Thursday, August 31, 2006

To Those Who Threaten All Targeted Individuals

I have seen many accounts of Targeted Individuals, who while doing their best to record the injustices being done to them, are forced to accept the role of being dominated by their Gang Stalking oppressors.

During the course of my life I have never believed in violence as a means to solving one's disputes, and always disliked guns and other weapons, simply because I understood that their main purpose was to commit acts of violence.

However, those who oppress us are not abiding by any laws. Nor are they acting in a humane way, when they attack us or sanction those who do. And unlike many others Targeted for this harassment, I do not believe in being forced into timidity by such acts of intimidation.

I am going on record within this blog to state that in the future, any person who attempts to threaten my Family or self in any sort of violent way, will be personally dealt with in the same manner in which they have dealt with us. The Brookville Police are well aware that these crimes are taking place and have done nothing to stop them. However, I don't fault them for this. These Stalking groups have even become a threat to the police in this country, because their networks greatly outnumber the police, and have in many cases been used to intimidate them. According to one researcher of this phenomenon, there is a storm brewing between the police departments in this country and these gang stalking networks, and in the future there will more than likely be a serious confrontation between the two.

By the accounts of most all TI's, the police have allowed us to know that we are on our own when it comes to this type of harassment. So at least they should understand that when this TI reacts out of self defense, that there was provocation in doing so. And I am going on record in this blog alerting the Brookville Police to the fact that my Family and I are being threatened by these criminal thugs and that if something happens to one or more of these thugs in the future, it will be as a result of the Terrorist Stalking that they have subjected us to.

This is not an idle threat. Threats are a waste of time. This is a warning. And those of you who have stalked us endlessly over the past three years would do well to heed it, because if you don't you are going to learn first hand what it's like to become the hunted ones.

Only complete fools would allow themselves to be subjected to this type of torment without fighting back. Petitions are fine. So are blogs which document this terrible harassment for the public. But they are not nearly enough. Justice in this country moves at a snail's pace if it is ever seen at all. And too many TI's are dying by being exposed to directed energy weapons as they are slowly microwaved to death, while being stalked by psychopaths who work either for the federal government or those goonsquads that it employs to take part in these criminal acts. There is no difference between people who murder others with directed energy weapons and those who do so with either guns or knives. They are both murderers. And those in the FBI, DHS, NSA and anyother federal agencies who do so are no exception.

They are all equally guilty of committing murder.

And it has become clear that far too many TI's are dying either by long term exposure to these weapons, or by their own hand, having become so distraught at the miserble crimes that have been illegally perpetrated against them, that they can no longer go on.

We are in a war for our lives here. And it is time that these perpetrators heard our message loud and clear. They are far too obtuse to understand any of the diplomatic ways in which we have proceeded thus far.

Gang Stalkers are not Americans - they are a criminal threat to the American people and their democractic way of life. And perhaps the only way that they are going to learn this lesson, is by being subjected to the very violence that they subject their Targets to. No other warnings have been effective, so they have left us with little alternative.

If enough Targets refuse to be bullied by these criminals and they begin to suffer attrition through their own casualties, perhaps then, they will find a better way of earning a living. They are cowards, and at the first sign of any real danger they will run and hide. The time for attempting to reason with these people is long past. They have no decency, and they have proven to us that they cannot be reasoned with. From here on in let them now fear for their own lives as they have made us fear for ours.

If their goal is to get us to respond to them in the same way that they have treated us, then so be it. However, let them remember that they were the ones who began this criminal campaign. And that they will now be the ones who find themselves on the receiving end of the same violence that they have perpetrated against us for so long. No rule of law, no due process, no regard for their Civil Rights. An eye for an eye. It's only fair.

I can guarantee them that once this happens, they'll no longer be sporting those sadistic grins that have become such a part of their Nazi protocols. Sometimes no matter how hard you try to resolve a situation in a peaceful manner it is just not meant to be. Maybe if some of these Stalkers end up getting what they deserve the local politicans will stop giving us lip service and start doing something meaningful about it.

As far as I am concerned, the time for words is now over. Significant actions need to be taken to bring about a meaningful change. And the time for those actions is now.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Efforts To Discredit Targets By Labeling Them Delusional

I have read a myriad of reports assembled by Targeted Individuals, which describe how those who Stalk and assault them routinely, attempt to discredit their accurate accounts of these assaults by villifying them within a societal context.

TI's are both demonized and dehumanized by those who assault them, in what can only be referred to as a criminal conspiracy. The goal is always the same: to drive the TI into a state where they become violent towards others or to themselves. I refer to those who Stalk all TI's as assassins, simply because their ultimate goal is the murder of the TI.

I was reading a post this evening by another TI who is being viciously and mercilessly stalked by the FBI. No aspect of his life is off limits to them. It is easy to see his frustration within his written words. Dealing with such a never ending onslaught of attacks eventually takes its toll on one's psyche. How can it not? I am well aware of this first hand, and have gone to bed many a night swearing into the darkness, as I toss and turn at the cruel events that I've been subjected to on a given day. I have gone to bed like this well over one thousand times in the past three years, and it is only because I have reached deep within my own spirit that I can continue each day, regardless of what these perpetrators and their filthy mindsets subject me to. I will not be defeated by them. They may kill me, but I will never allow them to force me into becoming a part of their belief system -- a very deranged, manipulative and cruel one.

What all TI's are subjected to is both psychological and physical torture, perpetrated against us by people who whether they see themselves as such or not, are Terrorists. Anyone who would take pleasure at harming someone who has never done them any harm is of a sick and sadistic mind. And when it is the FBI or other agents of the federal intelligence community who perpetrate these attacks against a TI, one can be certain that the attacks will be amongst the worst that any Targeted Individual will ever receive, since these agencies have the money and resources to mount large scale assaults on even one TI at a time. Not very cost effective, but
nevertheless effective in severely damaging the TI's life.

To put is quite succinctly, these organizations are EVIL. And their pursuits are in line with committing nothing but EVIL acts. As such it has become a main purpose for all TI's to document these attacks for future reference, so that others may come to understand just how inhumane and EVIL they are.

As for TI's, all must support eachother, even if it only by documenting what they are going through. I cannot emphasize the following statement enough: Any TI that turns against another Targeted Individual who has tried to help them, regardless of their rational, must also be seen as a Terrorist. There is no gray area here. If you don't like being assaulted, don't assault someone else. If you do, you are no better than the Terrorists who are assaulting you.

Three Common Ways That The FBI Attempts To Entrap Innocent Americans

I had posted specific ways in which the FBI has attempted to entrap me over the years. On the night that I posted them here the FBI hacked into my Website and removed them. I am again posting them here, this time keeping a FILE ON THEM so that if the FBI or its goonsquad gangstalking group HACKS into my Website again, I will be able to republish this information quickly.

Of course, I expect that if the FBI or Homeland Security gets frustrated with my persistence in describing their criminal activity against me, that they will simply have Angelfire find some bogus reason for deleting this site, as they did with my last Angelfire Web site, which described in detail the crimes that they have committed against me.

The following are three primary ways that the FBI will entrap a target who has not committed crimes:

Money Laundering

Drug Trafficking


Since the early 1980's when an agent of the FBI by the name of Raymond Migliore decided to use the Bureau to wage his own personal vendetta against me, I have been setup for entrapment on numerous occasions by the FBI or others at its direction.
I will cite several examples of this below.

In the early 1980's I was approached by a female in her early 20's who appeared to be mentally disabled. At the time I was sitting in a packed Long Island railroad car on my way home from work.

This female, who never identified herself by name, moved down the aisle of the railroad car and decided to sit next to me. Within a few seconds she had grabbed onto my arm telling me that she was very frightened and did not want to be left alone. I asked her why she was frightened but she refused to answer.

She continued to grab hold of my arm (hard enough so that by the end of the ride I had lost the circulation in it) throughout the ride to the Hicksville, NY station where she suddenly let go, said thank you, and without further explaination left the train. A week later, I saw her on the train speaking with someone else in a normal manner and immediately realized that she had been faking being mentally disabled. As she turned, she saw me and embarassed,immediately started into the act again.

During the late 1980's while I was parked in my car doing paperwork, I was also approached by a male prostitute or a fed posing as one, who solicited me. I threatened to beat him up if he did not get lost -- he left.

Since that time I have been approached by homeless people, one of whom actually punched me as I was walking across a Manhattan street as I headed to my office. I grabbed this person and threw them into the street, then set about to find a policeman to have them arrested for assault.

I found a cop, but when we returned the homeless person was gone. It was only a matter of a minute or two and I was surprised that this person was able to flee the scene so quickly considering the drunken state that they appeared to be in. I am now certain that this person's attack on me was yet another in a series of assaults by the FBI.

In 2001 I was having breakfast at home when the doorbell rang. An attractive young woman claiming to be a cleaning lady was at the door stating that she was supposed to start working for us that morning. I told her that she had the wrong address.

