Friday, March 07, 2008

Some Comments From Chronically Ill Lyme Disease Patients In Regard To A Rare & Accurate Article Pertaining To Lyme Disease

The following is a link to a Website which lists the comments of many chronically ill Lyme Disease patients, regarding a rare and truthful 1999 article about Lyme Disease. The author of the article, a writer by the name of Michael Lasalandra, has been one of the few people in the US Media who's taken the complaints of Lyme Disease patients seriously.

There have been many deaths as a result of Lyme Disease, with its victims ranging in age from infants to geriatrics. Moreover, a number of fetuses have also been still borne as the result of a Lyme Disease infection which the expectant mother was carrying at the time she conceived. All this because the US Military created this biological agent, then turned it loose on the American public to determine how effective it would be at disabling and killing its victims.

The US Military clearly sees the people in this country as something to use for its own purposes, and has no compunction about covertly murdering them. The same can be said for CIA, DARPA, and NSA, all of whom have a long history of using Americans human experimentation.

Still worse is that the Centers For Disease Control and National Institutes Of Health continue to deliberately and dramatically under report the numbers of new Lyme Disease cases each year, while refusing to admit that the pathogen is indeed a biological agent. This comes as no surprise given that the government scientists who oversee these agencies are the very same types who created bio agents like Lyme Disease and AIDS in the first place.

See the comments section here:

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