Thursday, March 06, 2008

A New Theme In The Vehicular Stalking Of My Person -- The Government Rat Bastards & Their Throng Of Arrogant Accomplices Strike Again

The above is the latest theme of the rapacious organized stalking group which plans its days perpetrating crimes which violate my Constitutional and inherent rights as an American citizen.

These Nazi idealized punks and punkettes have driven several vehicles with this white/blue theme in front of my home since yesterday. A white box truck with a single blue stripe across its border has been the most striking thus far. Several days before that it was black and white vehicles. And of course over the past nearly five years since this insanity rippled (the result of the FEDS' harassment of my person transmuting from covert to overt mode), there have been a myriad of different color combinations for these vehicles; all used as part of the FEDS' psywarfare campaign against my person.

Several other TI's have documented the perpetrator's of these crimes use of "color coordination" to represent particular themes that they are attempting to convey to those they stalk. All these miscreants have conveyed to myself is that they should have a net thrown over them -- at which time they should be taken to the local hospital's psychiatric unit for long-term evaluation. Those who take part in the crime of organized stalking are not just *EVIL -- they are without a doubt criminally insane.

*The same can be said for those who control the US Military Industrial Intelligence Media complex -- those who are in the commission of treasonous crimes against the American people.

NSA,FBI,CIA,DIA,DOD,DHS -- all members of the same treasonous and diseased Illuminati ideology -- torturers, murderers, deviants, cheats, liars and thieves.
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