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Who Gives Agencies Like The FBI, NSA, DHS And CIA The Covert Ability To Illegally Spy On Americans? Illuminati Run Groups Like The CFR

The following article was written during the Clinton Administration. It is ironic that the Democrats are in many cases seen as the saviors of the American people when the Republicans are seen as their demonic counterparts. The truth is that both the Democrats and the Republicans are essentially two different sides of the same snake. Or as Mike Ruppert once said, look at one group as if they were the Columbos and the other as if they were they were Genoveses, and you will have a better idea of how Congress really operates.

Regardless of how much you may hate George W. Bush, Bill & Hillary Clinton are just as dangerous, and representative of the same EVIL forces that now control Bush Jr. And given their intentions, the American people should view the Bush and Clinton Families as essentially one in the same -- Illuminati with your destruction in mind.

The following is an article which describes how the Illuminati run Council On Foreign Relations works to create conflict in other countries, while focusing the ire of these countries on the American people themselves. The more research you do, the more you realize that there is no end to the fraud being perpetrated by the global military industrial intelligence media complex. And that given this, the only one whom you can truly trust is yourself.

Council on Foreign Relations Sponsorship of Covert Activities at Home and Abroad
A Nation Deceived
The CFR and the Church Committee Investigation

A recent e-mail contained a news release about Steven Emerson. It said, " Mr. Emerson is an investigative journalist and noted authority on radical Islamic extremist groups and the policies and operations of Middle Eastern terrorist groups. He is the award- winning producer of "Jihad in America" and regularly provides expert testimony to Congress. Mr. Emerson has authored or co-authored four books."

The e-mail contained the following request:

"According to the following news release, Steven Emerson will speak at a Capitol Hill briefing on Monday, August 31. Anyone who is able to attend should call the contact number listed below to reserve a space. Use the attached materials on Emerson's history of Muslim bashing to ask FIRM but POLITE questions at the conclusion of the event."

The e-mail didn't mention Steven Emerson is a Council on Foreign Relations member.

In 1994 CFR member William Clinton's Council on Foreign Relations run administration began using the terrorist threat as an excuse to keep America in a state of perpetual National Security. The Council on Foreign Relations is the same group that planed and directed a psycho-political operation (psyop) called Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). Latest warnings include the scenario of some rogue nation terrorizing the United States with a thermonuclear device or biological weapons.

On September 21st, Reuter's reporter Steve Holland, wrote, "UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - As his grand jury testimony drowned out his message Monday, President Clinton soldiered on with a U.N. speech urging a united international effort against terrorism, which he called a "threat to all humankind." Looking haggard and tired, Clinton received sustained applause from standing world leaders and other delegates to the packed U.N. General Assembly as he walked out."

Steve Holland and President Clinton are deceiving their audiences. Clinton's grand jury testimony was the testimony of an accomplished liar. A liar who lied to his wife about his adultery, and then lied to the nation about the lie to his wife. A liar who is not worried or ashamed to lie to anyone about anything. Clinton's lie about adultery and his sex scandals are one lie in a history filled with lies.

Clinton's UN terrorism message got out loud and clear. Clinton, a Council on Foreign Relations member, is bearing false witness to his audience. Clinton's terrorism speech is another lie that enhances the terrorism. The speech conceals the group sponsoring the terrorism -- the Council on Foreign Relations. By concealing the sponsor the terrorism becomes impossible to stop. By making it impossible to stop the terrorism the terrorists targets are made to feel helpless increasing their fear.

Steven Emerson is part of the Council on Foreign Relations secret team. Steven Emerson is playing a role in the CFR's terrorist psyop. The Council on Foreign Relations works by targeting different groups and creating tension and hate between them. The Council on Foreign Relations works be creating an Enemy the American people will hate, loath, fear, and be willing to fight.

Emerson's job is to create hate between Muslims and Christians. Emerson's job is to keep the Council on Foreign Relations sponsorship of this hate a secret. The terrorist psycho-political operation is particularly nasty because target groups are being worked up to murder innocent civilians. The CFR is setting in motion a situation that will bring an enemy to American soil to kill innocent men, women, and children. If something isn't done to stop the Council on Foreign Relations it is only a matter of time, until you or someone you love is injured or killed by an act of terrorism resulting from the CFR covert psycho-political operation.

In 1978 CFR member Emerson served on the staff of Frank Church's Senate subcommittee investigating Aramco and Saudi oil production. Subpoena power persuaded SoCal and Exxon, to produce some information. The investigation failed to uncover the links between Aramco, Saudi oil production and the Council on Foreign Relations. This was not the first Church run Senate committee investigation, staffed by Council on Foreign Relations members that failed to link the Council on Foreign Relations to wrong-doings. This was not the first Senate Committee that was mislead and lied to by Council on Foreign Relations members.

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