aspect of our rights as U.S. citizens.

My Family may tolerate being attacked in such ways, but I never will.

Even many of the Bureau's own agents have said that the agency is Evil and operating based on a Nazi ideology, where the inherent rights of all Americans are placed in jeopardy, depending on whom the Bureau decides to attack on any given day.

However, there's an information revolution going on in this country at present which is going to eventually result in the abolition of the cancerous FBI and many of its Intel brethren. The agency is on a respirator and its days are clearly numbered. And the same can be said for its organized stalking subordinates, who do much of the FBI's dirty work for it.

The FBI's agents have taken such a steep dive, that they will perpetrate any crime imaginable, as long as they believe that they can get away with it -- including murder. Which is why the agency must be abolished, and those agents who have and continue to commit such crimes must be named, and tried for their crimes against humanity. They can no longer be allowed to commit their heinous crimes under the shadow of the FBI acronym. The FBI is only as good or bad as those who operate within its clandestine walls. And based on the experiences of many of those who've been illegally targeted by it for years, it is quite obvious that most of the agents within the FBI are in the latter category.

Vicious, murderous, treasonous, and pathologically deceptive; these are some of the typical characterizations of this Nazi run juggernaut and those whom through their sadism and cowardice, are to blame for the FBI's failed and despised legacy.

A group of filthy reprobates who've sunk so low that they are now videotaping American citizens using their bathrooms and having sex. These agents are PIGS. And they belong in prison.

Why Organized Stalking Will Eventually Cease

Organized stalking groups are a manifestation of the New World Order's global domination. They are as much a symptom of the NWO and its Nazi ideologies as are corrupt central banks like the privately held Federal Reserve. Americans are living in a matrix of lies which are being propagated by the Illuminati's NWO and criminally enforced by federal agencies like the FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS.

Those who document these unpleasant truths are demonized by these NWO disciples, through orchestrated smear campaigns used to destroy their lives. Their privacy is obliterated, in the most abjectly criminal ways imaginable, as these agencies abuse their authority to obfuscate their own criminality.

The situation within the United States has become completely intolerable as these agencies continue to provoke a response to their outrageous behavior. However, in time those who take part in these internationally networked groups of organized stalkers will begin to realize that it's those whom they have been stalking who've been propagating unpopular truths about their own treasonously corrupted governments and intelligence communities.

And at that time, these groups, having lost confidence in those within the intelligence communities who've organized them, will gradually disband, joining those of us who have been propagating the truth about the New World Order and its agenda to remotely enslave the minds of this planet's proletariat all along.

As it presently stands, vehicular stalking is in a dramatic decline, because of the outrageous price of a gallon of gasoline. I have noticed a significant decrease in this aspect of the organized stalking which I am subjected to. It is simply too expensive to have these stalkers driving long distances in which to harass people, when to fill up the average fuel tank can cost upwards of $60 dollars, and more than a hundred for many SUV's (a common vehicle used in this type of covert crime).

Even the neighbors who usually take part in these crimes are easing back, simply because their illegal tactics have not been effective, and their own common sense is finally forcing them to realize that they are throwing their money away.

And while I could focus on these people, the fact is that many have been hoodwinked into taking part in these crimes, when prior to doing so, they were simply living their own lives and not bothering anyone else.

The culprits here, as usual, are agencies like the FBI and DHS; the consummate and predatory trouble makers who have the technology in which to cause such trouble, and complete lack of conscience to routinely abuse it. My neighborhood was once a quiet and beautiful area where neighbors were cordial to one another, yet minded their own business. That has always been perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of living in such an nice locale.

However, five years ago, these federal buzzards descended upon us like a plague, in which the peace and quiet of this area were completely shattered.

The FBI and DHS are the ones to blame here. They are the agencies who are responsible for causing ALL of the hatred which we as a community are now experiencing. New World Order Nazi Jockeys whose existence is to decimate each of our rights as citizens of this once great nation, while using their evil machinations in which to divide and conquer us.

A Gestapo tactic.

These agencies are not crime fighters. They are criminals and they are the consummate trouble makers; those who use satellites as their venue for predation -- and each of us are their unwitting prey. And there will come a time in the not too distant future when their orchestrated stalking community -- spiritually destitute and exhausted -- will simply turn on the federal organizers of these sick and depraved protocols.

The U.S. Intelligence community's role here will finally be exposed both nationally and internationally, as will their use of satellite based psychotronic and directed energy weaponry, on those of us whom they've illegally targeted for non consensual human experimentation.

