Wednesday, March 05, 2008

More FBI Privacy Violations Confirmed -- The Bathroom Voyeurs Within US Intelligence Continue To Have A Field Day Violating The Rights Of Americans

100 years of FBI illegal spying without any accountability for their rapacious acts against the American people or the US Constitution. From their latest collaboration with the NSA and the circulation of videos of Americans within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms, it would appear that the FEDS have now taken a piece of the lucrative pornography industry for themselves. Perhaps if they combine their latest venture with the CIA's illegal drug trafficking operations, these agencies can exist solely on their own black budgets -- all the more fitting since they operate completely outside the framework of the US Constitution and are certainly not being controlled by the Congress -- in spite of such claims to the contrary.

See an article here on how the FBI CONtinues to violate the rights of the American citizenry:

Also take note of the following Website of an American targeted by the FBI for remote physical and psychological torture. It is also possible that this person is being targeted by way of NSA satellite for this torture, since the FBI regularly uses the NSA to illegally perpetrate crimes which are in violation of the US Constitution, the Geneva Convention and the Nuremberg Code. Photographs which she includes on her Website (warning some are of a very personal nature) of what the FEDS have subjected her body to, are indicative of the "Silent Holocaust" which many TI's are now being subjected to within the privacy of their own homes. In most instances these crimes are being perpetrated by US Government agencies that deploy satellite based weaponry to commit such atrocities; weaponry which offers them the ability to perpetrate these crimes while maintaining plausible denial; hence the *perfect crime.

*Almost the perfect crime, since myriad citizens are now documenting this torture over the Internet, because their own politicians and police agencies (both completely useless) are condoning it -- perhaps the best illustration of the diseased society which now exists in the United States. What else can you say about people who would condone those who sit within some government agency while devising new ways of torturing people through the use of satellite based microwave technologies?

This is America land of the free and home of the brave? No, this is what has become of what was once America land of the free and home of the brave, since many of us are no longer free. And with the exception of those looking to expose these crimes against humanity, the brave seem to have to relocated to another country.

Blog of a satellite prisoner being tortured by FBI psychopaths looking to covertly murder her. This site documents not only how the FBI can assault a TI physically, but also how they can brainwash a TI into unwittingly doing their dirty work for them, while the TI remains mostly ignorant of what they are taking part in. Overall, a very pathetic situation and illustrative of the complete lack of morality which defines the reprobate that we refer to as your average FBI agent -- as well as the psychotic way in which they function.

To quote a former FBI agent: "The FBI is a PIG" No one knows that better the following person:
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