Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Framing Of Lyndon LaRouche -- The FBI Lies Again, And Again And Again And Again And Again

If ever there was a person who was capable of bucking the status quo in the United States, it's Lyndon LaRouche. Whether you love him, hate him, or have never even heard of this economist, philosopher and all around provocative thinker, LaRouche was, is and always will be to the FBI what a red cape is to a charging bull.

And for this reason alone, the FBI sought to set LaRouche up on some of the typical charges that it goes for when those it targets are really not committing crimes which they can be incarcerated for -- in this case mail fraud. Had I not witnessed how the FEDS' manipulate companies into aiding and abetting these types of crimes against those whom agencies like the FBI are looking to set up, I would have never believed how easy it is for them to frame someone. And of course there is the FBI's deliberate omission of exculpatory evidence, something which appears to take place in virtually every case in which they are involved.

"On Feb. 11, 1993 attorneys Clark and Anderson wrote in a motion to the Federal court: 'Because of the gravity of the prosecutorial misconduct and its continuation, exculpatory information has been hidden and covered up, denying appellants their constitutional rights and constituting a fraud upon this court.

The evidence consists chiefly of the government's own documents, statements of government officials, and sworn testimony of government witnesses. These show that the prosecution lied on all relevant issues during pre-trial and later proceedings. This proof is documented in six volumes of such evidence filed on the public record within the Federal Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.'"

Read the following accounts, the first of which is written by LaRouche himself. When I first heard his name mentioned years ago it was in a very negative context, no doubt a result of the FBI's use of the media to demonize him.

However, when one researches LaRouche they find someone who questions government corruption, and is not easily led by others -- in other words, someone who has not been dumbed down by the Illuminati ideology which we are all raised to adhere to -- someone who can think for himself.

So is it any wonder why the FBI would have been looking to nail him for something? -- anything?

Another article describing how the FBI railroaded LaRouche, using the IRS in which to do so.

Did you know that Bill and Hillary Clinton used the IRS to audit some of their detractors during Bill Clinton's tenure in the White House? Do you really want another Clinton in the White House? As for the IRS, according to one former FBI agent, even the FBI's terrified of this offshore holding company/bagman for the privately held Federal Reserve Bank. That's right -- the IRS isn't even a legitimate part of the US Federal Government. It isn't even operating legally, while attempting to enforce Title 26 of the IRS tax code, that is based on the 16TH Amendment; an illegal part of the US Constitution which was never ratified by the 48 contiguous US States. IRS = Con Men & Women = Colossal fraud on the American public. To learn more see Aaron Russo's brilliant documentary: America From Freedom To Fascism here:

America From Freedom To Fascism
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