The American people (as well as the rest of those from around this planet) will then be made painfully aware of their own vulnerability to the satellite based technologies deployed by the NSA, FBI and the rest of their NWO brethren, and the NWO will finally be exposed globally for its genocidal intentions.

Alien Intelligence & Its Affect On The Human Race -- Can All Of The Abductees Who Document Very Similar Accounts Of Such Abductions Be Delusional?

Whether you're Travis Walton, Katarina Wilson, the late Dr. Karla Turner, Whitley Streiber or one of myriad other alien abductees, you are well aware that the global religious status quo is greatly threatened by accounts of such abductions, because religious doctrines may in fact not be able to withstand the impact that such an international and startling awakening may have on the human race.

In the Hollywood movie about the 1970's alien abduction of Travis Walton entitled "Fire In The Sky," certain actual events of Walton's disappearance were omitted from the silver screen, because the U.S. Military Intelligence complex did not want the public to identify with the fact that many of these so called aliens are hybridized beings who are almost indistinguishable from humans. Travis described his encounters with both the grey types of alien beings as well as those which appeared to be human, in the following documentary.

Why would the military intelligence complex not want us to know about these hybridized beings? Because this would give more veracity to the accounts of numerous abductees who have routinely reported a military presence in their abductions, in which they believed that they were being used as part of an alien/military agenda in which to create hybridized beings.

And it would appear from the accounts of many of these abductees, including some of the better known ones such as Katarina Wilson, that there are perhaps an infinite number of such beings in our galaxy alone.

Travis Walton interview:

Part 1

Part 2

Interesting 2004 video Of many UFO's surrounding a satellite tether from the space shuttle Columbia, in which infrared cameras capture UFO's as wide in diameter as three miles long hovering over the tether, while materializing and dematerializing. What else does the U.S. Military Intelligence complex know about these craft that they haven't told us?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Many Of Us Are Being Targeted By The FBI For Similar Demonization (Smear) Campaigns To That Which Was Used To Silence Martin Luther King Jr.

"There is no greater insult to an American citizen than to be demonized by a Nazi indoctrinated Gestapo run agency like the FBI. The FBI and its agents have proven time and again that their criminality and complete indifference to operating well outside the rule of Constitutional law makes them unsuitable for legitimate law enforcement work. The FBI is a Congress authorized criminal organization, in many ways, differing little from the privately held Federal Reserve Bank legitimized counterfeiter, and its IRS collection bag man. As Americans, we've all been taken to the proverbial cleaners while the US Media sits back and does nothing but help propagate these criminal organizations, by disseminating their treasonous lies."

-- James F. Marino NSA Satellite Prisoner

Target For Non Consensual Human Experimentation

The FBI & Its Nazi Ideals

Since its inception, the FBI has always been an anti-American threat to the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights. If there is a civil or inherent human right that can be violated, the FBI has done so repeatedly, and with either no punitive actions taken against it by the Congress or Justice Department, or the proverbially slap on the wrist.

The Bureau was always problematic in this regard, however, under the late J. Edgar Hoover, an Evil megalomaniac, who saw the FBI as his own private organization and tool for both illegally spying upon as well as covertly attacking those whom he did not approve of, the FBI was turned from a troubled organization into an Americanized version of the Nazi Gestapo. The FBI's hate mongering against a myriad of individuals has only grown worse over the years, as it covertly demonized, tortured and murdered those whom it sought to disenfranchise of their rights as U.S. citizens.

The FBI has also been routinely used as a pawn by those corrupt elected officials within the hierarchy of the U.S. Federal Government; used to attack their detractors through the utilization of the FBI's police state COINTELPRO operations.

There have been a myriad of times in which this has occurred over the FBI's hundred year history. However, the Bureau's cowardly and shameful attacks of the late actress Jean Seberg (driven to suicide by the FBI), eco activist Judi Bari (blown up in her car by the FBI but survived), the late Margie Schoedinger (who filed a 50 million dollar lawsuit against George W. Bush which alleged his repeated rape of her) which resulted in her suicide, as well the George H.W. Bush orchestrated attack on Hart campaign worker Michael Boren Williams and his family, when Williams attempted to expose the elder Bush's rampant criminality, are perhaps the best examples of how what was supposed to be a federal policing agency, turned out to be nothing more than a Congress sanctioned criminal syndicate used to covertly defame, torture and murder those who were victimized by some of the very politicians who were supposed to be representing their interests.