She then surmized that she must have been dropped off at the wrong house and asked if I could call her new employer to find out where their home was located -- she had the phone number with her. I did call the employer and then drove this young woman to the home without incident. Whether or not she was in on this setup is unknown at this time.

It's more likely that the Taxi she arrived in deliberately took this woman to the wrong address as a setup to entrap me. The FBI used this woman in the hope that some sort of confrontation would happen between us. None ever did.

There have been numerous instances where I was approached by people whom I did not know, who in one way or another were looking to cause some problem. The only reason that problems were not caused is that I always handled the situation diplomatically. And since I had no intention of committing a crime, the FBI was left with nothing. However they did not stop attempting to entrap me. They never do, even though what they are doing is not only criminal, but a total assault on my Civil Rights as well as the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

In 1994 the FEDS decided that it would be a good idea to try to set me up on an embezzling charge. I had become ill with chronic Lyme disease at the time and was bedridden. Will the bills piling up, one day I decided to try to get some of them paid.

I noticed that within my mail there was a check from Blue Cross and Blue Shield paid directly to me, which should have gone to the service provider, an infusion company that was delivering my IV supplies which my doctor had authorized in the treatment of the chronic Lyme disease that I was afflicted with.

I can see the FBI telling people that I am an IV drug user now -- yeah -- my drug of choice was the antibiotic IV doxycycline -- you sure do get some high off of that stuff -- especially when you get a Jarish Herxheimer response to being poisoned by the toxins as the Lyme spirochetes die off! Dream On FBI!

The excuse listed on the stub for the check was that the provider did not have a valid tax identification number. Now exactly how is it that the provider could have been in businesss without a valid tax ID number? Quite obviously, they could not have been.

I deposited the check in my bank account, and then wrote a check for the same amount to the provider. After that, several checks came directly to me, even though I had asked Blue Cross/Blue Shield to send them to the provider. They maintained the same excuse, that the provider did not have a valid tax ID number. However they never explained how the provider could be in business and not have a valid tax ID.

After all they were issuing payments which were billed by the provider, so they were acknowledging that the provider was in business. Every check that I received was quickly endorsed over to the provider until I no longer received any further checks. The FBI, even though they had used Blue Cross and Blue Shield to commit fraud, had again failed to entrap me.

However, once this occured, they waited several months and had Blue Cross/Blue Shield issue two more checks. Yet, the provider at this point was no longer in business. So I sat on the checks for months before I decided to cash them, thinking that if the provider had ever been able to contact BC/BS that they would have been directed to me and I could have known where to send the money. Technically, by law, the money was sent to me in my name. I had committed no crime.

Yet I never did receive contact from BC/BS or the provider in regard to the money, assuming that it was a dead issue. This was yet another blatant attempt by the FBI at entrapment. In the late 1990's a Staples' warehouse truck backed right up to my garage claiming that they were delivering a desk that I had ordered. I had ordered the desk months earlier and became so frustrated with Staples' inability to deliver it that I cancelled the order.

I later ordered another desk which was delivered within a reasonable amount of time. However the day that this particular driver pulled up, he showed up with the original desk that I had ordered. I should also note that over the years there have been many occasions where I had a far more difficult time in ordering products then I should have. In a number of cases I was even told that they never received my orders, even though I spoken with someone directly at the applicable company when placing the order. I am certain that the FBI in some way interfereed here as well.

*Also note that while typing this I am getting hit with directed energy weapons. The fatigue has been overwhelming for the past three days and I am also experiencing a dull headache as well as nausea today. Your hard earned tax dollars being used by the FBI, NSA and DHS in a most NAZI-like manner.

I told the driver that there had been a mistake and that I did not want the desk. Now in an ordinary situation he would have left without question. But not this driver. He walked over to me and started complaining about how he was exhausted and did not want to make a trip back to the factory that afternoon. He said that no matter what, he was not making a trip back to the factory and that if necessary he would just dump the desk on the side of the road before he would have to spend a few hours in rush hour traffic just for one lousy desk. (paraphrasing here but essentially his exact words.)

After 15 - 20 minutes of this (I should have caught on that it was a setup by then) we agreed to take the desk and pay him a firesale price for it. If this was not a case of blatant entrapment by the FBI I don't know what is. I was not out committing crimes, nor was I looking for trouble. The FBI pulled right up into my driveway looking to instigate trouble.

This is how the FBI really functions -- and there is nothing legal about it. If an FBI agent ever contacts you about anything, file a motion to have them contact your attorney in the future. They will twist everything you say around to suit their own purposes and leave out exculpatory information which can benefit you. They don't play by the rules, yet they expect you to.

The FBI is not about solving crimes or arresting criminals. It is about creating criminal activity through its blatant use of entrapment. And it is very effective at doing so, exploiting people's weaknesses and curiousity.

My primary concern at this point is that the FBI has been attacking me unsuccessfully for so many years that they are getting desperate and will resort to even more despicable tactics. I recently learned that technology exists to clone the human voice (voice morphing technology). And I am now concerned that the FBI or Homeland Security will clone my voice so that they can create tapes which will implicate me in criminal activity, or speaking about criminal activity that I have not taken part in. There is no doubt in my mind that the FBI will stoop to this level if they are backed into a corner.

Another attempt that the FBI has made since I first accessed the Internet through America Online, has been to try to set me up on pedophile charges. I have never attempted to contact a child on the Internet, nor have I ever viewed child pornography. I am certainly not a pedophile, but that has never stopped the FBI from attempting to use this entrapment on many people in the past.

Since I did not give them any opportunity to attack me in this venue, it made it more difficult for the FBI to attempt to set me up. They began sending agents who would portray themselves as chidren to contact me by way of Instant Message.

The instant messages would go something like: Hi I am so and so and I am 12. Wanna chat? When I would refuse and send them on their way many times they would come back and make a nuisance of themselves. They would begin calling me names and in general being obnoxious. I began to suspect that something was not right when I would be contacted by kids on a regular basis. I kept wondering how these kids kept on getting my screenname?

How many IM's from kids can you realistically get in one day, unless they find out that you have access to large discounts on skateboards and MP3 players? The harassment got bad enough that I finally blocked my screenname from all but the people whom I was in regular contact with on AOL.

I should also note that some of the people who contacted me did not identify themselves as being kids, but were acting very strangely. One person in particular claimed to have a lot of guns and loved to kill animals -- he even spoke about killing people. He had originally identified himself as someone who was suffering from Lyme disease -- that was initially our only topic of conversation. As he started talking about guns and killing, I blocked his screenname.

I did not realize at the time that these were not kids at all. Kids couldn't care less about what adults are doing. They are far too busy just being kids. Now I know that many of the people who had IMed me were just FBI agents attempting to once again set me up on pedophile charges.

Afterall, nothing else had worked for them in entrapping me, so why not wing it and go for this crime?

It is ashame that the American people have no idea how this organization really functions. The FBI does not respect your Civil Rights, nor do they abide by the laws of this land. If they decide to target you and you don't take the bait, they will continue to entrap you over and over until they succeed. You know that when the FBI will use the NSA and its remote neural monitoring technology to spy on you within the privacy of your own bathroom and bedroom for more than 20 consecutive years, that they don't exactly follow the rules of law as spelled out within the US Constitution.

These agencies are an absolute disgrace and a blight on the American people and their Civil Liberties. As far as I am concerned, these agents are criminals and should be brought up on numerous charges ranging from invasion of privacy and nonconsensual human experimentation, to illegal entrapment, slander and violations of the right to due process of law.

Nothing that the FBI, NSA or DHS have done in my case or my Family's has been legal. And this harassment and unwarranted spying has been going on long before the Patriot Act was ever passed into legislation -- we are talking being illegally spied on for roughly 25 consecutive years -- within our home - even within the privacy of our own bathrooms and bedrooms.

So the FBI cannot even use the Patriot Act as an excuse here, although I am certain that it will try to. It is clear that the FEDS have a lot to hide in regard to my harassment, which is why they have taken to villifing me in public in an attempt to destroy my credibility. They don't want the truth about what they have done to my Family and me to come out.

And for certain, my neighbors who are completely ignorant of the facts in this case, are taking part in this harassment, with the FBI and DHS as their gangleaders. These FEDS are truly EVIL. And if they think that after all that they have put us through, they are just going to get away with it, then they seriously need to take a reality break -- because they are NOT going to get away with any of the crimes that they have put my Family or me through!


The FBI Is Out Of Control

FBI OUT-of-CONTROL: Admissions of Use of Incendiary Devices at Waco Causes Questions of Who Is In Control at Rogue Agency

WASHINGTON-An angry Atty. Gen. Janet Reno, moving to quell a growing credibility crisis, promised Thursday (Aug. 26, 1999) to find out why the FBI has denied for six years that it used flammable munitions in the last hours of the Branch Davidian siege near Waco, Texas. But even as Reno and other federal law enforcement officials moved to answer new questions about the 1993 disaster, they acknowledged that their reversal of previous statements on the matter undermines their credibility.

