Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Another Target Of An FBI COINTELPRO Whom The FEDS Are Covertly Attempting To Murder

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- Initial draft version, posted Feb. 6, 2008. -

"- This is an initial draft version, posted on Feb. 6, 2008 in response to strong FBI SID electronic harassment, including FBI SID death threats, between 2:20am-7:50am Feb. 6, 2008. This data is being posted in response to a 5 1/2 hour FBI SID red alert-level of hi-tech electronic harassment by FBI SID agents Jay Pendelton, and alias B2 and alias Ditsy, 3 paid U.S. government hi-tech electronic harassment workers and speed freak drug addicts who openly buy and use illegal methamphetamine speed at the FBI SID building, allegedly very close to the Ballston metro stop in Northern Virginia. Jay, B2, and Ditsy also openly zap and use sound beam technology and high-tech computer hacking technology to harass targeted individual or TI Ed Harding, webmaster of, , and

If any FBI SID workers or managers are upset with this posting, they can blame Jay Pendelton, B2, and Ditsy, and Jay Pendelton's 2:26am-7:50am 2/6/08 electronic sleep deprivation attack for this posting.

Note: TI or targeted individual Ed Harding is very busy, and it may be awhile before this website is gradually updated. This first draft contains the basic info you might need to know."

See further information on the FBI Gestapo's attempted covert murder of Ed Harding here:

And here:
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