Well past its prime and in dire need of euthanization, the FBI should have been abolished from practically the day it was founded. A congenital mistake, the Bureau has become globally feared and despised for its lack of *ethics, completely immoral and inhumane operations, and flat refusal to take responsibility for its depraved and criminal activities. The FBI is not only a lawless operation, but also a pawn being used by the criminal hierarchy within this country (including the present White House administration) to obstruct justice, while destroying the reputations of any persons or organizations which attempt to propagate the Bureau's hideous operations.

*The FBI's use of spy satellites to satiate its agents' degenerate bathroom peeping appetites, is surely indicative of the Bureau's total failure as a legitimate law enforcement agency. And is it any wonder why the FBI and NSA would attempt to utilize COINTELPRO in efforts to destroy my life, given that their warrantless satellite tracking and spying of my person for the past 28 years is not only a federal offense, but the most precedent setting one ever documented by an American citizen against the U.S. Federal Government.

Hence the FBI's total obfuscation of the facts in these attacks, as well as its abject violations of my rights under the U.S. Constitution. It is the FBI and its criminal cohorts at the NSA and DHS who are the real terrorists and treasonous criminal conspirators here. In this particular instance, their attacks on the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Of Rights are also unprecedented.

The FBI's History Of Obstructing Justice

The FBI has a long history of obstructing justice, going back to its early days as the Bureau Of Investigation (BOI). However, it has become particularly notorious for having done so in more recent years with the obfuscation of evidence and in some instances complete white wash of investigations into domestic terrorist attacks which were carried out by the U.S. Federal Government.

Since 1988, the FBI has willfully covered up factual information in regard to the terrorist attack on Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie Scotland, the original attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 (in which it has been said that the FBI actually furnished the bomb for this attack), the 1995 attack on the Murrah Federal Building, the U.S. Navy's accidental shooting down of TWA Flight 800 in 1996, and the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on 9-11-2001.

The FBI has also acted as disinfo agent in efforts to promulgate the black propaganda campaigns in regard to these attacks, which were then fed to the American people, by the U.S. media disinformation system. And anyone who has attempted to expose the FBI for these crimes (including some of its own former agents) has experienced the systematic destruction of their lives, as the FBI's smear campaign machine was put into operation.

Cruelty, thy name is Federal Bureau Of Investigation.

The following quote is indicative of how FBI agents demonize anyone whom they disapprove of, yet cannot arrest legally. The FBI is not only a pathetic excuse for law enforcement, it is an employer of a myriad of sick minded miscreants who search for legitimate reasons to exercise their sadistic tendencies. Unfortunately, until the U.S. media wakes up from its CIA induced Operation Mockingbird coma, it is only going to continue to act as aider and abettor to the FBI and its despicable operations.

"'Dangerous,' 'evil,' 'colossal fraud,' were the choice terms that then FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and other top FBI officials routinely spit out about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. They didn't stop at name calling. They talked ominously of "neutralizing" him as an effective leader. And even more ominously they sent him a letter flatly saying 'King you are done.'"

-- Earl Ofari Hutchinson, New American Media

See the following article by Mr. Hutchinson here:

Given the U.S. Intelligence community's intense grab for power since the federal government's orchestrated attacks on 9-11, and the subsequent passage of the Constitution raping fascist Patriot Act, the Internet has now become the home for alternative journalism, and the propagation of myriad criticisms of this Orwellian takeover of our government, media system and country.

It will be these alternative journalists and the human rights groups which they inspire, who will eventually bring about the needed changes that must take place within this federal government if we are to once again flourish as both a nation and a people.

For the most part, our so called representatives have been an absolute disaster, and like it or not, will have to accept responsibility for the deplorable conditions, financial and otherwise, that the American people are facing presently and in the future.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Crimes Against Humanity Perpetrated Under The Color Of Law & Cover Of National Security

Friday, July 25, 2008

Cancer Patient Randy Pausch Passes Away After A Most Heart Wrenching & Gallant Battle

Most people who've become familiar with Randy Pausch's courageous battle with pancreatic cancer knew that this day would come sooner or later. And finally, and in some ways mercifully, it has.

There are many people throughout history who've earned the respect of others for their courage, however none more so than Randy Pausch, who decided to spend his last months here on earth educating the public about the horrors of pancreatic cancer, as he courageously battled on each day, while his talented doctors managed to find ways in which to give him a bit more time to do so.

While much has already been written about his courageous battle (including a book that he co-authored) and there will likely be a movie of his life to further memorialize him somewhere down the line, no characterization of Randy could be more accurate than the following statement: Randy Pausch was the very definition of the indomitable human spirit. His courage and love for his beloved family as well as life itself were certainly evidence enough of this.