In addition, it could give rise to a new round of conspiracy theories and reopen one of the most tragic chapters in the nation's recent history. The deadly end to a stand-off between the government and religious separatists, among other things, inspired Timothy J. McVeigh two years later to blow up the federal building in Oklahoma City. The controversy over the government's misstatements in the Waco case already has fueled accusations of a cover-up from survivors and relatives of the dead - some of whom are bringing a wrongful death lawsuit that is scheduled to go to trial in October.

And it has prompted calls for new congressional hearings on the matter from Republican lawmakers who have long criticized Reno for her handling of the Waco episode and a wide range of unrelated issues.

The disclosure "undermines the public's confidence in our ability to do the job," FBI spokesman Tron W. Brekke said in an interview. "It really hurts our ability to perform and it's very much of an embarrassment." Triggering the controversy was the FBI's acknowledgment earlier this week that its agents launched incendiary tear gas canisters - capable of catching fire - toward a bunker near Davidian leader David Koresh's compound hours before he and dozens of his followers died in the inferno outside Waco on April 19, 1993.

The admission marked a sharp departure from past statements. For years, Reno and other federal officials have insisted that no pyrotechnic or incendiary devices were used by the government that day. Lawmakers grilled Reno and FBI officials about the issue in weeks of high-profile congressional hearings. Just last month, when similar allegations resurfaced in Texas during the filming of a documentary on the disaster, Justice Department officials dismissed the notion as "nonsense."

But after the issue was raised again this week in the Dallas Morning New, a further review of FBI records - including a 1996 memo that made reference to the use of the military-style canisters - prompted the bureau to reverse its previous statements, officials said.

The new information indicates that about 6 AM on the day of the disaster, agents fired at least two flammable, military-style gas canisters at a concrete bunker (actually, a buried bus. WFI Editor) - about 100 yards - from the main, wooden dwelling where the fire began about six hours later. Officials said that the agents were seeking to use the tear gas canisters to block an underground escape route between the bunker and the Davidians' main dwelling.

Sect members had been holed up in the building for 51 days following a deadly gun battle with federal agents who had tried to raid the compound in response to reports of stockpiled weapons. Four agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms died in the shootout.

Reno, whose early days in office in 1993 were haunted by the prolonged standoff at Waco and its fiery conclusion, said that she still believes Koresh and his followers set the fire that ripped through the compound, killing 57 adults and 19 children. (Unfortunately for Reno, even if the FBI didn't directly set the fire, they were causally responsible because they turned off the electricity to the wooden compound, filled with straw, so that when tear gas was introduced, it was impossible for the Coleman lanterns being used inside, not to cause a fire.

Perhaps the FBI didn't maliciously kill all the people inside, but they were definitely ambivalent about their safety, even to the extent that they prevented fire department personnel from trying to put out the fire. WFI Editor) Reno said that, in approving the FBI's use of tear gas during the course of the standoff, she was concerned about the risk of a fire and received assurances that no incendiary devices would be used.

Among the key issues now to be determined, officials said, is why that assurance was violated, who knew about the use of the incendiary munitions and how it was that top officials gave contrary reports in their public statements. (Witness, Americans, a bureaucracy that is completely out of control, running on automatic pilot: DO YOU FEEL SAFE? WFI Editor)
In addition, the 40 FBI investigators assigned to review the Waco massacre are also likely to pursue new allegations that members of the Army's secret Delta Force anti-terrorist unit not only was at the Davidian compound that day, but may have played an active role.

The unit's involvement, if confirmed, would conflict with federal regulations restricting the role of military personnel in civilian law-enforcement operations. Subsequent to the FBI's announcement that it would investigate itself again, which did not placate many people, Congress announced that it would re-open its investigation into Waco. The revelations from these investigations could also complicate the government's defense against a $100-million lawsuit brought by more than 200 relatives of the Davidians. The wrongful death suit alleges that the FBI trapped the Davidians, helped to spark the deadly blaze and prevented firetrucks from reaching the scene. It also claims that the ATF used excessive deadly force in the initial raid on the compound.

SOURCE: Excerpted from the 27 August, 1999, issue of the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Edition, from an article entitled, "Reno Vows to Find Out Truth About Waco Seige."(WFI EDITOR: After information came out about the military-style munitions that were used at Waco, video recordings were found which confirmed the fact that the FBI and the Justice Department were having problems with their chain of command. Of course, allegations about military-style bombs have been floating around since 1993, and even the Congressional hearings brought out the inconsistencies in Reno's statements, and the statements of her underlings. It is only now that those allegations are picking up steam.

It's probable that Reno was lied to by her staff. But that means that replacing her won't fix the problem. It means that the problem is deeper inside the organization. This is not the first proof that the Federal Government is out of control. And it won't be the last. Every loyal American should be thinking right now, about how we are going to get the Federal Government to, in corporate parlance, wind up its affairs for dissolution, in favor of a legal government that actually conducts itself in accordance to the ancient constitution. Short of that we are doomed to future acts of misgovernment and cover-ups and corruption, that can only undermine our civil society and lead to more disorder.)

The Federal Gangstalking TRASH at 23 Wenwood Drive

I just took a ride out to get caught up on what is going on in the area -- something I have done once or twice every few months since the Gang Stalking of my person became overt. I stopped by 23 Wenwood at 3:40am to find that most of the house was lit up.

There is no question that the gangstalkers are watching me by way of close circuit tv cameras, which is how they are able to move their vehicles in time with my movements throughout my house. Of course these PIGS love to watch me heading for my bathroom -- deviant lowlife SCUM that they are.

As for the Patriot Act, which has allowed this abuse to become rampant, George W. Bush should take a copy of this document and choke on it. This Fascist bastard and his cohorts have committed treason against the American people. And if the Americans don't wake up from their ignorant and apathetic stupor, they are going to end up enslaved by this miscreant and those whom he represents and have no idea how they ended up in a predicament that they can't find their way out of.

As for 23 Wenwood Drive, one of these days this fascist swine and I are going to meet face to face and they are going to learn what happens first hand to people who have such little respect for the Civil Rights of others. The fact that we are talking federal agents who have orchestrated these attacks does not excuse any aspect of what they have done.

Swine is swine, even when it wears a badge. And as you readers can tell, after 1200 consecutive days of this garbage I am fresh out of patience and just looking for the opportunity to pay this trash back for the damage that it has caused in my life and my Families -- damage that is so
substantial that I have had my relationship with my Family severed. You know would you would do you to anyone who perpetrated such an EVIL at against you, so you know are well aware of where I stand on this subject. An eye for an eye!

There will be a reckoning. This filthy SWINE can count on IT.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Yesterday, after posting information in regard to the specific incidences which occured pertaining to the FBI's attempts to entrap me over the past 25 years, all of the information was removed. This is the second time in less than a week that the FEDS have hacked my Website and removed information that they did not want posted.

The rest of the information on the Webpage remains. However, all specific references to actual incidents which I had listed in regard to criminal entrapment pertaning to companies that committed fraud in the FBI's attacks on me, were deliberately removed, because they were clear examples of just how criminal the FBI's behavior has been in the case of my Family and me, and this organization does not want the truth of their crimes interfering with the LIES that they have circulated in public to further their own criminal conspiracy.

I will again post this information on Angelfire and this time keep a file in regard to it should the FBI or other CRIMINALS at its direction delete the information again -- something that they have been prone to do.

Monday, August 28, 2006

A Milestone -- 1200 Consecutive Days Of FBI Abuse

This week I reached 1200 days of the most vicious psychological harassment that anyone can imagine. Being spied on within the privacy of my own home; being subjected to psychotronic weapons and synthetic telepathy; gaslighting; defamation of character, dehumanization and demonization tactics by the Federal Bureau Of Investigation.

I've documented in detail their crimes against my Family and me, and the complete devastation that they have caused all of us. I have also documented being spied on within the privacy of my own bathroom nearly 40 Thousand times, which has to be one of the worst violations of the 4th Amendment in United States history, by what has to be one of the most depraved organizations of all time. Over the past three and half years I have been subjected to psychological torment by some of the nastiest most inhumane people on the face of this planet. People who were completely manipulated by the FBI into taking part in the harassment of someone who has never done a thing to them.

This is just further proof of the complete and utter cancer that the FBI is and the way that it spreads through the community of a Target like a plague. These FBI agents are as nasty as people get -- they simply don't come any worse.

They have no regard for Civil Rights, are as thin skinned as what you will find on hotdog, and as abusive as they are thin skinned. They adhere to no rules -- the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights are not something that they respect, but rather the basis for laws that they do their best to find ways around. If the FBI is able to attack those that normal law enforcement cannot, it is only because normal law enforcement must abide by the rules setforth by the US Constitution.

The FBI is what gets sent in when the Government wants to get away with criminal activity and not get caught. This criminal activity defines the FBI and its agents. Their notorious history for destroying the lives of innocent people is a testament to this.

When the FBI can use the NSA to spy on any American citizen for years on end, it is these organizations that are guilty of criminal activity. Why would they need impunity from the Justice Department if these agents were not committing crimes? Why would they need those around a Target whom they are coercing to take part in harassing that Target, to LIE, if the FEDS were doing things by the book? The only logical answer is that they would not.

