Saturday, March 08, 2008

US Electromagnetic Weapons And Human Rights

This is one of the best articles ever written in regard to the ways in which the Nazi shadow governments within our respective countries are destroying both our physical privacy and that of our privacy of mind. These filthy mind raping Nazis operate under the purview of such Intelligence agencies as the NSA, FBI, CIA, DHS, ARPA & DOD. Agents operating under the flags of these agencies have murdered, tortured and raped millions of men, women and children from a myriad of countries, including the United States, yet remain unaccountable for these crimes, because they are being perpetrated by way of satellite based directed energy weapons.

These agencies are not about law enforcement, but instead about the propagation of a Totalitarian one world government in which the citizens will become the property of said government. Moreover if you are ever confronted by an FBI agent, refuse to answer any questions without a lawyer present, since FBI agents will twist your words for their own purposes while deliberately omitting exculpatory information which will be of benefit to you.

Put plainly, the FBI is a criminal organization which simply cannot be trusted under any circumstances. Its agents are well aware that most American citizens are completely ignorant of their rights under the US Constitution; an ignorance which these agents deliberately exploit as a weakness whenever possible.

Like other agencies of US Intelligence, the FBI is the enemy of the American people and of freedom itself.

Learn more here and be prepared to fight to the death to defend your freedoms:

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