Randy will not only live in their hearts for time immemorial, but also in those of the tens of millions whose hearts he touched since speaking out publicly once he became afflicted with this pernicious illness.

May Randy be as dynamic in his next life as he was in this one. And may his family's grieving be lessened in knowing how truly remarkable a person he was.

See the latest on Randy's passing here:

See Randy's last lecture here. The lecture which made him internationally renown.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Revox B 261 FM Broadcast Monitor Shows Up Three Days After Last Schedualed Delivery Date Expires

As it turns out, the Revox detour was a delaying tactic by the FEDS, rather than an outright theft. And in the interest of reporting the facts in regard to the U.S. Intel harassment of my person as accurately as possible, I now document this.

Note that the tuner arrived "3" days after the last possible date of the normal schedualed arrival, this in keeping with the 3 trigger that the FEDS have been using in their psyops of my person for quite sometime now. The "3" is one of thousands of psychological triggers which they have subjected me to over the past five years, when their covert surveillance of myself became an overt harassment campaign in which psychological warfare became the primary component.

The objective, of course, is to cause me ongoing psychological duress, which the (in my opinion) deliberate delay of the Revox did. However, it is now clear that the FEDS did not steal this tuner. Yet, I still truly believe that they were responsible for its delay, as they decided how to use the Revox in some aspect of these psyops. I believe that once I posted that in my opinion they had something to do with the Revox's disappearance, the tuner suddenly got put back into circulation. Hence its arrival today.

And as strange as it may seem, I am for a change grateful to the FEDS for allowing the tuner to be sent to me, so that I am not out my $566.34.

Quite candidly, I had given up on ever seeing this tuner, or my $566.34 again, and was extremely and pleasantly surprised to see a large box from Switzerland being delivered by our postman this afternoon.

Note that these types of tactics are also used to damage the credibility of a person being targeted for non consensual human experimentation, since those observing our documentation can state that we are just being paranoid.

However, that is part of the insidiousness of a psychological operation, since the gas lighting component of the operation is designed specifically to make the target doubt their own sanity, while destroying their credibility with others.

And for this reason it's so extremely important to document in great detail every nuance of the FEDS' psychological warfare campaign against my person, so that the general public can begin to understand their own vulnerability to such covert, illegal, and sadistic operations.

As I have said in the past, I don't ever want to see another person being subjected to the abject viciousness and violations of both civil and human rights that my Family, self and myriad others are presently being subjugated to. And I am doing the best that I can to alert the public to such outrageous government sanctioned abuses.

Given the overall adversity that I face each day, I was once again very pleasantly surprised to see the Revox being delivered, after what has been in and of itself a difficult negotiation which involved my having to use a language translator in order to communicate with the seller, who only spoke German.

If more than a decades' long battle with chronic Lyme Disease, in addition to being used by the NSA for non consensual experimentation (in addition to the FBI's COINTELPRO attack on my person) has taught me anything at all, it's that one's own tenacity is the most important characteristic necessary in surviving such vicious assaults. Baptism under fire is a primary component in all this, where one must begin to think several steps ahead of their enemies at all times.

Most if not all TI's have arrived at this conclusion by now, which no doubt has enabled them to survive this long.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Murder Of Irish Journalist Veronica Guerin Repeatedly Used By The FEDS As A Warning For Me To Keep Silent About This Technology

When the NSA commandeered our TV programming a few years back, every program that they ran was a psychological trigger of some type, warning me to keep silent in regard to what they were subjecting me to.

In understanding that I was dealing with Nazi's who were masquerading as federal law enforcement, I quickly began to take notes in regard to specific details of their attacks on my person. One of the programs which they ran repeatedly had to do with the 1996 murder of Irish journalist Veronica Guerin, after she began to expose the drug traffickers in her country.

Note that while my last name is Italian, I am also half Irish. And the NSA's reference to the murder of the Irish Guerin was no coincidence, here. In fact, every warning that I am given by these modern day Nazi predators always has some symbolic significance, which is typical of the mind games that they play with those whom they target for neutralization.

To say that the FBI and its degenerate miscreants are mean spirited does not begin to describe what they really are. There are many mean spirited people in society. However, these people are not torturers and murderers, something that the FBI and its U.S. Intel brethren in crime most certainly are.