So we can safely conclude that if the FBI has those around a Target lying to that Target and taking part in the harassment of said Target, that it is the FBI that is guilty of criminal conspiracy in this case. And no matter how much damage this organization does to the TI's reputation, nothing will change the fact that its agents have committed substantial crimes against said Target, subjected the Target's Family to psychological duress through the use of psywarfare and brainwashing tactics (done through the use of black propaganda and the use of psychological operations), and in the process, committed precedent setting violations against the Target and the Target's Family.

These are some very important facts that the FBI will conveniently omit in their representation of their actions against the Target. However, the Target has every intention of documenting to the very last detail, the extent of these violations and the attacks with extreme prejudice, perpetrated against the TI to attempt to destroy his sanity and his sense of well being.

These attacks have been the characteristic trademark of the FBI for many years, and have been stepped up in the past three to ensure that the Target would break down under the stress.

However, the Target has not. The mere fact that the FBI would ever attempt to justify spying on any American citizen for more than Two Hundred Thousand consecutive hours would certainly not only set precedent in such a case, but have the American concerning themselves in regard to what this type of extensive abuse would portend for them in the future.

I charge the FBI with all of the aforementioned criminal activities and will be pursuing this matter in the future, to document the extreme ways in which this organization violates the due process of law within the United States, including its predatory pursuit of those whom it cannot go after legally. These federal agents are nothing but hi-tech predators who routinely commit crimes under the color of law and conceal them under the cover of law, using the term National Security in which to do so.

They are a threat to the Civil Liberties of all Americans -- a cancer that if not eradicated, will most assuredly destroy the American people and the United States Of America.

Advice On Handling The FBI If They Harass You

The following person has an interesting Website describing how he handled the FBI when they began harassing him. Unlike most people, he was not fearful of the FEDS (something they depend on to control you just as any predator, a wolf for example, will use). If you don't fear them, they can harass you, but they can't control you. This TI mentions taking photos of any agents (or for that matter anyone you have following you -- you never know when they can be federal agents) so that you can document their actions.

I have been keeping a detailed journal as to what these FEDS have done to me and will readily access this information should it become necessary to. That is why the FEDS eased up on the physical harassment by way of car and on foot, and employed the use of professional gangstalkers like those who've taken up residence at 23 Wenwood Drive to harass me instead. It would not look good having a video of an FBI agent smashing into the back of your car as an intimidation tactic (something that they will do though).

The FEDS like to paint their targets as being ignorant to discredit their accounts. It is amazing how the more we dig up on them the more their harassment of us (usually through the use of their flunky goon squads)increases. The FEDS description of an ignorant target translates to meaning someone who knows the crimes that they have committed against us and others, and can pose a threat to them in public or a court of law.

This necessitates the FEDS use of criminal tactics which they will deny in a court of law, thus committing perjury. For those who don't think that the FBI will commit perjury in a court of law or surpress exculpatory evidence which can exonerate the persons whom the FBI is attempting to prosecute, just search the Internet
and type in FBI COINTELPRO.

You can research specific cases where the FBI has routinely done so and put innocent people in prison. AIM activist Leonard Peltier is one of these people. Black Panther member Geronimo Haga is another. There have been myriad Americans who were setup by the FBI for its illegal COINTELPRO Sting Operation over the past Century.

The FBI also has a convenient way of twisting around everything a Target says to put them in the worst light possible. The Target can be well thought of by others and have done much good in their lives. However, the FBI will quickly spin this to mean that the Target just wanted to get credit for what they were doing because they wanted to be a hero. Drink a beer and the FBI will call you an alcoholic. I could cite several more examples but you get the general idea.

No matter what you do, the FBI will spin it so that you are put in a negative light. So how does the FBI spin spying on Americans within their own bedrooms and bathrooms, something that I know they have done with myself and many others? Oh I know.. we are a threat to national security because of the amount of toilet paper we are using. People this nasty and manipulative and who have absolutely no respect for our Civil Rights are too stupid to live.

The following Website will be very uplifting to anyone who has ever been harrassed by the likes of this modern day Gestapo and its despicable COINTELPRO tactics. If there is a way that the FBI can screw you they have already thought of it. So screw them and take a good look at this Website : )

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The FBI's GESTAPO Attack On The Puerto Rican Independence Movement

The following is an article I was reading in regard to how the FBI has been using its COINTELPRO tactics in the modern day to destroy the Puerto Rican Independence Movement. As you read this article you cannot arrive at anyother conclusion then that the FBI was functioning as a modern day Gestapo in this situation.

The Persecution of Puerto Rican Independentista José Solís Revolutionary Worker #960, June 7, 1998

"The most successful sign of a repressive agency is its ability to remain incognito, that the repression not be interpreted as such by a population, and the people think that everything is ok and things are `different' now. It puts people to sleep. So they can do things like Iraq, so they can do things like Panama, and all the other atrocities. The list is long."

José Solis Jordan

Early in the morning of December 10, 1992, fire trucks pulled up at a U.S. military recruiting station in Chicago. A nearby vehicle had been reported on fire. A later police search turned up two unexploded pipe bombs, and a car interior doused with flammable liquid. A phone call was made from the previously unknown "Frente Revolucionario Boricua" taking credit for the action. It is now known that this small group was secretly set up by Rafael Marrero, who was then active within Chicago's Puerto Rican independence movement. Marrero has since surfaced as an FBI informant.

Four years later, in January of 1997, this same Rafael Marrero flew to Puerto Rico and had dinner with the Puerto Rican independence activist José Solis Jordan, a professor of education. José Solis had met Marrero earlier in Chicago, when José was teaching at DePaul University.

At this dinner, Marrero was wired for sound by the FBI.

On November 6, 1997, the FBI arrested José Solis, accused him of involvement in the 1992 incident in Chicago and demanded that he help railroad long-time Puerto Rican activists in Chicago.

José refused and has steadfastly maintained his innocence.

This case has the markings of an FBI "COINTELPRO" operation--operations by the political police to disrupt, neutralize and isolate radical figures and political movements.

In early April, a reporter from the Revolutionary Worker had the opportunity to speak with José about his situation. Much of what follows is drawn from that interview.


"I open up the door, go outside and realize that there are agents everywhere. Guys on the roof. Guys in the back yard. Dressed in these commando outfits. You couldn't identify them--all you can see are the eyes. And very well armed. Long weapons, automatic weapons, nine millimeter types of guns. They said `Put your hands up! Put your hands up!' and all I heard were these guns cocking. I thought 'Oh shit! somebody's got a trigger happy finger and I'm dead.'"

Just before six in the morning, the phone rang, and a gruff voice barked a terse command to José: "This is the FBI. You have 30 seconds to come out or we're coming in!" José and Martha Gonzales decided to leave the house, so their children would not be exposed to police attack. They stepped outside into an FBI occupied neighborhood.

José was thrown up on his car, searched, handcuffed, taken in his home and stripped, and then hauled away to the Federal building in downtown San Juan.

Ordered to Betray the Independence Movement

José repeatedly demanded his right to see a lawyer. But the FBI had other plans for him. They took his prints and photographs and then the agent-in-charge, William Matthews, demanded that José help "deliver" José López, a leading Puerto Rican independence activist in Chicago. "Cooperate" he told José, or "do hard time." Just talk, he told Solis, and the government would relocate him and make his problems disappear. They ran out a list of accusations that Marrero had supposedly made, and insisted that José agree to them. Matthews suggested that Solis wear a wire to entrap an activist with Chicago's Puerto Rican Cultural Center.

As for his lawyers, they were kept waiting for hours outside. Matthews told Solis that his lawyers were independentista "troublemakers" with their "own political agenda"--and suggested that he let the government pick him a lawyer in Chicago.

Only after José again refused to bow to these threats was he allowed to meet with a lawyer, and he was finally released on bond.

Threatening people with prison and demanding that they betray their cause is an old game for the political police--and one that has recently become even more common in federal prosecutions.

In fact, the key witness against José Solis is Raphael Marrero--who was involved in the 1992 action, but was then granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for grand jury testimony that implicates other.


"Here you are, this is the turn of the century, the new millennium, the post-modern world of `no more politics, no more ideology, no more history' and this, (as they would have it) `wacko' professor is tried on a political conspiracy charge." José's voice took a sarcastic tone. "'Those things don't happen anymore. This isn't the '70s!' But you know what? The FBI never forgot that they had to keep track on folks and on workers' movements, teachers' movements and militants of this or that sort. They never forgot. They want us to believe it's over with. They never put their guns down. Are you kidding?"

On December 10, José Solis was indicted. He was charged with conspiring to destroy U.S. government property, with bombing a car, attempting to bomb the recruiting station and possessing "unregistered" pipe bombs--all in connection with the 1992 recruiting station incident in Chicago. If convicted, he faces over 50 years in prison.

