Sunday, March 09, 2008

FBI To Investigate Countrywide Savings & Loan -- Now Who's Going To Investigate These FBI Terrorists?

Recently it was announced that the FBI is in the process of investigating Countrywide Savings & Loan to determine if has cooked its books. Wouldn't it be nice if the FBI or the Bush Administration could be placed under an intensive investigation to determine their criminal wrong doing in the attacks on 9-11, and other earlier terrorist attacks in which both have clearly obstructed justice?

The FBI continues to con the American people, while perpetrating some of the most outrageous crimes ever documented. When was the last time that we ever heard the FBI answer a pertinent question in regard to the 9-11 attacks -- such as where are the 84 missing videos that it seized from around the Pentagon on 9-11?

Somehow the FBI believes that the American people are going to let them get away with covering up the truth behind these attacks, as the bureau seeks to whitewash this situation through its deliberate smokescreens. However, it's exactly the opposite. The FBI's deliberate failure to answer this question has only made it more suspect of complicity in the murders of nearly 3000 people on 9-11. A premeditated slaughter of American men and women, by those who claim to be the protectors of this country. What a crock of ______!

Maybe it's time for us to make a citizen's arrest of these notorious and Constitution raping *FBI punks, before they can conspire to murder anyone else.

* Note that there are some good men and women who have worked for the FBI (and some who are still working for the bureau, but too terrified of whistle blowing because they know how dangerous this Nazi organization is), including the late John O'Neill, who was in the process of uncovering those who were behind a money trail which helped to finance the attacks on 9-11; and Sibel Edmonds, who's uncovered some very disturbing corruption within the hierarchy of the FBI, as well as certain US politicians involvement in the theft of government nuclear secrets.

However, the hierarchy within the FBI removed O'Neill from this investigation at the request of George W. Bush, who was looking to protect his connections with the Saudi Royal Family, and fired Sibel Edmonds when she began to bring some matters of the bureau's own criminality to their attention. There is little doubt that Bush and his administration are conspiratorial in the attacks on 9-11, or that as the current standing president he controls the FBI; which also explains the untimely death of a former Bush associate by the name of Margie Schoedinger, who had filed rape charges against him and was suing Bush for $50 million dollars.

Read more on the Countrywide S&L investigation here:
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