These agents are as cunning and heartless as they are EVIL. And they perpetrate their crimes in the most abhorrent of ways, while using everyone around them as pawns to carry out their sick and depraved machinations. I say this from first hand experience, given that for the past five years I have been subjected to an protracted FBI/NSA/DHS psychological operation, using every smear tactic and psyop in the book, in efforts to drive me to a state in which I will react in a physical manner, constant with that which would give these maggots a legitimate reason in which to incarcerate me.

However, that has not happened, and will not happen. Given this, these federal sleazebag punks are now fabricating information, and whipping my community into a frenzy based on slanderous information, in order to continue to propagate their criminal and treasonous attack against my person.

THERE IS NOTHING LEGAL ABOUT THIS, because it is the FBI and its criminal minions who are the law breakers here. And their giant EGOS simply can't handle the fact the for the first time in U.S. History, an American citizen whom they were illegally targeting for a COINTELPRO, found out what they were doing , and turned the tables on them.

Moreover, the fact that the information which I am promulgating on my Website is scandalous enough to topple the U.S. Federal Government, the conspiracy by the NSA/FBI & Homeland Security continues unabated, as my Family remains under their coercive intimidation.

In fact, I have been warned by my Family on many occasions that my work in exposing these government criminals (particularly as it applies to their satellite tracking of all Americans by way of the unique fields which emanate from their brains) is causing Family members a great deal of problems.

I have routinely apologized for this, however, given the import of what I am documenting here, and understanding the incredible threat to humankind that the NSA's brain fingerprinting remote neural monitoring technology represents, I have openly asked my Family why they are not helping me to promulgate this information.

What I am supposed to do? Know about how dangerous this satellite based and artificial intelligence computer driven technology is, and not do my best to alert the public to it? That would be something
that I could not forgive myself for. However, in the past several years I have done everything possible to alert the public to the dangers that this technology represents, while living a daily nightmare, as the FEDS continue to manipulate my Family into remaining silent, and in the process demonizing me to them.

Unfortunately, the FEDS have put my Family through hell over these past several years, and they continue to be terribly compromised by the FBI and its EVIL minions, who understand what will happen to this government and the U.S. Intel community as the American people become aware of what these covert Nazi's are really up to, and take evasive action in which to prevent them from perpetrating such crimes against humanity in the future.

The FBI and DHS in particular continue to wage an all out and expensive smear campaign against my person, knowing full well that they cannot arrest me legally, and have perpetrated such outrageous crimes against me, that I am well within my rights as an American citizen, to sue these criminals for such conspiratorial and treasonous attacks.

Most American people believe that the FBI is controlled by the U.S. Congress and that the agency could never willfully use its vast resources to attack an American citizen. However, this is simply not the case. In fact it's the exact opposite, since the FBI attacks anyone it wants to, while circumventing due process of law, and manufacturing reasons in which to justify such despicable behavior. And those who complain to their local officials, the Department Of Justice, and the U.S. Congress, have found that they have wasted their time, since none of the aforementioned have ever gotten involved in taking on the FBI in defense of a citizen whose rights the Bureau has violated.

People like Judi Bari, Jean Seberg, and myriad others' complaints against the FBI were completely ignored by the aforesaid, while the FBI drove Jean to suicide, and orchestrated the bombing of Judi Bari's car in an attempt to murder her. And while they nearly succeeded in doing so, Judi managed to live several years longer; time enough to file a lawsuit against the FBI which she would win posthumously -- to the tune of 4.4 millions dollars.

In my opinion, the Congress, DOJ and our local politicians are afraid of the FBI, because they know the Bureau's criminal history of digging dirt on anyone whom it goes after. And these people don't want the FBI leaking their skeletons to the public.

So it's safer for them to simply ignore what the FBI does until the situation becomes so wide spread, that the Congress then steps in with a piece of theatrical grandstanding, to publicly scold the FBI. A situation which historically never results in any meaningful changes in the Bureau's Gestapo tactics, and leaves the agency free to continue its attack on the rights guaranteed us by the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

Based on my own experiences as a target of a decades' long COINTELPRO Sting, I truly don't believe that the FBI is capable of operating legally, since its history has clearly illustrated that standard operating procedure for the Bureau involves at the very least, the most basic violations of both the U.S. Constitution and human rights.

And for this reason, it is in the best interests of the United States and the American people to see that the FBI is abolished. And this call extends to other criminal and Nazi run U.S. Intel agencies which include but are not limited to the
NSA, CIA, and DHS.