To make up for their lack of hard evidence, the federal prosecutors have produced a document which they claim is a confession Solis made during interrogation. This document states that Solis planned, conspired, and carried out the 1992 action at the military recruiting station and it reportedly names José Lopez as the "intellectual architect" of the operation.

This document contains everything the federal prosecutors could want--except for the signature of José Solis! José says that this so-called "confession" is a COINTELPRO-style fabrication. Solis' attorney planned to demand suppression of this "document" at the court hearing scheduled for May 13.

The other "evidence" facing Solis in this case was produced by the dubious "witness" Raphael Marrero. It is not clear whether Marrero was an FBI infiltrator from his first days in the Puerto Rican independence movement, or an activist who capitulated when faced with heavy charges.

In any case, Solis describes how Marrero's activities followed a well-documented pattern used by FBI COINTELPRO operative to disrupt progressive movements. Long before the FBI raid on Solis' house in Puerto Rico, Marrero had been trying to create antagonisms between José Solis and José Lopez.

"I was being fed everything that they have written in their book," Solis told the RW, "Appeals to emotion. Rumors. Here I am way out in Puerto Rico. Marrero's...calling, telling me that Lopez and folks are saying I'm working with the FBI and with him. That `Lopez is gonna set us up. They're gonna bring us down.' I go--'What the hell are you talking about!?' I was very suspicious. Why is the guy calling? Of course, all this is being taped. He's bugged. He's wired."

José Solis now believes that these phone calls were part of an FBI plan to inflame contradictions among the people, make him believe other activists now considered him an enemy, make him betray the movement and become part of an operation against the Puerto Rican independence movement in Chicago.

"I can guarantee you in any struggle there are folks dying to destroy the struggles--folks that are planted within those struggles to fuel that kind of divisiveness," says Solis. "The bottom line is--you don't confuse a difference with a brother or a sister in a struggle with trying to alienate and trying to destroy the struggle. That's why I didn't take the hook. And that's why even when they arrested me and they were hoping that they could put pressure and I would join forces with these guys. It didn't work."

The Trial and the Struggle

"This case is about repressing the independence movement of Puerto Rico--in Puerto Rico and in the States--and it is living evidence of the fact that COINTELPRO persists. This isn't just about José Solis. This is not about one guy. This is about a history."

José Solis

The history that José refers to is the hundred years of U.S. domination over Puerto Rico. It began with invasion a century ago, and has involved massacre, assassination, systematic plunder of the island and exploitation of its people. It is a history of resistance-- from the Ciales uprising of 1898 to the seizure of the town of Jayaya in 1950. It is a history that includes a continuing federal effort to suppress the national aspirations of the Puerto Rican people--including the FBI's compilation of over 130,000 dossiers on political activists and the imprisonment of the 14 Puerto Rican independence fighters in U.S. prisons today.

The case of The United States of America v. José Solis Jordan is taking place as the U.S. ruling class is seriously considering new plans to annex Puerto Rico as the 51st state, and at a time when there has been a growing movement to free political prisoners within the U.S. The U.S. government is clearly trying to break up centers of the independence movement--both in the U.S. and in Puerto Rico itself.

To call attention to the larger context of this attempted railroad, Solis' defense team filed a motion that all charges be dropped because the U.S. is a colonial power with "no legal authority to charge Defendant with the offense alleged," and no right to prosecute "an individual on the grounds that he or she conspired to promote the independence of Puerto Rico by illegal means." The U.S. judge (predictably) rejected this argument-- but only after the defense motion had successfully brought the issue of Puerto Rico's colonial status into the courtroom.

There's been growing support for José Solis. Support statements have come from faculty, students and campus workers at the University of Puerto Rico, including the General Studies Faculty and the University Senate. The Puerto Rico Psychologists Association, the President of the Association of Puerto Rico's Mayors, faculty at both the DePaul University School of Education in Chicago and the University of Illinois in Champaign have also expressed their support for Solis.

Support committees have been formed in both Puerto Rico and Chicago

José Solis told the RW: "I'll tell you what helps a lot: support, solidarity. It's just a wonderful enriching experience for me.... It reaffirms the faith that I have in humanity to be something more than what the news media or Hollywood--a world of images and consumption--would want it or think it to be. It seems ironic, huh? You think `the guy's really suffering.' It's not easy, obviously. You got kids, you got friends, you got family, you got a profession. But this is part of a struggle.

I hope that it continues to raise the issue and the voice of the unconditional release of our political prisoners and other prisoners that are not Puertorriqueños and to raise that issue vociferously and militantly. There's a lot to be gained--even if we lose--cuz those things will go up, that information will be there. Independent of whether José walks out through a wide door, or the narrow door over there with the bailiff, that's what's to be gained."

On May 13, a press conference was held the shortly before José Solis returned to court. Speakers included Rev. Seiichi Michale Yasutake of the Interfaith Prisoners of Conscience Project, Nellie Zambrano, an associate professor at the University of Puerto Rico for the Support Committee of Professors and Friends of José Solis, Prof. Felix Masud-Piloto of DePaul, Josefina Rodríguez, of the National Committee to Free Puerto Rican Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War--and the mother of two Puerto Rican political prisoners--and Jed Stone, attorney for José Solis.

Meanwhile "the dogs are still in the street": the FBI has continued its sinister activities in this operation. Recently FBI agent Matthews questioned the director of the Center for Latino Research at DePaul, Dr. Felix Masud-Piloto, seeking tapes of a speech José gave at the school.

It has been reported that FBI agents presented a subpoena to Marcos Vilar, of the National Committee to free Puerto Rican Prisoners of War and Political Prisoners, commanding him to present himself to the Grand Jury investigating the case of José Solis.


"It's not a coincidence that the government is attempting to silence the voice of Puerto Rican intellectuals, dissidents, who object to 100 years of colonialization. The voice of Professor Solis will not be silenced. This prosecution will not silence him. The United States will learn, during the course of this case, what 100 years of colonization has done to the people of Puerto Rico. Professor Solis is, after all, an educator. He will use this opportunity to educate all of us about the ravages of colonialism on the people of Puerto Rico. I am convinced of two things. Dr. Solis will be free, and so will the people of Puerto Rico."

Jed Stone, attorney for José Solis

The Committee in Solidarity with José Solis Jordan can be contacted at (773) 278-9361. The José Solis Jordan Defense Fund can be reached c/o The Law Offices of Jed Stone, 434 W. Ontario--Suite 400, Chicago, IL 60610

The Nuremberg Code --- Have The FEDS Forgotten About This?

The following information describes in detail the policies setforth in regard to Nazi Germany's use of human beings for nonconsensual forms of human experimentation. What the FBI, NSA and DoD are doing to TI's in the modern day by exposing us to the use of directed energy weapons without our consent is in direct violation of these same rules. They have been using this technology illegally against Targeted Individuals including myself for extended periods of time. In doing so they have opened themselves up to a Class Action lawsuit by those whom they have victimized. The following is a detailed description of these violations.

The Nuremberg Code

The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved, as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.

This latter element requires that, before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject, there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person, which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment.

The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs or engages in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity.

The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and unnecessary in nature. The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under study, that the anticipated results will justify the performance of the experiment.

The experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury. No experiment should be conducted, where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects. The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment.

Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability, or death. The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons. The highest degree of skill and care should be required through all stages of the experiment of those who conduct or engage in the experiment.

During the course of the experiment, the human subject should be at liberty to bring the experiment to an end, if he has reached the physical or mental state, where continuation of the experiment seemed to him to be impossible.

During the course of the experiment, the scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he has probable cause to believe, in the exercise of the good faith, superior skill and careful judgement required of him, that a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.

"Trials of War Criminals before the Nuremberg Military Tribunals under Control Council Law No. 10", Vol. 2, pp. 181-182. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1949.]

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Comment About The CIA's Criminal Activity

"The CIA is not now nor has it ever been a central intelligence agency. It is the covert action arm of the President's foreign policy advisers. In that capacity it overthrows or supports foreign governments while reporting "intelligence" justifying those activities. It shapes its intelligence, even in such critical areas as Soviet nuclear weapons capability, to support presidential policy. Disinformation is a large part of its covert action responsibility, and the American people are the primary target of its lies."

Former CIA Agent Ralph McGhee -- 25 Years With CIA Overseas Operations

The NSA Is Now Zapping My Computer Monitor

Since last night the NSA has been zapping my computer monitor -- I have heard a clicking sound and watched the screen dim as it happened. It's happened twice now. There is no doubt that they do not like my documenting the truth about the crimes the FBI, NSA, DHS and these goon squads of Gang Stalkers have and continue to perpertrate against us.

Damaging this monitor will just further serve to show how these criminals break the law -- in this case just more vandalism of my property. Several months back they actually timed a burglar alarm to go off at 17 Wenwood Drive while simultaneously changing the color of my computer monitor's background from white to a primrose yellow color. The following day the monitor's background was back to white again. This is just one of many ways in which the NSA can hack your computer system and damage your equipment. They also have equipment which can filter out different emissions given off by the components within your computer so that they can distinguish between them.

