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Giving the NSA's High Tech Predators More Latitude To Commit Their Satellite Predation Is Like Giving A Junkie The Keys To Pfizer Corp's Head Office

*The following's a two year old article which describes a situation that's only become much worse in that time. And while the article is certainly truthful enough, it does not cover the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations in any detail (probably because the author simply doesn't know about them), and in particular the NSA's ability to track any American citizen by using a satellite and supercomputer to home in on the bio electromagnetic field which surrounds their body.

This also allows the NSA to utilize its Electronic Brain Link technology, which enables this covert Nazi agency to electronically connect one of its supercomputers to the brainwaves emanating from the targeted person's skull; this "brain tap" allows the NSA to record the sub vocalized thoughts of a targeted person without their knowledge or consent, and then commence a protracted and illegal interrogation/fishing expedition of the targeted person's thoughts.

Where is the US Constitution in all this? What about each American citizen's right to due process of law? And what about the 4TH Amendment right to be free in your own home? The Bush Nazi Organization on its own precedent setting and psychotic power trip has attempted to eradicate all of these Constitutional protections of the American people, while raping our freedoms with the piece of Nazi toilet paper we refer to as the Patriot Act.

Of course the US Intelligence community is loving every minute of this, given that they have always operated well outside the rule of Constitutional law. According to a former NSA employee by the name of John St. Clair Akwei, the NSA has been illegally spying through the use of such satellite based technology since 1980. Dr. Rauni Leena Kilde, former chief medical officer of Finland has also confirmed that the NSA began the deployment of this technology about that time. Both Akwei and Dr. Kilde have become satellite prisoners and constantly harassed by Intel agencies within their own respective governments as punishment for their candor.

Moreover, since the illegal passage of the Patriot Act (The Patriot Act is unconstitutional), these violations have become far more obvious and egregious than before Bush cheated his way into office. However,the Bush Administration and US Intel are now beginning to suffer the blowback from such illegal and outrageous operations, as their cries of beware of the terrorists have worn thin.

The concept of "blowback" is not new to the US Intelligence community. Blowback refers to the unintended consequences of illegal activities perpetrated by US Intel. In the case of the CIA this had to do with MKULTRA victims suddenly becoming aware of their use by the CIA for non consensual human experimentation -- sometimes decades after they were originally used for such atrocities.

In the case of the NSA, this agency is now suffering blowback as a result of those of us whom it has illegally tracked and targeted for mind control research -- coming forward to expose these atrocities -- a scandal that when exposed in its entirety is most certain to encompass an enormous number of people, while destroying the NSA's ability to function as a viable spy organization in the future.

High-Tech Cowards

By Robert Scheer, AlterNet. Posted January 25, 2006.

Feb 20, 2008
"In case someone in the Justice Department is reading this, let me hasten to explain why I just clicked on the Victoria's Secret online catalog photo featuring a certain "Very Sexy Lace & Mesh Garter Belt." AOL made me do it.

Yes, the very same AOL which, like Yahoo and MSN, but not Google, has readily agreed to let you government snoops scrutinize the search words and results from their online search-engine data archives. If AOL is going to let the federal government know where I've been, they should admit they entrapped me!

The guys in Bush's administration are obsessed voyeurs, whether the excuse is squelching pornography or preventing terrorism. They simply do not believe civil liberties and privacy are important. It is an executive branch power trip, and completely anti-democratic.

Corporations, of course, are not built to think about such lofty ideas as democracy, however, focusing instead on the bottom line. In the world of high-tech privacy, companies such as AOL are also two-timers, collecting data on users of their services so they can better feed us advertising and other revenue-generating products, even as they try to protect that data from identity thieves.

In acquiescing to the unwarranted demand of the Justice Department to pore over the companies' records, AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft are sliding down a slippery slope, unconvincingly claiming the data dump to the feds has no implications for online privacy. Does anybody think they won't cooperate if the government comes back and asks for IP addresses -- your computer's unique signature on the Web -- for everybody who dared type in questionable searches such as "growing marijuana" and "fertilizer bombs?"

-- Columnist Robert Scheer

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