Friday, March 07, 2008

Dozens Report A UFO Like Craft Flying In The Skies Above Texas In January 2008

At a time where MUFON (The Michigan UFO Network) is reporting that it receives an average of 200 calls per month in regard to UFO sightings, there should no longer be any doubt that UFO's exist -- millions of people around this planet have seen them, with myriad others reporting having actually been abducted by such craft.

The only question which remains is who's flying them? Given reports by many abductees of such phenomena; those who report seeing a military presence through their abductions (MILABS), there's also little question that many are being perpetrated by clandestine government agencies who no longer seem to care if their craft are seen by the citizens of this planet or not. That should cause us all great concern.

Moreover, these sightings don't account for other UFO sightings which are more than likely just computer generated holographic images beamed into the skies by way of satellites. This is likely why they are able to appear and then disappear within a split second, since many eyewitness accounts of such UFO's report how they are there one minute and then gone the next. Were the microwave beams carrying these holographic images of UFOs shut down? Is this the reason why these images of UFO craft can appear instantly and then disappear just as quickly? "It was there one second and then just blinked out the next" is a common statement by many UFO observers.

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