This allows them to tap into your computer's hard drive and tamper with the software, including files. Many TI's have reported that they have found files on their computers that they did not place there; files that they had which were removed; and files which documented their harassment which they were suddenly locked out of. The technology that the NSA has is so advanced that it will literally blow your mind. Sadly, much of this technology is the brainchild of NAZI's, and is being used by the NAZI's within the NSA and US Shadow Government to illegally spy on you and deprive you of your Civil Rights.

To learn more access former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, Fort Meade, Maryland, on the Google search engine.

Gang Stalking Activity Resumes

FBI --- Fascism -- Blackmail -- Instigation

Gang Stalker heading Up Wenwood Drive and out of the neighborhood
Approximately 1:30AM on August 27th, 2006

Another Gang Stalker Heading to their base of Illegal operations :
23 Wenwood Drive, Brookville, NY 11545

August 26th, 2006

The Stalkers were very active all day today and into the evening, until I went out to the end of my driveway and began snapping some photos of them. Suddenly the cars that were going up and down Wenwood Drive every minute or so stopped their stalking theatrics. It is obvious that these Stalkers know that what they are doing is illegal and are concerned that I might snag more of their license plates if I am able to get close enough to their cars to do so -- or better yet, a photo of the perps. For people who like to spy on others within the privacy of their own bathrooms and bedrooms, these perps certainly are camera shy. Being deviant and voyeuristic SCUMBAGS will do that to them. Since I have gone back into the house to update this report, they are now back to running up and down the road in Stalking mode again.

On a side note, this morning I noticed a photo in the paper of George W. Bush with his Father George HW on their powerboat up in New England. This photo was so indicative of how the Illuminati uses the mainstream media to peddle itself to the public as being upstanding. If the American people had even a clue as to the collective crimes that have been commited by just Bush and his old man (not even including some of their recent ancestors), or the extreme viciousness that either of these psychopaths is capable of , they would be stunned! Yet here they were with Bush's daughter Jenna looking like America's proud first family -- if only the American people had a clue as to had badly the Bush Crime Family has put it to all of us.

And it comes as no surprise to me that the Brookville Police visit to 23 Wenwood Drive last night did not stop the Gang Stalking. If in fact the visit was a legitimate one at all, and not yet another piece of brilliantly conducted street theater. I would prefer to think that the Brookville Police Department was above that sort of thing, but there is no way to be certain of this -- not any longer.

The Stalkers have been busy all day long with their street theatre for the road act -- burning up rubber and fuel at an equally disturbing rate. It is like watching a cast on stage where each member runs across the stage for only a few seconds, never to be seen by the audience again. Only here these actors are sociopathic monsters, who will at some point more than likely have their 15 minutes of fame on the local Police blotter, or perhaps even worse.

The Gang Stalking protocol is derived directly from FBI surveillance team training, which was from its inception taken directly from the training that Hitler's NAZI Gestapo received. Now while most people would consider being labeled a Nazi an insult, I would think that these Stalkers would consider it a compliment, given that it is clear that they have an affinity for hurting others and taking pleasure in doing so.

Those who sanction these crimes, namely the FBI and its other federal disciples of EVIL, are truly sociopathic personalities. The typical FBI agent is employed to lie by profession. Every aspect of counterintelligence is a deception, where agents assume other identities and perpetrate their crimes from behind the scenes while their unwitting victims must wait until the FBI moves in for the kill, cowardly predators that they are.

This isn't some simple case of a harmless BS job which most people are capable of at one time or another. This is a situation where vicious propaganda is circulated to destroy people's lives. And there is no question that it is on the increase since the Fascist Patriot Act was passed into legislation, in which the FEDS have now declared it open season on any one they decide to target. Nothing that is done by the FBI is above board. Everything they do is based on deception. And who is their biggest victim?

The American people of course, who for the most part haven't a clue of the criminality that the FBI and its agents routinely engage in. However, the FBI will in time be held accountable for its innumerable crimes against humanity. Yet, until that time, all that its victims can do is to truthfully document what this agency is involved in, and the extent of its unbridled cruelty.

FBI = COINTELPRO = FASCISM = NO Justice For Americans

Friday, August 25, 2006

23 Wenwood Dr. Gets A Visit From The Brookville Police

About 12:15am I heard the quick blip of a police siren which caused me to head to the nearest window to see what the trouble was. Sure enough, the Brookville Police were headed straight to 23 Wenwood Drive -- the Gang Stalker's main base in this neighborhood. Wenwood Drive was blocked with cars which were on their way up to 23 Wenwood when the cops showed up.

As this situation wound down, I counted 46 cars that left the neighborhood while I watched the situation unfold. Before I knew it there were at least 4 Brookville squad cars that had stopped traffic and were checking each one, flashing lights into each to determine who was in there.

This went on for the better part of a half hour before the neighborhood cleared out, although I did notice several squad cars going up and down the road flashing their spotlights into the wooded areas along Wenwood Drive. I am now wondering if some of the people up at 23 Wenwood had made a run for it before the cops could get them.

I also made a comment in an earlier post about doing a sweep of the neighborhood last night and wondered if this was not a mocking of what I had said. Was the entire situation staged? Yet another piece of the ever present street theater that I have witnessed countless times over the past several years? Quite possibly it was. I have no way of knowing for sure.

However, 23 Wenwood has become a less than neighbor-friendly location -- their loud parties going on well into the early morning hours. Cars racing up and down Wenwood Drive, going in and out of their driveway at all hours of the day and night. One thing's for certain. The perps at 23 Wenwood are starting to get on everyone's nerves. Their behavior has gotten to be a real hassle for all of the people who live in this neighborhood. So perhaps the visit by the Brookville PD was legitimate afterall.

There's no way to know this for certain. However, I did notice that after most of the Brookville cops had left, a few vehicles headed back to 23 Wenwood -- the rats returning to their lair?
Anyway, my camera battery was dead or I would have been able to capture all of this -- Murphy's Law strikes again. I will continue to document this harassment as times goes by. I have also learned more about the neighbors who have taken part in it, but quite truthfully, I don't want to harass them. I was not at all happy about having to post some of their names on this Website, but they have had over 3 years in which to stop taking part in my harassment, so they left me with no choice. If they ease off, I have no problem with forgiving the attacks -- but first they have to ease off.

My primary focus is on these stalkers, the FEDS who have sanctioned them, and most of all, FBI special agent Raymond Migliore, who was the cause of this disaster in the first place. These are the real criminals. My neighbors have for the most part been unwittingly duped into this criminal harassment.

As for the Brookville cops, as usual, they were right on top of things and spent quite a bit of time here making certain that there were no perps running loose in the woods. They had made several passes through the neighborhood with their searchlights cutting a wide swath through the darkness. At least they did their best without doing an actual foot search. And with these Gang Stalker loons would you really want to go into the woods alone if they were lurking nearby, armed with some type of weapons?

I'll continue to report on 23 Wenwood and the rest of the Stalking that I am subjected to each day to see if tonight's Police visit helps to quiet things down, or if they resume their harassment. My personal belief is that things will start up again as quickly as they quieted down tonight. And If they do, I will certainly be reporting about them as they unfold. The perps don't need the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology or a crystal ball to figure that one out.

As for the mind control tactics being used against me both in the way of Gang Stalking and gaslighting, as well as those being done remotely by way of the NSA's remote neural monitoring satellite technology, there is no doubt at all that they are taking place -- And that it is the US Federal Government who is keeping some very dark and disturbing SECRETS from the American people.

Every American citizen has their body's biophysical print catalogued within the NSA's computer database. Now this is not like having your photo ID or finger prints on file. It is far more invasive. Here each American citizen's biophysical imprint (the electromagnetic flux that their brains give off) is housed within the NSA's vast computer banks, to be accessed whenever the NSA decides to.

Once the NSA accesses an American's electromagnetic flux EMF imprint, that person can be monitored as follows:

1. Watched 24 hours a day for life no matter where they are

2. Have their subvocalized thoughts both monitored and decoded by NSA cryptologists working at the NSA's Fort Meade, Maryland headquarters. This enables these cryptologists to electronically read the minds of those they are monitoring. According to John St. Clair Akwei, this monitoring is a two way "dial up" system which can also insert the NSA's prescripted programming into the subconscious thoughts of those persons it is targeting to influence their thoughts and behavior.

3. The NSA can use directed energy (so called non lethal weapons) weapons to remotely torture the target by directing these weapons to any part of the Target's body. The NSA has also mapped out the human brain and is capable of remotely targeting specific areas of the brain in order to manipulate those being Targeted into acting out in ways in which they normally would not.

In essence, what we find in this situation is the NSA using its technology to illegally experiment on humans -- nonconsensual human experimentatoin is ILLEGAL and in violation of a myriad of laws which specifically prohibit such criminal acts. And the NSA is in violation of these laws and guilty of using nonconsensual human experimentation on a significiant number of Americans including myself.

The NSA should be subpoened by an independent counsel empaneled to investigate these crimes on an individual basis so that the American public can learn not only about remote neural monitoring technology, but also of the specific NSA employees who were involved in these criminal acts, as well as the names of those who have been victimized by them.

