Thursday, March 13, 2008

Most Recent Update On Wrongfully Imprisoned Tax Protesters Ed & Elaine Brown

In the most recent phone calls posted on the official Website of Ed and Elaine Brown, Ed and Elaine discuss their experiences after roughly five months in the US Federal Prison System. Overall, they appear to be doing as well as can be expected under the terrible circumstances which they have been subjected to.

Ed has also stated that approximately $121,000 in cash and gold was stolen from Elaine and himself and more than $11000 in jewelery, as well as their automobiles. What Ed meant by this is that this money and the vehicles were never listed as items which were confiscated -- they have simply "disappeared," which can only mean that the feds must have helped themselves to them. Ed also stated that all that was listed as having been confiscated was $21,000 in cash.

This in addition to the multimillion dollar home and building which the FEDS also confiscated (stole) from the Browns. Overall Ed sounded much better than in his first conversation with Shaun Kranish.

His moxy is back and he is now exposing the Jesuit influence in the New World Order, stating that the Jesuits now control the US Military Industrial Intelligence Media complex. He has also requested the 1611 version of the King James Bible for reading material in prison, as he and Elaine wait to see what new legal hurdles they will be facing in the future, given their attempts to extricate themselves from this nightmare which they have been wrongfully cast into.

Elaine, while very understandably emotional at times, also appears to be doing well under the circumstances. She also reiterated that she does not hold Ed responsible for what happened, and that she is standing by him in every sense of the word, as they continue to support their exposition of the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds. These are two courageous people with tremendous heart and soul.

They are legitimate heroes who've stood their ground in the face of tremendous adversity.

Please do not forget about them. Ed and Elaine Brown don't deserve to be forgotten about. And I hope that one day soon they will back in Plainfield in their home and sharing their lives again. I truly despise what has happened to them.

Listen to Ed and Elaine describing their most recent experiences at the following Website:
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