Sunday, March 02, 2008

TI Who Claims The CIA Uses The Excuse Of UFO's To Perpetrate Its Mind Control Research On Unwitting Citizens

Had I seen a post like this even five or six years ago, I would have thought that this person was in serious need of psychiatric help. However, after witnessing what I have first hand as a target of non consensual human experimentation, I have no doubt that this person is telling the truth about the CIA, regardless of how outlandish his comments may seem. And his claims about the psychiatric profession being controlled by agencies like the CIA are also accurate.

US Intelligence has the American people wired for sight and sound -- there is NO PRIVACY left -- not anywhere in the United States or anywhere else in the world. Agencies like the FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS have seen to that. These agencies are also all over the Internet looking for people who are documenting the New World Order and every facet of its existence -- including satellite based and supercomputer driven mind control technology to covertly undermine the free thought of this planet's masses.

Remember that first horror flick you saw as a kid when you were so terrified that you could not turn the lights out when you went to bed that evening? However, the following day you told yourself that it was just a movie, laughed off your unwarranted concerns and then returned to your daily life.

In the case of the New World Order and mind control of the masses, this is a situation in which the truth is even far stranger and more horrifying than fiction. And once you realize it, there is no going back to your "normal" daily life, because you now understand that there is no longer any such thing as a normal daily life for anyone. And unlike most people who still live in a world of illusion (in which their sacred privacy is intact), you have been forced to realize that privacy was lost the moment that our governments began launching their spy satellites.

Read of this TI's accounts here:

Read about how the NSA uses GCHQ British Intelligence to spy on Americans while the NSA spies on the United Kingdom, and then both agencies exchange information, getting around their own countries laws which prohibit their spying domestically -- all courtesy of the 1948 UKUSA Treaty.
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