As for the FBI, this organization is employing the use of a modern day COINTELPRO operation against many American citizens, and they have included my Family and me in these despicable attacks. So much for an agency that is supposed to uphold the law, when its agents spend most of their time violating the Civil Rights of the American people and finding plausible ways in which to deny it.

The FED'S Deranged Sense Of Humor

The following is similar to the two pieces of paper that were left in my wallet. I was visiting one of my parents, who at the time was recovering from post operative surgery at North Shore University Hospital. I had forgotten my wallet in my car and left it in between the two seats. When I got back to my car I opened the wallet to get money out to pay the parking ticket, when two strips of paper exactly like the one below (both having inspector and then a number next to the word ) fell on to the seat.

This was the FED'S way of letting me know that they had broken into my car and gotten into my wallet. A symbolic way of saying we can disrupt any aspect of your life at anytime and there is nothing you can do about it. This is typical of what others being stalked by the FBI have reported regarding the types of gaslighting tactics being deployed against them as a result of the FBI's COINTELPRO operations.

On former agent and target for COINTELPRO has reported that his automobile's tires have been slashed, his lights left on to drain his battery, the car's mirrors readjusted, broken glass left on the driver's seat of his car, air let out of his tires etc. And many others have reported similar problems. So there are other people documenting the FBI's crimes. In my situation, even though it was clear that my car had been broken into, the cash was still in my wallet as were credit cards and other forms of identification. The inspector numbers were obviously left to let me know that it was done by inspectors, or agents of the FBI/DHS or their evil doing goon squad.

The FEDS are notorious for attacking the TI's vehicles since they are the way that the TI gets around. If the TI loses their vehicle then they become even more isolated, which is exactly what the perpetrators of these crimes want to have happen.

Specific experiences that I have had with these FEDS in regard to their attacks on my motor vehicles and my Family's include the following:

1. Being crashed into or causing an accident to occur in which on at least 4 separate occasions damage was done to my vehicles or my Family's -- 3 of which required expensive repairs to our cars.

2. Having vehicles vandalized -- I have had the oil drained out of my motorcycle on more than one occasion and found the drain plug loosened, after I had tightened it securely with a wrench.

3. Having the alarm system in my Mom's station wagon set off remotely on a number of occasions. Also having the door locks on the car remotely opened while I was driving it.

4. Tampering with my car's gas tank in which I was only able to fill the tank halfway. I have no idea how they did this, but others have reported experiencing the same problem. Note that at other times I have been able to fill the tank up all the way.

5. Having the ignition system in my Father's truck tampered with remotely so that at times the truck runs well, while at others it is barely able to run at all. Note that many times the truck will run very poorly, only to soon after run very smoothly. The opposite is also true. Mechanics have never been able to find the problem. -- This is because there is nothing at all wrong with truck itself. It is the NSA's (as ordered by the FBI) tampering with the ignition that is the problem.

6. Another problem is being boxed in by these Gang Stalking groups while driving my car. Also being run off the road on at least two occasions and having more than one of these perps aim their car directly at mine in forcing a "mock crash" scenario, as it appeared that until the very last minute they were going to crash into me. One particular incident happened back in 1990 when I was exiting my neighborhood and a rust colored sedan which looked like an unmarked police car aimed directly at me and veered away at the last second.

He missed me by only a few feet. I went after him and as it turned out the guy represented himself as a retired cop. Now whether he was or not remains to be seen. He did flash a badge, but in this day and age unless you have a marked squad car behind you, that is meaningless. It is clear though that this guy was used in the street theatre against me as early as 16 years ago. And I am certain that it has been going on for much longer -- the early 1980's appears to be when my harassment began, orchestrated by an FBI agent named Raymond Migliore.

As for these perps, the fact that they would take the time to break into my car and leave two small pieces of paper in my wallet goes to show how completely depraved they really are. Spying on people in their bathrooms, breaking into their cars, killing their pets, vandalizing their property, sabotaging their relationships. It's like living in a parallel universe where you are the same and everything and everyone else are different. And for certain, federal law enforcement is now the opposite of what it was created to be -- it's now become a a very lucrative criminal enterprise.

FEDS HACK Into my Website After I Post The License Plate Of A Stalker

Last night after I posted the license plate of a Gang Stalker in my neighborhood the FBI and DHS, or one of their goon squad members hacked into this Website to remove the post. Shortly after I posted it last night, the FEDS cut my Internet access altogether and I had to reset the modem and router today to be able to reaccess it. This is blatant criminal activity that we are talking about here. Computer hacking by the the very people who are supposed to be preventing these crimes.

The following is the license plate of the Stalker vehicle that was illegally (note it is illegal to park a vehicle on any road within the Incorporated Village of Brookville) parked at the end of Wenwood Dr. in Brookville, NY, down by the culdersac in the early morning hours of August 25th 2006:

NY State Plate: DAP 2024 -- late model SUV -- Possibly GMC Yukon or Suburban

For those who did not read my report last night, I will reiterate here, since the FEDS or the Stalkers at their direction removed the post from my Website in a clear case of computer hacking -- either this or they had someone working at Blogger do so for them in the same way that they had Angelfire delete my last Website giving no excuse. The reality is that the FEDS know that I am documenting some very serious crimes perpetrated by them against my Family and me, and as my Websites pickup more traffic, they find reasons to have the Webhosts delete them to prevent others from reading about these crimes.

This is the real FBI and DHS -- organizations that commit crimes under the color of law and conceal them under the cover of law.

I have also witnessed them remove my posted articles in regard to their harassment of my Family and Self from any Independent Media Website that is heavily trafficked, so that others will not find out about the crimes that they are committing against us.

I went out last night to mail two insurance premiums for my car and motorcycle. On the way out I found a minivan that was illegally parked at the corner of Wenwood Drive and Cowpath.
There were two perpetrators standing just outside the van obviously waiting to be told what to do in regard to my harassment -- I should note that they use a cell phone system with a walkie talkie feature to communicate amongst themselves within the neighborhood. These devices can be purchased at any electronics store that sells cellular phones.

I called out to them just to find out what they were doing and they said they were OK. I noticed that the female had a Southern accent, so I am wondering if the perps at 23 Wenwood Drive have been recruiting some of their stalking members from outside the area -- something I have heard is a common practice with them, since what they are doing is illegal, and because of this they have a high turnover rate, those taking part in these stalkings not wanting to be prosecuted for them.

I then left my neighborhood to mail the payment for these two premiums. On the way back I passed the van that had been parked at the corner of Cowpath and Wenwood -- it was heading through Old Westbury at the time.

When I arrived back in my neighborhood I did a clean sweep through the area checking to see if anyother vehicles were illegally parked on the roads. I found only the SUV illegally parked in the culdersac -- NYS Plate DAP 2024, who proceeded to turn his headlights on and drive up to 23 Wenwood Drive where he then pulled in.

Three other cars had just exited from 23 Wenwood, and were now proceeding up Wenwood Drive and out of the neighborhood. However, they shortly returned once I entered my home.
This was a clear example of how Gang Stalkers setup shop in a neighborhood and triangulate
on a TI's home. They had the SUV's parked at 23 Wenwood Drive, the SUV parked at the culdersac at the bottom of Wenwood Drive, and the minivan parked at the intersection of Cowpath and Wenwood. 23 Wenwood has the best vantage point and can see me whenever I leave my driveway, to alert others that I am on my way out of the neighborhood so that they can organize their vehicles in Gang Stalking convoys which will then Stalk me whereever I travel to, whether it is 5 miles or 500 miles. It makes no difference because they are nationally networked.

For the past three years I have had the opportunity to study a textbook case of Gang Stalking. And these rodents need a place where they can base themselves out of. In this particular case that base is 23 Wenwood Drive. This is the lair where these rats go to hideout from their Stalking activities. I do believe that the FEDS themselves frequent this hideout to remain in contact with Stalkers whose criminal acts they sanction.

I will continue to document their activity and list the license plates of these unconvicted felons
as long as they continue to perpetrate these crimes against my Family and me. The FBI and the Department Of Homeland Security should acknowledge their rightful place as the New World Order's modern day Gestapo. They may be a disgrace to America and her freedoms, but their NAZI tactics would have certainly done Hitler and his SS proud.

I must now also wonder if my payment premiums to State Farm Insurance will be intercepted as retaliation for my posting of this Stalker's license plate on my Website. I should know within a week or so. At this point, nothing that these Stalkers or the FEDS who sanction them do comes as a surprise to me. Long ago they revealed to me that there is no depth to which they will not sink, when they used Children to take part in their attacks on Targeted Individuals.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Contacting Politicians In Regard To FBI Harassment Has Been A Waste Of Time

I have often read of Targeted Individuals contacting their Senators and other politicians for help, only to in most cases be turned down flat. In other situations the politicians, even when they did try to help, were ineffective.