As a result of my exposition of the FBI's criminal behavior against myself, the FEDS have become so frustrated and broken so many laws in their attacks on me, that they are now attempting to justify their own despicable behavior, regardless of how criminal it is. I also cite the recent "theft" of a piece of hi-fi gear which I purchased from Switzerland; something that I am certain the FBI and DHS were behind, in yet further intimidation. Once again, these federal hi-tech predators don't like to have their crimes exposed, and their outright theft of this expensive piece of equipment is only further proof of their tremendous frustration at having their crimes against my person (and Family) exposed globally.

The truth here is that it's the FEDS's owned cursed EGO's which keep them in a state of denial in regard to just how outrageous their crimes against us have been. And given that I have no respect or fear of them (which I have made quite clear in my myriad exposes regarding their horrendous crimes), knowing full well that these criminals are attempting to find means in which to covertly murder me, I have nothing to lose here; and the FEDS know it.

The fact that this Website is one of the most accurate on the Internet in regard to the rampant criminality that the U.S. Federal Government is complicit in, has only further enraged the FBI and NSA, which are now setting new precedents daily in their violations of the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights, in their oftentimes disgusting and heinous attacks of my person.

As I have said numerous times in the past, these U.S. Intel agencies are dirt digging blackmail artists who reside at the very bottom of the trash heap. A group of degenerates who actually use satellites to videotape men, women and children within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms.

No one should have to tolerate these PIGS. Especially when they masquerade as federal law enforcement -- this has to be the consummate betrayal of the American people's trust.

And as for illegally spying on me for at least 240,000 consecutive hours, while subjecting me to myriad forms of non consensual human experimentation, I can think of no American who has more of a right to expose these reprobates than I do, or who is now taking greater pride in doing so.

For the past 28 years they have violated my rights as an American in the most egregious ways ever documented. And they have routinely used satellite based psychotronic and directed energy weapons during this time, in their use of my person for non consensual human experimentation. From their aggression, it is quite apparent that their goal is to in some way torture me 24 hours a day in efforts to see just how much of this I can stand before I snap.

However, living with their biological weapon, chronic Lyme Disease, for the past 15 years, has taught me that the only person you can depend on is yourself. And anyone who suffers with chronic Lyme Disease is well aware of the nightmare that this illness represents, as it systematically breaks their bodies down, while torturing them night and day. Unfortunately, in addition to Lyme Disease, I must also cope with being subjected to an FBI COINTELPRO, where I am both under illegal 24 hour a day NSA satellite surveillance, while also being used for non consensual experimentation.

So the bottom line here is that I am going to do whatever is necessary to survive this Nazi driven onslaught, while circulating my own experiences at the hands of these mind raping, torturous and murderous anathema to humankind.

Moreover, regardless of what these federal miscreants do, it has become quite obvious that many individuals over the Internet believe that my information is accurate, and that they are themselves horrified that the EMF fields emanating from their own brains, makes them extremely vulnerable to the very mind invasive satellite based technologies that agencies like the NSA, FBI and CIA are utilizing to perpetrate these Orwellian types of crimes.

Delusional as they are egotistical, these agencies actually believe that they can violate our rights as aggressively and viciously as they have, and that we are not going to fight back. However, fight back we are. And we will continue to do so, because what these Nazi run agencies are getting away with here is so absolutely horrible and criminal, that they must continue to be exposed globally.

And their demonization of those of us who refuse to kowtow to their vast criminal empire is only further proof that they are in fact in the commission of treason. A crime punishable by death.

So is it any wonder that they are now attempting to deny us our rights as citizens of this once great nation, in efforts to cover up their treasonous crimes?

The FBI & DHS orchestrated the theft of a $566.34 piece of hi-fi equipment just to get even with me for exposing them. Why did they go after the tuner? Because it was a vulnerable point of attack, which offered the FEDS a plausible reason to deny that they committed this crime.

However, given that I have documented in great detail their criminal conspiracy to disenfranchise me of my rights as an American citizen (an outrageous crime in and of itself), the theft of the Revox has been just one in thousands of covert attacks in which to get even with me, for exposing what is turning out to be one of the greatest scandals within the U.S. Intel community in its history.

All begun as the result of one rogue FBI agent, who willfully took it upon himself to deny me my rights under the color and cover of law. Something I will make certain that he spends the rest of his miserable life paying for. Especially when considering the many lives which he and his federal and EVIL cronies have destroyed as a result of this FBI orchestrated machination.

The story of Veronica Guerin and her ultimate murder; the result of her attempt to bring down some extremely EVIL people:
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