In 2005 I attempted to E-mail my article "Tortured By The FBI" to the entire New York State Senate. About halfway through the mailing the FBI froze up the E-mail I was sending to one of the Senators, and I could not send anymore. Even when I rebooted my computer, the link to E-mailing the politicians had been disabled. As in so many other cases including the Independent Media Websites, my posts were intercepted by the FBI and Homeland Security.

I did get a CC e-mail from Senator Michael Balboni's office, but the words on the part of my E-mail which were sent had been altered so that my E-mail made it sound as though I was threatening the Senators I sent it to. More of the FBI's dirty COINTELPRO dirty tactics. This was a COMPLETE LIE perpetrated by the FBI and DHS. I E-mailed Senator Carl Marcellino of NY as well as Balboni to alert them to this fact. A few days later, Marcellino sent me a snailmail which did not address me directly, but instead just alerted me to the fact that he had contacted Senator Hillary Clinton about the FBI's impropriety.

Clinton never contacted me. After waiting several months I again E-mailed her and when I did not receive a response, contacted Marcellino by phone. It was clear that his secretary knew that he was in his office when we first spoke, but she quickly dismissed me, saying that my complaint was federal in nature and that I should contact Clinton. It was clear that Marcellino was passing the buck to Clinton. My phone call to Clinton went unreturned as have several subsequent E-mails.

Since then I have learned that these Senators have been told to ignore our complaints in regard to the directed energy weapons and electronic mind control that we have been subjected to. And it is clear that that is exactly what they are doing. You complain to a NY State Senator that a Federal Intelligence agency is violating your Civil Rights in the worst ways possible, and they completely blow you off. Yet if you were to take matters into your own hands and handle this situation violently you would be the one being placed under arrest. And they say that TI's are insane??

It is clear that these Senators are just following a protocol and do not intend to divert from it no matter what. When I see Hillary Clinton sitting in these meetings looking so important, all I can think of is the photo of her in Grenada at Bank Crozier illegally removing slush funds, and I know just how corrupt she and this Government are. Roughly 60 to 70 Trillion dollars in a slushfund account?? No wonder why the US Treasury is broke. And it is any wonder that this slushfund was dissolved in 2003? We can only speculate as to where these illegal funds were transfered to.

As for Vince Foster, if Hillary and Bill did not have him murdered they sure as hell know who did. You can't have knowledge of all the illegal drugs that passed through the Mena, Arkansas airport while Clinton was Governor and stay alive unless you were in on it. As for Hillary and the Rose Law Firm, there's alot more going on with them and a Mena connection then they'll ever let on to.

It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that the FBI was told by the CIA to keep its nose out of the situation. And that is why the biggest scandal in Clinton's tenure as President (that is except for Monnie Lewinsky) quickly disappeared from the mainstream news. Did the CIA care whether or not Clinton was being sexually perverse in the White House? Not at all. But they were certainly concerned that the drug trafficking issue could come back haunt them.

If most Americans realized that illegal drug trafficking by the US Government, and in particular the CIA is what is keeping our economy afloat I wonder how they would react? Here they are telling their kids not to do drugs, yet these very drugs are what have kept the US economy from collapsing. I wonder how many people are aware that the US Stock Markets are laundering drug money from all over the world each time a company sells large numbers of its products to drug cartels, who use their drug money to pay for these products? It's so obvious, yet most people would never have thought of it until someone who actually had seen this first hand spoke of it. I know that it had never occurred to me.

If you are not IN ON THESE LIES OF THE ILLUMINATI AND THEIR HANDMAIDENS, or being deceived by them, you are certainly in the minority in this country. And is it any wonder why those in the minority find themselves being harassed around the clock by the bulldog FBI, that gets unleashed to do the Illuminati's dirty work? Life was a lot easier being ignorant. Once the blinders have been removed you realize that if you are not in on this corruption or ignorant of it, you become the enemy of these world-class criminals and must be neutralized for what you know.

Of course for most of us this is second hand knowledge and even though we know that these people are guilty, there is no way of proving it. If there was we'd be dead.

As for those who may have had proof and were considered to be a risk, they seem to have a way of disappearing. And like Vince Foster and a long list of others, those who can tie these people to criminal activity have a way of dying under some very suspicious circumstances. Jumping off of buildings, drownings, suicide by gunshot -- especially in back of the head. These deaths have all been documented. And of course there is always a coroner who is willing falsify a report. The FEDS can threaten just about anyone into doing what they want or threaten them with suffering suffering the consequences if they don't.

I have seen this happen first hand on several occasions, including with my own Family. The FEDS threats are very real and they can make them a reality if they choose to, since Congress will not reign them in, even if their actions are clearly illegal and inviolation of the Bill Of Rights. Of course that does not stop them from interpreting the laws as they see fit. That would be like you or me saying that we robbed a bank but really did need the money for good reasons, so we were granted impunity.

To give you an idea of just how intimidating these FEDS are, they actually got a Roman Catholic Priest to look me square in the eye and lie to me. I was actually lied to by a priest while sitting in a confessional. I doubt anyone else can say that. However, in all fairness to this priest, he lied because the FEDS had some damaging information on his brother and nephew, so he was doing what he could to help them. So even though he lied to me, he was still doing something to help his family. And I can never fault him for that. But a priest lying to someone in a confessional -- a Monseignor no less -- who would have thought that possible? But like I said, here on earth the power that the FBI and DHS have to keep you out of prison appears to outweigh lying before the God you worship. At least on a day back in January of 2004 it did. Had I not witnessed it with my own eyes, I would have found it difficult to believe.

I also find it of interest that the woman who filed rape charges against George W. Bush and several FBI agents was found shot to death only 9 months after doing so. I read her testimony , and if it is true Bush ranks as one of the most cold blooded murderers in history. The woman, one Margie Schoedinger, claimed in her testimony that Bush told her that he was concerned that she would always be a threat to him because of what he did to her. He even advised her that committing suicide would be her best option because he would make sure that the FBI and Secret Service would make her life a living hell and prevent her from ever being able to earn a living again.

He even had the FBI clean out her bank account. Now exactly how does the FBI get to clean out someone's bank account legally? There is no way that I know of. Then again with the Patriot Act where the FEDS get to make up the rules as they go and Bill Of Rights be damned, who knows what these monsters are capable of? Given Schoedinger's testimony, one might wonder if it was not Bush himself or the FBI at his direction that murdered her. We'll never know for certain. Bush will never tell us. However, it is interesting to note that the weapon that killed Schoedinger was a glock pistol -- the fire arm which is standard issue for FBI agents. The mystery just deepens.

Most TI's will tell you that the politicans that we have dealt with have not just been useless in helping us out of our nightmare, but appear to have taken part in this conspiracy. Now if this is the likely case, what is the best alternative that they have in silencing those who know about it?

Tell the public that we are insane. This is an effective enough LIE. Afterall, when was the last time that you wanted to speak with a crazy person? This stigma certainly does help to alienate you from the rest of society -- a very effective neutralization tactic. And of course, we have all been subjected to directed energy weapons and an electronic form of mind manipulation known as synthetic telepathy. We all know it's true because we are living this nightmare.

And this is a problem for the FEDS and a number of these politicians (especially the right wingers who approve the covert budgets for these black operations) since they are well aware that we are not crazy, and know things about them that could put many of them in prison for life. Again, is it any wonder why we have been neutralized with extreme prejudice?

Although I am sure that if Clinton was ever forced to testify to my allegations that the conversation would go something like this: I never heard of this man before. I never received
Senator Marcellino's letter, nor did I receive a phone call from anyone by the name of the complainant. Of course this would be a complete lie. Then again, it wouldn't be the first time
that Hillary committed perjury. As for Marcellino, he is covered. He can say, yes I did receive
the letter and since it was of a federal nature sent it on to Senator Clinton. Why she claims to have never gotten it is beyond me.

As it stands, I have gone on the record with half the NY Senate in regard to my harassment. I have no way of knowing how many of them actually received my article. However, I do know of three people who received it and did nothing: Senators Carl Marcellino, Hillary Clinton and Michael Balboni. Perhaps when they find out that the NSA is watching them within the privacy of their own homes these people will suddenly take some interest in what is happening to TI's all over the country.

Then again, maybe they are already aware of it and could be placed into very compromising situations of their own if they were to come to the aid of a complainant. The Truth in America is all but dead. The only thing left for those who will not acknowledge what is happening, is to choose a LIE that they are comfortable with and learn to live with it. It seems to have worked just fine for the Illuminati. And as long as they are able to profit handsomely off the blood and torture of others, why should they care? It's never bothered them in the past.

And for the most part, I don't see Congress complaining about this either.

Although I do empathize with those in Congress who do have good intentions but have become painfully aware that they are seriously outnumbered. Senators like the late Frank Church are indeed rare. And rarer still is their ability to get meaningful legislation passed which will truly help to restore democracy to the American people; something which at present had failed to happen.

As for the FBI, DHS and their harassment of my Family and me, I have gone on record about it with the NY State Senate. So if they should suddenly show up one day, I can promise them this is one American who is not going allow them to get away with these crimes. Not now -- not ever!

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